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  1. The fact this exploit has been around for almost two year’s shows just how lazy wild card are.
  2. Was thinking about this my self recently currently the ark meta is solely aimed at the 10% who never log off. But no game should cater for such small numbers. There’s not a base on this game that carnt be offlined in hours and if you don’t believe just go to any of the big tribes On any server and ask them about there offline window ...it will Be zero. A turret tower with 100 turrets on capped should be next to unshakable ....that’s endgame. But on this game you need five four racer and a tek tapey to destroy what is the Maxium achievable offline defence in minutes.
  3. There nothing you can do it refers to the Imprint timer(if you breed dinos you get prompted to “care” for it every seven hours leaving an imprint to a total off a 100% which translates to 30% increased defence . But as you did not hatch or claim the Dino it doesn’t count for you.
  4. If I got event half the mats back from all the tek bridges Iv built and had decay I couple properly build a mega tribe
  5. I thought the rep was removed from crates we certainly haven’t had One since they stated as such.
  6. State of the game is four years after boss runs where added this still happens. Almost as bad as adding the manticore to every boss battle then not PATCHING IT NEVER LANDING smh rookies
  7. Yet you can shout N***** in game chat all day and don’t get Banned #logic
  8. So we are currently on gen pvp official. yesterdays events where a mixed bag farmed 800 ele in a couple hours because gens broken and we built a second base to take ab 30 tek tur 30 heavies along with all the structures. Cloned some squids and some rock eles tamed two ferox which duped into six ferox and I painted my super suit. Because style is everything !
  9. Seems to happen randomly with no trigger. We tamed two ferox last night (Which some how duped them selves into six ferox and kept taming progression for all) and once completed we noticed no xp bar no lvls etc but it’s seems to fix its self if you let them go small then make big again. Also noticed it happens a lot after chucking them out cryo. ferox that do these bugs typical are broken for life and there stats random roll every time you make them big (won’t keep same stats) but the inventory bug fixes once you let them go small. side note noticed our duped feroxs (game duped not us ) are also invincible so.......muhahaha
  10. There seems to be abit of a mesh issues in the arena, it’s really doesn’t like feroxs and it’s not a fan of you jumping off your dinos
  11. Any one done it on small tribes (where you carnt get all the keys at the start)
  12. The problem with rhinos is they die so so easy I mean the guys on foot can half health you in a second with the comp how’s ....but what do I know ...we’ve failed five times .
  13. Total guess but I think the sim was on escape and the ark was another escape method but we know there was wars in the past what’s to say those who went to space/sim where not rivals to those who chose the arks and the arrival is merely them returning to earth.....to find earth saved ....kind of....and then abb crashes. also heard it said where don’t here from Helena in gen but Isn’t there a part where she’s takes over HLNA and talks to Rockwell and us
  14. i think it’s like a super fert
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