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  1. OMG. Wish I did not see this post now. Made me realize how much time I have spent on this AWESOME game. Currently 4,885 Hours, all on Offical XBOX servers.
  2. Says who? We have and we are a HUGE tribe of three
  3. What's next to remove? Remove the meat run grinds? Remove the resource collection grinds? Both of which are MUCH more tedious than farming bosses.
  4. We usually have around 100-200 element on hand on our Island map and on Aberration about another 100 or so. We try to run at least one boss fight every other day now, used to be 2-3 a night. Usually just Alpha Broodmother, 15-20 minutes, in and out, 74 Element. That includes walking our crew to RED Ob and back out again. TEK Gens use minimal amounts of the element on the lowest setting, we have all of our TEK troughs on the Island (36 or so) on one generator on the lowest setting and have plans on adding another 20 or so it, on the same setting. 10 Element will last an entire week. Our TEK Troughs are on whenever we are doing a raise. Not everyweek do we do raises, But when we do it will include everything we need, Rex's, Giga's, Quetzals, Ankys, Doeds Etc. So it can run for close to 2 weeks. Was not always this way, but every time we raise a new set of rexes, the number increase. RIght now we can/will pop 200 eggs for the next raise.Of those, most likely will keep around half of them. Our raises used to be much smaller, a dozen or so Rex's at a time along with other dinos.
  5. Good discussions here, but in a nutshell. TEK is not easy to obtain. Can everyone obtain it? YES Does that mean it should be as easy as craft metal structures? NO It is what it is, take it or leave it.
  6. And exactly how many other items let you shoot LAZERS, other than TEK?
  7. LOL, that's good and all, but how do you manage moving one stack of Ore at a time?
  8. Well, not sure why you think TEK is so tedious/difficult to obtain. Let me tell you about our MEGA - Read 3 (Three) person tribe. We constantly have lots of Element available to us. We have countless transmitters, a replicator on every map. A cloning chamber on one map, about to make a second one this weekend to clone Basilisks, Crabs etc. An abundance of Tek dino gates. An entire structure made of TEK. 45x45 base platform. so it's not a small thing. 50+ Tek troughs, a dozen or so Tek generators, 4 or 5 Tek teleport pads. Rex's getting wiped? Sure it's a thing. But we plan accordingly and have backups waiting. We are in process of building a facility to house our Boss Rex army, scaled to hold upwards of 450+ of them. And have 150+ Boss Rexes ready to go as needed (Due to the Issues you mention). As soon as the structure is done we will be hatching 200+ more Rex's to fill it. We have a set of Rex's on Island for fights and a set on the Rag map for fights. We have completed all Boss fights on all difficulties (Have not done Alpha Rag, no need to do so, is only reason). Completed Alpha Dragon on Island back in December, most likely will not be doing that again anytime soon, No need to, is why. Takes 25 minutes to set up and run an Alpha Broodmother or Alpha Monkey. We have enough tribute to run about 100 Alpha Broods, running low on Monkey tribute. So we now pretty much run Alpha Brood exclusively. That's 84 Element every day if needed. All of this with a 3 man tribe, not what I would call Alpha or anything near it, and before you say we have no life, we all have full-time jobs. As for the gear, we do have some TEK gear, Boots (They Rock), Helmets are great for TEK Cave, Chest also. We do not wear these at all times. But we are about to do so with the boots, cause they rock. AB Element is easy enough to make and we use that to supplement what we might fall short of elsewhere, not transferable, true, but we craft it into what we need then transfer it off. Your thoughts are not so much a matter if it is doable/feasible for small tribes. It depends on what your tribe wants to do, plan for it and getting it done, that is how we have done it. Yeah, the fights are tedious, but so what, so are meat runs to raise Dino's, but you still do that when you need it, countless more times than Boss fights happen. We used to trap the Dragon on Legacy, but since Retail release, not once have we trapped the dragon. Just my 2 cents on the subject.
  9. I too did all of those things, with exception of actually Clearing the MAC Address. The Offline/Online trick, hard reset, start different games and come back to ARK etc. I uninstalled just the Aberration files first, then everything, that was painful. As soon as I reset MAC as described above, BOOM fixed since then no issues, even made the ghost 3GB Update from showing up anymore.
  10. 1. You will need enough to get it through the Baby phase - 8 hours, this will depend on the max food value it has, higher value, less number of feedings needed. You will need to apply one everytime you need to feed until it reaches Juvenile. Things to reduce the amount of food it consumes, do not have others near it in the same room, space. This makes them go crazy and eat like crazy. Light sources in the room seem to affect food consumption, not 100% on this, but we keep ours outside the room on the roof with a greenhouse ceiling so you can see when you are in the room. In short 30 Pheromones should do it just fine. Most used in the first couple hours. 2. Yes, if you want a high-level Reaper, get pregnant with highest Queen you can find. The birth level will be Queen level + Levels gained during pregnancy (max 75). 3. 12 Hours of ONLINE Time, time does not decrease while you are offline. 4. Kill more Queens = Fastest way to max exp. BUT Do not fight them in the Red/RAD areas. 5.The only thing that will abort the pregnancy is RADIATION. SO Do not go there, then it cant happen.
  11. For those blaming WC for this, it does not seem to be a WC issue. It is a connection problem on XBOX side.
  12. Speaking for XBOX Official servers having this problem. Here is a 100% fix for the issue. Might work for other situations, do not know. XBOX Console Home - Settings - Network - Network Settings - Advanced Settings - Secondary MAC Address - Automatic - Clear MAC Address. REBOOT System = FIXED
  13. Palenor

    Reaper King

    Well, don't ya know, Reapers ARE mutated Rex's after all.....
  14. Please, NO rework of the existing kibble system that makes it easier, less amount of kibble etc. Kibble system is just fine as it is right now. Both for taming and raising. Please do not listen to the hype that a kibble rework would fix the dino overpopulation. It would not reduce the overall dino population at all. All it would get rid of would be the lovely eggers in the game. All those level 5 - 40s would get replaced with more (insert your favorite dino"s here) dino's, more breeding stock to increase breeding lines, more boss fight dinos, etc. Everyone would still push the tame limit to the max. End result- lots of wasted time on WC part and lots more moaning and groaning from the "we know more than you WC" player base.
  15. Palenor

    Reaper King

    Sorry for your bad luck then, like I stated earlier, never been jumped like you describe. Been pulling eggs since the second week. We too have so many Drakes it's not funny. We sell 2-4 a day on our server. And have something along the lines of 40 sitting in our yard and 2 Fridges full of eggs that need to be hatched. Just saying walk around a little before you pull them and kill what you see, helps a lot. I usually kill around 10 before pulling the first egg. Rinse and repeat as I move down the trench till I reach the end. Call it BS if you want and keep dealing with it and complaining about it, it will not fix it, try something different than what you are doing to get different results. You know what they say about doing something over and over again and expecting a different result?
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