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  1. Keep getting raided

    PVE anything
  2. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Woot people who sleep and have jobs can imprint now!!!
  3. inposible to defend

    Sounds like we need a stego NERF!!!! Long live PVE!!!
  4. Server Dino Cap Discussion

  5. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    English speaking population consists of 21% of the ark population https://twitter.com/Steam_Spy/status/931538740622831616 Maybe if they put some more Chinese servers there wouldn't be an issue.
  6. Server Dino Cap Discussion

  7. Yutyrannus courage roar hidden ability

    Yeah, don't bring one around if your trying to tame something
  8. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Wild Card, why do you hate us? Is it because we PVE?
  9. Raise Tame cap Please

    Cryogenic Stasis, no poop, no eggs, no lvls.
  10. Lag Issues

    Wait to see what Lagerration is like first before you move!
  11. Too many tamed?

    It's called Lottery Taming now. What people do is KO something and put all the food in, the dino will keep using up it's food until a spot opens and when that happens either the people hatching eggs will hatch or someone taming will get the spot. This goes round and round until someone losses a dino or transfers something off the ark.
  12. Best Place to farm hide

    Phimioa (Piggy) with an axe, on x3 should get tons
  13. black friday Black Friday Discount for PC

    Come buy the game, and enjoy the taming cap like the rest of us on PVE. Or you can man up and play PVP and die on the beach spawns. Either way give the dev's their money!!!!
  14. Good thing there isn't a dino cap issue to worry about with all your PVE players.