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  1. I've been playing Ark for years and I think that an excellent creature could be Homotherium. Homotherium is a prehistoric mammalian predator that was know for hunting large mammals. In Ark, it could be a creature that is built to fight mammals. It could have a buff called "Mammal Ruler" that increases its damage by 50% against mammals. It has increased damage resistance by 40% when attacked by mammals. It could have a bleed that drains health and stamina by 1% over 10 seconds per stack (stacking up to 5 times) that also stacks up to 10 times on mammals and instead drains 2% health and stamina over 20 sec with mammals. Dossier Homotherium Mammuthavenator is a ferocious species of predator that has a unique adaptation that makes it capable of hunting down and killing any mammal. They are also able to latch onto bigger creatures as well as pin smaller creatures and survivors. It's sharp fangs are coated with a special saliva like liquid that it produces which causes victims of its deadly bite to become extremely exhausted and this liquid makes the wound burn and the victim bleeds profusely. Despite its ferocity this creature can be tamed. To tame these creatures you have to find a pack of them that are sleeping and pet a sleeping cub. When you pet the little guy you feed it when it wakes up you run away with it and watch out for other creatures that will attack you. Then after a certain distance you must quickly feed it mammals until its tamed. Be careful because until its fully grown it will attack you and your tames randomly. Their sharp teeth and claws can absolutely desolate even the strongest armor Once fully grown it will finally have your trust and you can enjoy a wild ride with this mammal slaying beast! Taming Method Homotherium could spawn in groups with cubs following their mothers (the cub's level is determined by the level of the mother it is following). Homotherium periodically sleep throughout the day like shadowmanes. To tame a Homotherium you have to find a cub that is sleeping (the rest of the pride has to be sleeping as well otherwise you will be attacked) and pet it. Then feed it a piece of extraordinary kibble or mutton/prime meat and it will wake up. When it wakes up you have to pick it up and run away with it quickly. During this time, nearby creatures will aggro to you and players will be notified that you have the cub. Once you have ran at least 500 meters away from the place where you picked up the cub the aggroed creatures will stop attacking and players will no longer have a notification. At this point it is similar to raising an Indominous Rex from the Ark Additions mod combined with Troodon/Noglin taming. You have to sacrifice mammals to it (the worst to sacrifice in terms of efficiency and progress would be something like an Ovis but the best would be something like a Mammoth or a Paraceratherium). The mammals have to be awake and adults (like with Noglins how you can't use babies or unconscious creatures). What the Homotherium cub will then do is it will latch onto the mammal's neck and drain its health dry. If you don't have a mammal near it after sacrificing, a 1 minute countdown will begin, during this time you have to get your next mammal ready or else it will attack you. If you die, the taming starts over (you don't have to carry it, simply wait for it to fall asleep again and feed it then start sacrificing again). Once the sacrificing is complete it will be tamed but (like the Indominous Rex from Ark Additions) it will randomly go into a frenzy (noticeable when its eyes turn red and it roars) and attack you as well as your tames. This happens until it is fully grown and lasts for 5 min or until it kills you (in which case it ends early). Finally, it will be fully grown and there will be nothing more to do except make the saddle (learned at level 90 for 50 Engram points) and test it out. You can use weapons on its back and it can seat up to 2 players. Attacks Left Click: Bite: 85 base damage, inflicts Beast Bleed for 10 sec per stack, stacks up to 5 times Right Click: Claw swipe: 90 base damage, inflicts allo bleed for 10 sec, 5 sec cooldown Hold Right click: Pounce: 20 base damage, hold to target, let go to release, latches onto a large creature and drains its health like a stego impaling something C: Pin: 10 base damage, pins down smaller creatures and attacks repeatedly like a Deinonychus X: Frightening Roar: no damage, scares away medium sized creatures and all mammals, buffs allied Homotheriums' damage by 30%, damage resistance by 40%, and health regen by 20% Spacebar: Jump Hold Spacebar: Targeted jump: no damage, let go to launch in that direction, if you come in contact with a climbable surface you will begin climbing Other Info Homotherium takes no fall damage from most heights but will sometimes take fall damage (but heavily reduced like Ravagers and Thylas). They also get a pack bonus and gang bonus from allied Homotherium (the gang boost caps out at +4 meaning 5 individual Homotherium). They can be told to sleep to regen health and stam faster at the cost of food. They are immune to mammoth intimidation. Homotherium can harvest pelt and hide with extreme efficiency. Homotherium have a 50% weight reduction for meat, 30% weight reduction for chitin/keratin, 90% weight reduction for hide and a 95% weight reduction for pelt. Hopefully you like this creature. Thanks!
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