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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Crushing question

    One-Quarter of the materials required to make it.
  2. Spino is actually viable now

    It really does not make a difference for the Monkey fights, we have run those with tamed Rexes that had under 20k (I think we had a few in there with only 16K health) and they survive the Alpha monkey consistently, even with the lower Health pool of Spinos, they can hit 20K easy. Brood mother is the same unless you are running Alpha Brood, 25K health will win the day every time, again something easy to obtain with the Spino health pool.
  3. Spino is actually viable now

    Wrong. They have no need to respond to everything here, they know we know they read them all. Reddit on the other hand they respond so folks know they are reading them there.

    10 Persons, but like 50 Dinos if I remember correctly.
  5. What Happened to Kibble Revamp

    Kibble System is fine just like it is. Does not need to be made any easier, and any removal of the number of kibble does nothing but just that. Kibble system is fine and working as intended, which is making it so you have to progress through the system to get better/bigger Dino's as you go.
  6. Ascendant giga saddle BP

    They are worth almost as much/ if not as much on PvE as they are on PvP. Asc saddles are the difference between your non-imprinted Giga being able to kill other Gigas and Titans. Any Giga we have that heads out of the base has one of them.
  7. Currency?

    What? Holy Raptor man, do you even play? Among others DEF Currency: a common article for bartering, circulation as a medium of exchange This game has more currency than any major country in the world does. I can not think of a single resource that I have not seen used for a currency in the game. Pelt at one time was used as a currency in North America and other countries.
  8. Spinosaurus Sail. instinct?

    Two Toxin
  9. Boss Logistics

    For multi-run efforts, here is how we do it. Place a bunch of feeding troughs on your Quetz platform. Artifacts are placed in one box. Take all gives you what you need for each fight. Tributes are also in another small box. If you plan on using a pig for between fights, he is carried over on the Quetz. Grab a Giga and use him for meat gathering to fill troughs/pig between fights. As far as getting your Dinos to the OB, load them up into a beacon and download them at OB is the quickest way to get them there, mind that you will not be able to get them back this way. After the battle, we whistle follow all and have them all follow Quetz back to base/outpost they are stored at nearby. Nothing is going to mess with a pack of 19 Rexes and a Yutty.
  10. Evolution Event this week-end

    So glad to hear this. No pressure to raise a ton of stuff now, just raise things as needed/wanted. Also glad to hear this, might actually get some organization done around all our bases this weekend!
  11. Spino is actually viable now

    And exactly how would they be able to use the claw attack if they are using their feet to swim? Did you really expect a dino that is designed to walk on 4 legs to walk as smooth as a Raptor while on 2 legs? A Bronto can also stand on two legs, but can't imagine it moving much at all while on two legs? Last time I checked it is viable in the water, swims fast, holds breath super long, dives/surfaces well. Not sure why/what you were expecting this to be better than Aquaman underwater? Heck, you can even fly out of the water with it when you surface. The additional abilities have made the Spino something that most everyone is excited to see/use again. Based on your post, I guess its safe to say you will be taking a pike to all of yours?
  12. Easter Tames

    Xbox spazzed out and would not take the second screenshot of our Pink Crabs, but you can see most of it in this one.
  13. Easter Tames

    Monday was all you can eat Crableg buffet...
  14. Whats yalls favorite armor

    Flak, Flak and more Flak. Easiest to make/highest armor and durability for the material costs.
  15. Game Re-write

    They are one step closer, the wands exist in the game in Pixark!! Only play the one hour demo, so not sure if the Pixies are in the game yet or not.