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  1. Palenor

    Structure Decay Changes

    Obviously this not possible. They could not be the top 5 servers if all pillared by one or a few tribes.
  2. Palenor

    How to get my giga back?

    This will pop him out for you for sure. You need to build a side ramp on a Quetz platform that allows the ramps to extend down into the ground while it is landed, the further down the better. At least 3 ramps long 2 wide. Out to the front side or directly out the side of the Quetz ramp. Then you need to ride the Giga and have a tribe mate walk the Quetzal next to the Giga so the ramps are under the Giga. Wiggle the Giga as you can and the Quetzal. If that does not work, then fly/land your Quetz rapidly while the ramp is under Giga. Giga should pop right out of the ground.
  3. Palenor

    Water Drain Rate for Mature Plant X?

    The answer is directly related to how often it fires the weapon at something. If the plant never fires a shot, it will never run out of water. Not sure how many shots before it starts to drain water or at what rate.
  4. Palenor

    Complete Lack of Content

    You, sir, are the ignorant one here, with comments like that. Bored? Fine, but that does not mean you should impose how/what YOU think a game should be doing. If you feel so strongly about this, obviously you do, or you would not have wasted your time posting this here??? Why don't you go about getting the next iteration of something like ARK into production, I am 100% sure that would relieve you of your boredom. And I am almost as positive that it would be a great game you produce, with all the high expectations you set for others, yours are equal if not higher for yourself? Looking forward to what you come up with.
  5. Palenor

    How long can you keep prisoners for

    Not unless they have figured out a way to pick the lock on the handcuffs and the cages.
  6. Palenor

    Crab farming is crap?

    Hold Player/Doedic in Left Claw, Doedic only in right claw. I prefer just one Player/Doedic in the left claw for farming though. When you get back to base this will also prevent you from dropping Player/Doedic when you cross over foundations or ceilings. Do not walk to where you are going, Jump there. Practice.Practice.Practice. Just like to took to get used to farming with a Quetz/Anky or Doedic. Also, we still use the Quetz for farming anything that takes more than a few minutes to get to, Vs. the crab. Quetz is still more efficient than Crab for long distance farming.
  7. Palenor

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    Why should they stop? It works every day with the press and the liberal left in America. Deflection on a constant basis for the last decade. People are fully aware that it is a viable and acceptable tactic that works. I would try the same thing if I were in their shoes. Not that it makes them any less guilty, but still.
  8. Palenor

    Pillars pillars pillars...

    Pillars DO NOT block spawns, as long as they are NOT with Ceilings on top. If used with fence foundations and/or ladders, they preserve and prevent spawn killing or blocking of resources from returning.
  9. Palenor

    Dragon bossfight (Alpha/Official setting)

    We did this with 10 Riders, but the same outcome should be obtainable with 2-3 riders. Actually less chance of human error with fewer people doing whistle commands. No exploits, No glitches, No advantages, Straight up battle as intended. OFFICIAL XBOX SERVER 212 Tactics: Split your Theriz into two groups and have the two Theriz riders control each group separately. We had one group of Theriz attacking at a time, 10 in each group. Each time Dragon flies away, we would swap them out. The group not in battle sat on OB Portal Pad. Reason for two groups? If you crowd the Dragons feet, he flies away fast and often. 10 Theriz does not cause this. The Dragon only flew away two times on one of our fights by doing this. Dragon has HUGE hitbox. Also, two groups allow the one group to heal from the previous session while the other is in battle. Have your Yutty rider pre-roar everyone while the timer is counting down to enter the arena. DO NOT Roar again until the Dragon has engaged your first group of Theriz. As soon as Dragon disengages, STOP roaring. DO NOT go to the Dragon, Have him come to you. We staged down the left side of Arena, to the left of the OB Portal, We Never crossed the LAVA. Well, that was the plan as you will see in the video link. IMPORTANT: Have your Theriz on Medium follow distance, High would even work. So the Theriz you are riding does not get stuck in the gaggle of others when you whistle group to follow you. When flyers come out whistle one group to follow you and gather up, face each other to kill them. Again, DO not have them running all around trying to get them, have the flyers come to you. Practice your whistles for groups before going into battle, One of the OBs is a good place to practice, small area, the edge of OB area represents LAVA. FIgure out how to get your groups from one side to the other and back without one dropping off the side will help you lots. One Rider goes to his group of Theriz and the other to his to kill the flyers. Yutty can run around and dodge fireballs You have plenty of time, do not rush, wait for the Dragon and Flyers to come to you, do not go after them. Stats of Crew Used: 19 Theriz, 1 Yutty. Should have left the Yutty at home (it died). 15K health on Therizs and about 600-700 Melee. All first generation bred Theriz. 30 Veggie Cakes on Each Theriz Videos of victory: The first run we lost a few Therizs due to whistle failures, our ally members not following instructions. Second Run we lost a Yutty and one Theriz that got stuck in the lava. Getting ready for battle: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/PalenorBouclier/video/46743098 Toward the end of battle: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/PalenorBouclier/video/46743218 End of Battle - Theriz stuck - Kill Shot: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/PalenorBouclier/video/46743932 Screenshot from the first run of the day victory: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/PalenorBouclier/screenshot/8513850 GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN
  10. Palenor

