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  1. What am I doing wrong - Gamma Dragon

    This thought of the Dragon mechanic, flying away if too many are bunched up on him, is solely based on experience and observation over countless battles on Legacy and New servers. The problem with unridden Dino's is they push all the way into the Dragon (all Bosses for that matter) and when you have 19 of anything nipping at its legs up close, POP up he goes. (New anti-pin code mabye?) If you back off with only 10 riders NOT pushing in all the way, he has a HUGE hitbox, then he sits there and just spins around dealing damage more evenly around to everyone. If only there was a way to make unridden dinos stand back at the edge of the hitbox, fights would be over in 4-5 minutes.
  2. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Oh, that's an easy one, just stop doing X2 or X3 events altogether. The net effect, nothing changes for imprints.
  3. Aberration: Is there water in the Portal?

    Hehe, everywhere I have spawned is quite deadly, Raptors and Reapers all over.
  4. What am I doing wrong - Gamma Dragon

    Never thought of it that way It is nice to be able to disengage from the fight and ride over to get a Fresh Theri as needed. The only time things get exciting is when he lands in the middle of 10 passive Theri's sitting at spawn in. But you whistle attack and he pops right up and away.
  5. What am I doing wrong - Gamma Dragon

    We swap out our Theri's as their health drops, we only have 9 on it at one time, prevents Dragon from flying all over the place. Once he lands he stays put for us. Once you have 19 Theri's all pushing at its feet, he jumps/ flies all over the place. We usually have it dead on the second landing.
  6. What am I doing wrong - Gamma Dragon

    You are correct, I have been using the Veggie cakes for a while and did not know they had nerfed them back to 2100 Health. We based all our tactics on the old 2500 Health. Having said that, they all still work. Doing Brood with Megatheriums with 15K health and Dragon with Theri's at 16K Health.
  7. New Server?

    For XBOX PvE there are 50 Plus Aberration Servers, and just as many PVP servers.
  8. The unneeded needed boss rex

    We run Brood, Monkey, Dragon. Different crews for each. Piggy heals others while we are doing the next boss. The only thing stopping us from more is the number of Artifacts on hand and, you guessed it, Spino sails. We are not using extreme bleeding edge dino's for our runs, far from it. Using our breed line from our tames, with the exception of Theri's , we bought 3 eggs for our Theri line, and those are so 4 generations ago. Saved us a ton of resources that have been used to build our TEK base.
  9. The unneeded needed boss rex

    Hehe, I hear you, we only use Rexes for Monkey fights. We have been using our first bred line of Rexes from our first set of tames. They have 11k base health and 349 base melee. They are currently sitting at 25k Health and anywhere between 500-600 Melee. We run Alpha monkey no issues with these guys. We have repeatedly made comments like, Maybe we will fail in this battle and have an excuse to swap them out with our next line of Rexes? 12.5 K Health and 419 Melee. Has not happened yet. They just keep gaining levels, some of ours are sitting at 250K Exp now.
  10. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Sorry, they are separate mechanics. Maturation is a set time, depending on the X bonus going on. Imprint % is split based on the maturation time, but also has other factors included in the formula, there are several, forget them all, but one of them is a grace period between imprint times. If you want to know them all, go look at the setting under single player set-up and it describes them all. So Imprints % are separate from maturation %. Just the luck of the draw on the random times for imprint timer for next imprint. Ever raise a Megatherium? Nothing with the new system has really changed things much form the way it has been. Anky's, Pteronadon, Turtles etc, have always been rough to get on X2 events, again luck of the draw., and from what everyone seems to always tout on these forums, almost all breeding occurs on the weekends where x2 occur. The only way to increase your chances of getting 100% imprints on Anky's, Pteronadon, Turtles, etc (all quick breed dino's) is to do them on regular X1 rates.
  11. What am I doing wrong - Gamma Dragon

    The ONLY thing you need to change to win is, give your Therizinos more Vegi Cakes. Give them 15 Each and you will win. 15K health is just fine, same with your saddles, they actually do next to nothing for you (Dragon Fight only), could do it on Primitive saddles. 500% melee will kill Gamma in about 10 minutes. Do not put all 19 Therizino's on the dragon at the same time, he does not like being pinned and will get skittish and fly away lots. Cycle your groups to 10 in each group and whistle them in and out as needed till they heal. Bring your riders in with FLAK Armor (Highest Durability you can get), extra sets are good to have if items break from fireballs. Medical Brews are a must to use if you get hit, drink 3 or 4 right away. Most important of all for strategy is, DO NOT go to him, wait for him to come to you. Stay to the left side of the ruins near the spawn in point and do not fight him on the rocks next to the ruins. NEVER Cross the lava. As for Yuti, we were just given the secret to this, Pre-roar your Yuti to full effect and stop roaring just as the OB fires off to enter the arena. After you are in the arena, wait until the Dragon engages the Therizino's before you start roaring again. When he takes off for the flyer phase, stop roaring until he lands again. You will win next time for sure. Same set up will get you through Bata and Alpha - might want to level them up some more in Melee (Grinders). Just more Vegicakes for each, for Alpha we go in with 30-40 on each. They don't use them all in the 12-15 minutes our fights run, but if a fight gets drawn out you want them for the extended heals you will need for a 25+ minute battle.
  12. This is why we cant have nice things

    I bought it at full price the day they released the Season Pass. I am glad to support these guys with my wallet, as this is the most fun and long duration of play I have gotten out of a game since, EQ and WOW.
  13. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Imprint times (percentage increase) have nothing to do with Maturation (growth) rates. Also, one might be at 3% but the next 2 imprints could be 2% increase, rounding issue.