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  1. Would you consider adding an actual fence structure so we don't have to use house-walls or railings to pen up our animals or surround our bases? It certainly could look a lot nicer. Could we get gates for railings? When building little things with railings that are only one or two rails high, it seems a little strange to include the much larger door for entrance, and trying to jump over the railings gets old pretty fast.
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  5. I’ve heard rumors of a perk system being possible for ARK. Whether this is true or not, but I think a perk system would be great to have in ARK Survival Evolved. Perks could really flesh out the world and allow people to become better at what they like to do best, as well as adding more in general for people to do or work for. Below is a perk system I’ve devised that could be applied to ARK as it is now as well as a list of possible perks. The perk system would work similarly to leveling. Each survivor would be allowed three perks, and only three. This is to prevent people from having too many buffs at the same time. A survivor is rewarded the choice of their first perk at level 30. Then again at level 60, and finally once more at level 90. These are the only times that perks are chosen and applied, and the perks cannot be switched out. Perks can be reset just like engram points with a Mindwipe Tonic. Here is an example list of perks that could available to players- Master Archer- Do 15% more damage with any archery weapon. (affects bow, crossbow, and compound bow) Sky-High- You become 10% more effective when taming any flying animal. Master Of The Seas- Rafts(and any structure on them) have a 25% damage resistance if you are driving them. Green Thumb- You become 50% more effective at gathering berries by hand, and gain 10% more food from eating vegetables. However, you also gain 10% less hunger from meats. QuickShot- You deal an extra 15% more damage against faster animals and reload slightly faster.(including tamed ones) (affects Galli, Raptor, Ptera, Carno, Troodon, Parasaur, Dire Bear, Megaloceros) Carryweight- Gain an extra 50% of points on any levels placed into weight. Immune- You gain a 75% resistance to any torpor-raising poison and cannot be blinded by Dilophosaurus. This does not affect the animal you have mounted. HousePet- You are twice as effective at taming any shoulder-mount animal. Diver- Gain an extra 25% more of any points placed into oxygen. Miner- Raw metal, obsidian, and crystal weigh 50% of their normal weight. Master Chef- Meals and performance-enhancers last for double the time. Friend Of Nature- Become 10% more effective at taming passively-fed animals.
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  7. Well Coupixel if you're looking for a friendly server, you and your friends are welcome to join mine! Send me a message or friend me on steam. You can read about the server here-
  8. Arcadium is a rp-friendly pvpve server with an active and friendly community. Our server is set on the map The Island and has many places for new players to get help starting out. For example, if you’re worried about building a base so early, we several towns and ports where new players can trade for gear, sell their own items, or even rent a room and stable for their creatures. Visit our trade-center Arcadium Port, or perhaps if fliers are more your speed you can visit our Redwoods Treetop Town, where fliers of all kinds are traded, sold, and stabled. Do you prefer the snow biome? Settle in at the Heart Of Arcadium Inn, rent a room and set out into the wilderness! Arcadium is pvpve, which means that while pvp is enabled on our server we do still have rules. For example, you cannot simply just attack everyone willy nilly, and you cannot steal as you please. That being said, trolling or breaking our rules intentionally is absolutely not tolerated and action will be taken. You don’t have to worry about your base getting wiped out either, as most tribes on this server are required to ally with one-another to prevent pvp-related accidents. Pvp is more for events, though if you and another tribe want to declare war, that is allowed as well. If you enjoy pvp as much as we do, I’m sure you’ll love Arcadium Arena, where you can battle creatures and other players for fantastic prizes. One unique feature of Arcadium are our Trials. Trials are creatures of great power or usefulness, tamed through knocking them unconscious and claiming them for your own. Trials are not on the server at all times, they are released into the server as a tamed animal that can be knocked unconscious by the person trying to tame them. Not every trial is a monstrous beast, some are simply incredibly efficient at collecting, or another might have a very high weight stat. Others are not meant to be tamed at all, and instead are killed for the loot hidden in their inventories. Some other features of our server are treasure chests. Myself and other administrators of the server place chests hidden around the world that contain what else? Treasure! Among these treasures include one of the most sought-after items on Arcadium - recolor cards. With one of these, you can recolor an animal you own to your own liking - as crazy as you can get. And yet another feature of Arcadium is Blackwater Castle. Blackwater Castle is a sunken castle at the bottom of the ocean, a dungeon that can be explored and pillaged for loot. But be careful, for the castle is no cakewalk. Monsters and vicious underwater creatures guard the outside as well as the inside, ready to rip apart any who dare to intrude upon their solitude... What lies in the future for Arcadium? In the future we are looking to put up a Scorched Earth server, as well as a Primal Survival server, and a modded Server If you are interested in joining Arcadium, send me a message! We are opening the server in mid to late January, but we are accepting reservations now! I look forwards to meeting you and seeing Arcadium’s community grow. You can also join our waiting room discord here- https://discord.gg/6Qz5bQb Map- The Island PVPVE RP-Friendly Settings- MatingIntervalMultiplier=.33 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=10.0 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=5.0 CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier=4 LayEggIntervalMultiplier=.5 PoopIntervalMultiplier=1 CropDecaySpeedMultiplier=0.5 XPMultiplier=4 TamingSpeedMultiplier=5 HarvestAmountMultiplier=4 PreventDiseases=False NonPermanentDiseases=True AllowHitMarkers=True EnablePvPGamma=true
  9. Can their death noise be the screaming sheep?
  10. I'm betting it'll be the Lamprey or something for Scorched Earth. Or it might not even be a real creature at all. Could be an event dossier, like the rabbit from the Easter event. I'm hoping for an actual creature that can be tamed and used for something helpful, though I won't be surprised if it isn't.
  11. Well, we've seen this on our private server too. 135 male Quetz at the Red Obelisk, shooting it with tranq darts, wasted so many that it actually died before it went unconscious. Couldn't figure out what happened. We waited between shots, followed it for ages. Still died, never went unconsious.
  12. I know myself and plenty of other players were pretty disappointed by the herbivores of the game, Triceratops especially. It's so small compared to the other animals of the game, yet it is usually depicted fighting head-to-head with Tyrannosaurus in other media. Will we be seeing any herbivores that aren't huge sauropods(or Therizinosaurus) being able to directly challenge the bigger carnivores of the island?
  13. Carry a Megalo with a Quetzal and grab Argies with it. Then fly home, keep holding it, and have a friend tranq it.
  14. I've just heard it from friends who play on official. Glad I never played on official.
  15. I believe they said they aim for Primal Survival to release in November. I am positive it won't. In fact, I'll go so far as to say it won't even come out this year.