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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. PS4 - Lag opening inventory

    Whats your ping? Sounds like good ol fashioned lag.
  2. my dino is stuck

    poop. That sucks. Try setting it to wander or get it agroed at something...if that doesnt work, a ticket might be da only wae.
  3. ARK: Unstable gameplay? Speak up.

    I agree with you, we all need to stop playing to get their attention. It could help. But one stands to lose a lot by simply not playing for a week. The community in this game is one of the best things about it. Without people to trade with, team up with or fight against, the longevity would die. WC, we make your game happen. Please show us some respect, and at the very least come clean. I have one simple question for WC. Will the game ever function the way it was meant to? Or the way we expect it to? I do not want to keep playing if it will continue to be this way. A lot of us started in beta, and were under the impression these bugs and glitches we experienced were going away. If I didnt fully believe that while I was playing the game, I would have quit 8 months ago, along with most of my friends. No other game could get away with being this generally unstable (and its everything from frame rate to map glitches to exploits to simple disconnects and random bugs) and not completely outrage its players. You really put a clever and tight blindfold on all of us with that “open beta” thing. Its starting to feel like a ploy to get people hooked on playing something that will never function.
  4. Kicked when looting crates and drops

    Yep, but dont ya love the wolf’s new look??? lol
  5. Ark is just as unstable now, as it was in open beta a year ago. Constant disconnects, bugs that will send you through the map and into WCs lackluster support system, and frame rate gaps and rubbing band issues large enough for whole moments of your life gone missing. Most of the servers have so much traffic, its impossible to tame, raise or build. So, why, please tell us all why there is such a thing mentioned as “second pass” or “dino TLC”...??? Whats wrong with you? Take all the resources you are using on making the Wolf smell notes we already found and making its face look north korean, and redirect them to some kind of stability/gameplay/memory/framerate/glitch/bug/exploit issue. Nobody cares if the Gigantopethicus can climb zip lines if we are getting booted out of the game half way up, which WILL be the case. I would love to know what is going on. In order to keep playing Ark, and i am positive im not the only one, I need some assurance that you arent just drawing pretty pictures and creating cool creatures. I need you to tell me that you ARE still planning on making the game a stable, playable experience. Or else I want to be told, “This game will NEVER work on PS4”....and then i can happily move on. Please, you are leading a lot of your faithful players on and keeping us in the dark about stuff we ACTUALLY want to know. Like, how long is the prison sentence for the dupers? When can I expect to stop getting disconnected? Will there ever be a time that we can all play your game without immense stress of losing everything important to no fault of our own? Or are you insistent on becoming yet another meme on Reddit for other game developers to laugh at and say, “See, dont climb too far up your own a**”. Is this going to get locked before it garners support? Most definitely. Thank you Wild Card. Happy Valentines day.
  6. aberrant megalosaurus breeding ps4

    It is fixed, as of last update. I raised two Ab megalos. If you make an egg now its correctly Aberrant. I dont know why WC is hiding it.
  7. Im so glad im not the only one! The Spino and Allo would be my favorite if it wasnt for the stupid sound FX. And seriously, hanging out in a pen with a bunch of animals is crazy. Just like we can “disable looking” we should be able to disable the random ambient sounds they make. I wouldnt mute them all. Just enough for sanity.
  8. These visual improvements are sweet, gameplay mechanic additions are awesome, but I am really hoping you take a look at the footstep sounds of the Allo, Rex, Spino, Carno and Megalosaurus. Not only are the sounds bizarre, but they are much louder than any other sound effect in the game and I always have to turn down the volume to almost mute, especially with the Spino and Allo and Carno. Terrible sound FX, please take a look. Also the Dire bear sounds like Bane from Batman, after a few drinks. Maybe there should be an option to Disable Sounds for your tames. Have you ever been in a pen with 10 bears and 5 Argies?Its completely unbareable. The new Argy model looks like a massive dodo, imo. The saddle and weight mechanic should have been added with the flyer nerf, people wouldnt have been so riled up about it...Bringing the Argy back is nice. Literally just sitting around eating since the nerf, louder than ever. Favorite game though. Thanks!
  9. Invisible rock drake

    Punching it may make it visible again, if you can get up to it. Some people have luck with “whistle follow all”. Good luck.
  10. PS4 Servers not showing off.

    If Ark is open when I go into Rest Mode on the PS4, I am forced to restart the game before it works. So, maybe you have the same bug. No rest mode for you!
  11. Someone Help Please! Basilisk Stuck!

    Have you tried whipping it? Weird man.
  12. Gasoline (Gas-Crafted) Broken?

    Accidentally toggling engrams off can be a crazy good time.
  13. Since the update the game has moments where the graphics seem to struggle loading and end up just not loading. Everything looks like a balloon, the textures being rounded and soft. It last for much longer than it should. Playing on pspro. The frame rate on the Drake is also especially low, but it may have always been like that. Cant get around fast on Aberration, the game cant load in.
  14. I Uninstalled Ark Because it is Dangerous

    Get a life man. And if you just wait a minute longer you dont have to force shut down your console. The bluescreen does eventually figure itself out. But one can feel the impatience in your post and im betting you wait 3 seconds before jumping angrily off the couch and breaking your own console. Nobody, not wild card or anyone else, forces you to imprint animals. That is a choice you make. You create the unhealthy life style for yourself by jumping through a hoop that nobody is telling you to jump through. Consider that 100 percent imprint is only a 30percent increase in damage resistance and melee damage...meaning a 50 percent imprint is a 15 percent increase...who needs 100 percent?? Again, a choice you make! Building is difficult and your buildings will look terrible...if you are an impatient noob, unwiling to to learn and adapt to the way the game was designed. I am more than able to make a base without any of the “noob” issues you mentioned, and I am satisfied with how much time that took to master and understand. This “issues” exist in order to give more options and possibilities when building. Open you eyes and notice the intricacies of the building system. Like press triangle to flip sides on things and positioning yourself so that the next piece places correctly. There is usually a way to make it work, but again you relentless impatience gets in your way. Sounds like you want an easy game to play. Something with a non existent learning curve and different gameplay all together. You are playing a game you dont like and getting angry at the developer for it. This was a very entertaining read! But, you sir, are not Ark material, lol. Go play FIFA or CoD...
  15. DLC on Multiple PS4 Accounts

    I moved from Canada to Europe and had the same issue. I bought the season pass on my Swiss account and my Canadian account was stil asked to purchase it. Had to have a friend in Canada send me PSN cards to finally get to play the DLC. Lame.