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  1. Figured it out, if anyone is looking for how to set dinos max lvl to 150 for PC. You change the Offset to 1, and the override to 5. (I know it's the opposite of what you would usually do, but just trust me).
  2. ah, yea I'm on PC. Ours is a bit more complicated than just a button unfortunately. I run another server with 150 cap, but I can't figure out the override and offset numbers for abberations.
  3. There isn't a checkbox to force max level?
  4. What are the settings to get dinos max level to 150? I've already tried offset of 5.0 with overrides of 0,1, and 1.2857. None of which are working. Please help?
  5. It's beautiful. I'm upset with you for so many other reasons, but this map is amazing.
  6. Thanks for cutting off support to legacy servers, I understand the low pop wipe but holy poop... It's the biggest final "raptor you" to everyone that supported you.
  7. Was just curious if it was just me or does the damage stat have lower points in it on the Smart Breeding app than it does on the Ark Stat Calculator? Is this a bug or is it working as intended?
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