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  1. MaHaBe

    Valguero question

    Valguero question Just started on this Map, Where is the location of the Aberation Entrance?
  2. When Ark was released on XBOX my son, Said, dad you have to try this. I looked up the trailer and info on the game and was amazed at what I saw. I dont play a lot of games, but crafting and buidling are my favorites. Showed it to my brothers and they were hooked as well. I went out and bought another Xbox so we could play as a group on our own server. After the first week. we had: Me, My Son, My Brother, His Wife and her Son, My other Brother and his Son, a Friend of ours and His Wife and their son, My Brother's Brother-in-Law, and another Friend as well as about 4 other kids that were friends of our sons. That was a good group to play with, We have all played on and off since launch and most all of us are still here. I have taken some time off the personal server and went to a PVE official Server, liked it for a time, until I tried my hand at a PVP server. I can honestly say, that is the way to play this game. I have a great Tribe and have learned a lot about the game I never knew from just playing in a closed community. I still play on our personal server, and we have it open to anyone who wants to come. It is a boosted Center Map. Center Map is my Favorite, lots of room to build. Have played all maps and variations, Scorched as well. Love it all. None of us have ever made it to Max player level, by the time we hit 85, we are ready to try something else. Thank You Wild Card, for all the issues we have had, it is a great game!!
  3. I think it looks and sounds great, just wish they would fix all the bugs and problems with what they have first. Make all 100% working before you add more. IMO.
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