    Boss fight questions.

    Those stats will allow you to do the following fight with ZERO losses consistently. The Information below based on the set of Rexes/Yutty that matched what you have, we ran the Bosses with this configuration for months. Built this with the results - All TEK THIS IS BASED ON ISLAND MAP, does not consider RAG Map which is easy mode compared to Island. Do not bring the Piggy into any of the fights and add another Rex. MONKEY Gamma Monkey, Beta Monkey, and Alpha Monkey - as long as you do not let them fall into the chasm to the right side of the bridge. Gamma Monkey can be run back to back to back for a total of 3 times before they will need to be healed. Beta you can run twice in a row without healing Alpha just once before healing. BROODMOTHER Gamma Brood - You might be able to run the brood back to back if the damage was spread around good between your Rexes, check them all before going back in. Beta Brood - easy to do, one run and you will need healing before doing again. Alpha Brood - You can do this with your Rexes, you might lose a Rex or two every so often, depends on how well you can get the Broodmother to spread damage around. If your Rexes had 45K health you can do Alpha Brood without worry of losing one. DRAGON I would suggest that you DO NOT run the Dragon with this setup. As stated above, you might get the win on Gamma, but you will lose most of your Rexes and the Yutty. Suggest looking into using Therizino's to run the Dragon.
  11. Palenor

    Basilisk Taming Efficiency

    Yes, you are correct, if too much time passes between egg eating, TE does drop. I also have experienced this on a few 150's and it is frustrating to say the least. Not sure of your trap set-up, but this usually occurs from a few factors. Granted we have not fully confirmed any of these, but when we follow the following we are able to get PTs every time. 1. Make sure you are dropping eggs from your PERSONAL inventory, NOT a Dino. 2. DO not place more than one egg down at a time, they seem to get confused at times and cannot decide which one to eat. 3. Whoever places down the first egg for them to eat, they need to be the one that places the rest of the eggs down. 4. Place next egg down immediately after an egg is eaten. 5. If you are using gateways for your trap, need to ensure the eggs are reachable by the Basilik. We use small dino gateways for the majority of the trap and a Behemoth Gateway/Gate to get them onto the gate. DO NOT place eggs outside of the Dino gateways, they need to be inside the gateway. DO NOT place them up against the Behemoth Gates. They need to be placed somewhere in the center of the trap. 6. DO NOT sit on your Drake/Spino/Reaper. You should be on the ground at all times, not on your mount. 7. Set up a bed close to your trap so you can spawn back right away if/when you die. 8. Have another dino with high health parked outside of bite range/ within visual sight of the trap. This maintains agro for a short time if you die and can get respawned on the bed. 9. Run around the trap and get it to aggro on you quite often, do not let it aggro on the trap entire time. When we follow these guidelines we get PT every time. Just waiting to find another 150. Last one we lost over half of the levels before we developed these guidelines. Our best is a PT 135 Easter. It ROCKS, it will have +13,000 weight once we level it up. Here are some of the Basilisks we tamed in the last Event. Also, continued on Page 4. GOt around 12 total
  12. Palenor

    Why do dinos stop to poop?

    Unless you ride the GIga standing up, when you access the wheel when you are sitting on the dino, you will cause the dino to poop, not yourself.
  13. Palenor

    A good way to not get raided

    A good way to not get raided Play PvE?
  14. Palenor

    Beating Bosses... HOW?

    Not at all, the Rag fight even with two bosses is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than the corresponding Dragon fight on the Island.