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  1. Sound problem on Ps4

    The sound designers have trouble sleeping, i hope.
  2. Sound problem on Ps4

    The sound is terrible. Especially spino/carno/allo foot steps. I almost have to mute my tv when i use them.
  3. Bluescreens

    Its not just Ragnarok. If I travel on the island a lot with a wyv or quetz, a bluescreen crash is inevitable, especially near the green obi. It seriously affects gameplay and frustrates players, as we lose tames and gear to no fault of our own. We are getting griefed by the game itself, and of all the players who quit playing your game, this is issue number 1! Stop all other work on DLC and get this HUGE bug sorted, please.
  4. Can I unclaim lost dinos? PS4

    Losing and spending gametime searching for lost tames is a huge pain; we have all been there. Search the area you died in and do circular searches, bigger and bigger. Keep in mind holding down the touch pad will make his green icon/name tag appear and be visible to you from further distances. Also, whistle 'follow all' once in a while. He might surprise you. Hope you find him.
  5. I had issues like this and deleted my save files on the ps4 and things got better. You lose all your map progress, as well as all the notes/junk, but its worth it to be playing a more stable game overall.
  6. Doedicurus bug

    They only collect stone and its been this way since day 1, as far as I know. You are confusing it with an ankylosaurus...
  7. You can try putting it on aggressive and wandering. Then coax a wild dino close to it, but so it cant attack it and be in danger. The baby might react and get itself loose. Thats a good looking wyv btw. I hope you get it free. Why did you hatch it in there in the first place...?
  8. Terrain Issues and Light

    Ok, thank you. I will do that too then. WC should make an announcement about it, like they did a few updates back...Or most people wont know to do it.
  9. Terrain Issues and Light

    Wait, so you think its on my side? And the game will perform better if I delete all my saved data for the third time? I will try it thanks, but would my saved data really have an affect on things like lighting and frame rate issues? And terrain stuff..? Im on an official legacy server...
  10. Ever since the latest update on PS4 I have been experiencing strange glitches/bugs with the terrain. Some of my tames are simply stuck where they stand (immobile even with a whip or follow comands, and cant ride them) and most wild dinos seem to be glitching around while walking. My functioning tames walk just fine, but wild dinos look like they're struggling to wander, with their legs bouncing and flinching. The frame rates while entering an area that has been built on, has also gotten even worse. Lighting is another issue. Daytime is extremely bright and night time is a black hole. The game runs worse now than it did months ago, please stop working on new stuff and focus on what you have. You are losing your player base. Thanks, WC.