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  1. Ark: Aberration

    Steam page shows December 2017 now lol
  2. Something happened

    Pretty sure the servers are still running, we just cannot connect. If he got an egg notification
  3. Something happened

    Same, that can't be good.
  4. Dino Aging!

    Currently PVE has no way of killing off dino's beside's the accidental death and what not. PVP will never have dino cap issues as they base play style of the game is to kill each other. With a dino age limit you could easily use the in game days to create the age of the dino and have it's stats either get worse or die. People would kill off their dino's or they just die of old age. Problem solved.

    If you read at the top of the post it tells you what is going on this weekend
  6. Halloween Event?

    They are bringing servers down now
  7. Halloween Event?

    Event is still on, hope it ends soon. Some x2 till monday would make for a nice gift WC
  8. NA-PVE-Ragnarok195 is capped
  9. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Dino Age would kill off the dino's when they get too old problem solved lol. But seriously something needs to get done.
  10. Auto Destroyed

    Need to put a ladder on it nowadays. If nothing is attached to it it will decay