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  1. Played this game four years, “broken” is a game mechanic
  2. The one with the horse and the bar Was hoping some one could explain what I saw today. Was on the island with my second char getting cp. ran to green on to port out and there was a guy there with a mana a horse and a Mek I was watching him as I was naked and he kept knocking his horse out by attacking past Stam I decided to try knock him out which I did and he’s had two cryo meks lvl 280+ with insane stats 60k health 490 mele 10k weight but exactly the same so obviously duped ? But duping with a horse? There mine now haha
  3. If your trying to be funny you failed if your being serious your an idiot.
  4. If the mesh cannot be fixed after four years. Placeadmin turrets in mesh hot spots one turret unlimited ammo 100x damage and customer range so it doesn’t shoot out the mesh. There’s are still way to many gaps in the mesh. server wipes on official/small a solution to 200man tribes making the game in playable proper punishments for the countless active cheats atm. more interactive game design. Kill an alpha raptor? Get a weaker tamed raptor as reward. Daily quests missions etc hell even ark mobile has quests. this game is dying for a fresh wipe and a meta change. It’s all to much flashy tek and super wars no fun any more. restrict transfers. 24/7 raiding destroyed ark. I mean us who no life it are ok but this games has like 1/10th if it’s previous player count .
  5. FLAK bp farming Hey I was wondering about flak now and the easiest way to farm them. I know an surface is good but I’ve done so many drops I want to try something different this playthrough. I know island water caves drop them but I need a basil maybe to clear those as I got ganked trying to suicide swim them lol whete else drop flak bps so I can mix my runs up a little and what do you guys do to get your first flak bps
  6. Basicly your very close go through the gap in the rock in front of you swim across and go up the hill on the other side and your there. The person who posted pics of the metal nodes are posting the right ones your just not close enough to tell.
  7. What I did today. Decided to fire up the old ark and try again to get some where on the war zone of official pvp. Spawn my lvl 125 char onto rag and quickly get the free tools around blue ob and harvest a couple bobs for supplies. I craft a raft sail to the highlands to knock a 150 ptera and proceed to hide in a bush for the next hour. While I’m in the bush the server pops goes up from 1 to 8 And I witness a tribe farming wyyvern eggs on gigas from my bush with my sleeping tera some how now being detected. i tame it up transfer to scorced thinking I’ll farm some drops for easy kit. I run to red and pull my tera just in time to see a meat run Rex shoot past. I hop on fly away and proceed to stalk the rex I see the guys naked but at this stage I’d kill for a cryo so I’ll pick him but he’s fat so i drop him and barrow roll killing him, my Tera popped with 360 melle lol I loot him and find a cryo but I was heavy with a rex eating me so I stored the cryo and dropped the rest which at a glance looks trash (I hope) and I fly to a hidey spot just in time too see a lighting wyyvern and an argy arrive to get me so I run to the canyons and lose them. AN hour or so later after farming more drops to get five million oil pumps I decide to just look for a sneaky spot to do a little crafting. I fly around the mountains on the verge of giving up due to severe heat stroke when I come across the bobest base on a mountain no turrets but the same rex and argy . I quickly scout it out and see another char from the same tribe force feeding the argy I swoop down and pick but they lag back out of my feet, I go for stam come back and see them on the argy pick them again and drop them off the mountain they was naked so I wasn’t hopeful I quickly check the body to find a single cryo...221 lighting wyyvern I run my ass off hiding in th crystal cave while a sand storm hits. Good start but now its 1am and the misses wants to watch a quiet place I ob my loot and log for the night. Day one : Winning.
  8. Climbing picks of death. Error mesh detected Any one having issues atm? Spent weekend prepping , went down to the rock drake pit on a mega after fighting for my life the whole way. As I was climbing up to the nest the game insta killed me and my bulldog. Is happened earlier in the week when climbing up a random cliff, picks go blue for flat land click to climb instant dead.
  9. Alpha brood melts reapers like there made of candy . I had a 100% imprint 60k health reaper and her spit was taking off thousands of health a hit
  10. They won’t get a penny from me again HOD got me into this game
  11. I struggle to understand the logic, the devs team refuse to acknowledge the damage being done by meshing. And when some one who cares about the game try to bring attention to it your answer is to ban them? We the community would like to know WHY are items and tames that aid meshing still in the game? WHY three to four years in are there still gaps in the mesh? WHY are the resources under the mesh on abberation? Right next to a hole big enough to walk through? WHY the radio silence? Surely you must care about the state of the game. WHY do you do nothing to kill people who are in the mesh? Hell slap perma dev turrets in the mesh with custom ranges protecting key mesh spots there for they only shoot you if your IN THE MESH we the community have put thousands and thousands into this game, yet it saddens me to see where it’s at now. Stop adding new games types and fix the ones you haves. time for ark 1.5? Fresh wipe with new mesh guards in place because this game is so beyond broken at the minute. I can spawn on ab run about 100 feet crouch and walk into the mesh. And under mesh ever base in the map. But I don’t, Because im not a gorm.
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