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  1. blochmind

    Starving human ambient sounds in cave

    I spent a lot of time in caves recently, and keep hearing the sound of someone starving. Is it a bug? Happens occasionally on aberration in some places as well. At first i thought it was my character, but no. It seems like an accidental ambient sound. “Argh”. Anyone else? Or am i nuts?
  2. blochmind

    how to get metal in abberration'

    Tame a Spino then head to the blue zone and Build a small base and tame an anky. Its worth it.
  3. blochmind

    Ark: Impossible to break away

    I dont care about keeping my base, and objects should decay - all for it. I care about the multi mutated dinos that took ages to breed. Fighting and trading and caving with others is a huge part of it, i dont even understand single player. I just want the ability to upload say 40-50 dinos, keep them there as long as i dont log in and as soon as i do ( im back from my two week trip, or whatever) the timer begins, and i can download them and search for a new place for a new base. Its not impossible, and the inability to do so makes a lot of people quit and even more players never start.
  4. I love Ark. I love exploring, taming and building. Surviving and thriving. There is, however, a lot of good new games coming out, and I want to play them too, without fearing the loss of everything i have worked so hard and long for. What is your solution to this WC? What if I want to take a vacation for two weeks and dont want my ps4 accompanying me? What if my tribe mates gave up a long time ago, because the maintenance and chores became too much and I now single handedly take care of everything? You have created a game from which it is nearly impossible to take a break, which I think is bad for your game and playerbase. Rather than allowing players to take a break somehow and come back when they feel refreshed, you punish any player that is gone for longer than 4 days, depending. Instate some kind of hibernation mode. Let us store, at least a few, dinos in the Ark for an unlimited anount of time. Losing a base is moot, and it can easily be rebuilt. But starting from scratch, tame wise, just becase i need a break seems raptoring ridiculous, no? If a player has dinos in the Ark but isnt “taking a break”, they are warned and the timers on their tames start. Dont add any more content, we swim in the stuff. Fix bugs and work on a way for your loyal player base to take a break once in a while. You will regret it if you dont; all or nothing? Most people will choose nothing, because its just one game. I am close to choosing to a new game, and because of your game mechanics, never coming back.
  5. blochmind

    Bow Reloading Glitch

    When this happens to me i relog or fast travel randomly, when I can. Seems to make the glitch go away for a while. Like constanly getting snagged on the door frames or other objects and having to relog to make it go away. Does that happen to anyone else? Like the door will be open but you have to REALLY try to get trough it...? I hope, now that TLC is finally out of the way (i hate the new raptor, why would you do this??? Like a purlovia with attitude...) they will fix the small bugs that get under skin.
  6. blochmind

    grey fog or something

    Fog may be part of the game, but before the “HDR update” it didnt look like this and was way more detailed. This is just grey blob on everything. I have the same exact problem. If its by design, maybe give it it some “tlc” lmao.
  7. blochmind

    Ichthyornis Bug

    Weird man. Put the seagull in group 5, then clear its group. Maybe it got bugged somehow...was it on your shoulder when you orignally grouped the spino? Im just guessing, but put the seagull in the same group and then undo it. Could work, Ark has had weirder bugs.
  8. blochmind

    TLC 2 Argent

    It looks cool, but flying sucks.
  9. blochmind

    flyers stuck in air after kill

    Use your spyglass, look at it, whistle follow one. If it is very high up, it wont work, but at least you wont have to build all the way up lol.
  10. blochmind

    TLC 2 Argent

    Does anyone else get a little motion sickness by the up and downward movement of the new argy when you fly? I was hoping it would be more like the griffen.
  11. blochmind

    Issues with taming and killing.

    Single player?
  12. blochmind

    Karkinos grabbing me off Drake

    Thanks, but I recognize Alphas, as I am not hard of seeing...Regular Karkinos. A few friends of mine have reported that when a Karkinos jumps, its able to grab you off anything...most likely a bug, but your confidence is amusing, thank you.
  13. blochmind

    Are rock Drakes Mostly useless on cosoles?

    Its even worse now, since the HDR update...
  14. I just fought a gang of Karkinos, as usual, on my Drake. But this time was very different. The Karkinos grabbed me off my Drake. Its never happened before. Is this a bug or intended?? Have i just been lucky until now? Glad I had my shot gun...