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  1. Five years in and your grand plan is updating the rules .....absolutely brilliant idea there guys I’m sure up dating the rule will stop the 1000,s of aim botters duper’s meshers Espers....etc I bet the shaking the in the duped boots!!!!!! Absolutely a joke your ignore the issue you have no idea how to fix worn even acknowledge them.....mean while half the games getting slapped to the head
  2. I beg , no to tek turret changes just no please no. It’s so hard to defend as it is with out being online 24/7 why would you make it even harder ? It’s so easy to wipe ppl on this game and wild card constantly making it easier. I have over 50k ele in my tek turrets on official so 500,000 turret ammo I grinded for but you will turn that in 250,000 in a push of button how is that fair ?
  3. Sept for CI On console? Am I a joke to you? breeding stresses the servers aye? Not all the cheating duping or poorly coded game designs? Go figure
  4. Ah the Center, spent a year in 711 pvp on Xbox before legacy became legacy. Think I spent most that year lagging my socks off. my problem with the Center and also with Ragnarok is generally they look rather stupid. Just biomes next to biomes for no sake other then to include them. There’s no flow to the maps at all really. But that was a design issue rather then bug. back on topic the likelihood of them updating any old maps is about as likely as them fixing any of the other five year old issues.
  5. So we are currently on gen pvp official. yesterdays events where a mixed bag farmed 800 ele in a couple hours because gens broken and we built a second base to take ab 30 tek tur 30 heavies along with all the structures. Cloned some squids and some rock eles tamed two ferox which duped into six ferox and I painted my super suit. Because style is everything !
  6. It’s comical wildcard have to enter the game as chars to do anything? how do they have no system in place after fours years of weekly screw ups ?
  7. It’s not the event it’s the stuff they keep adding behind the scenes like the anti dupe system which odly has enabled duping again ?
  8. What I did today. Decided to fire up the old ark and try again to get some where on the war zone of official pvp. Spawn my lvl 125 char onto rag and quickly get the free tools around blue ob and harvest a couple bobs for supplies. I craft a raft sail to the highlands to knock a 150 ptera and proceed to hide in a bush for the next hour. While I’m in the bush the server pops goes up from 1 to 8 And I witness a tribe farming wyyvern eggs on gigas from my bush with my sleeping tera some how now being detected. i tame it up transfer to scorced thinking I’ll farm some drops for easy kit.
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