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  1. I second this. This will save so much time and can also help if a players looses his/her characters. Will help in the amount of work a GM has to do to restore a players character. Wild Card, please consider this. Other then that great work and YES breedable insects!
  2. If it was only 15 min, eveytime they take it down is more like 40 min to an hour. So sick of this, I'm not one to complain, but man....
  3. EU-Official-Ragnarok211 Offline Come on WC, since the release of this patch with the event, the server has gone offline in multiple occasions, for hours and one time even for one whole day. I have babies out and they are going to die. It takes time and patient to raise these babies as you know. Why in heavens name would you take servers down mid event? The same thing every day since the event started. I really don't come on the forums to complain, but man this is ridiculous already. @Cedric please look into this it's frustrating and annoying already.
  4. Could be what you tame the giant turtle in. Kinda looks like an underwater trap.
  5. @Jen I love the progress so far you all are doing in the game. I have over 4,000 hours played on ARK and enjoy the game very much. Question: as part of the S+ integration are you guys going to add in the future the clipping portion of the S+ feature. I have a couple of builds that I would like to be able to completely finish walls we are not currently able to put due to obstruction of the terrain. You replies are greatly appreciate and I awake it with anticipation. GREAT JOB SO FAR THOUGH! Thank you for all your efforts in making this game great.
  6. @Jatheish @Jen Is there any way we can get these tool threads pinned to the top of the forums? They are very useful and would be wonderful for a beginner to find them easily. Thanks in advance.
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