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  1. KingGalahad

    S+ & Sponsored mods for Ps4/Xbox ever?

    You and I both. When they announced we were getting s+ I was quite excited. Then they said not right away. We will look at it in the new year. Now we are almost a year later and all they will say is they will look at it after extinction is done. Why did they even bother announcing it last year when they had no plan on actually implementing it?
  2. KingGalahad

    Aberrant Dinos on the Rag; working

    Thanks for the info.
  3. KingGalahad

    any cool ideas for singleplayer

    Sp can get boring after awhile as ark does tend to be more of a social game (at least for me). I would almost suggest finding a slightly boosted pve server that has a good community and enjoy that. It is a lot calmer pace and fun to do caves and such with other people
  4. KingGalahad

    Where are Jesse and Jeremy ??

    He is, but he has had no social media presence in regards to ark since March.
  5. KingGalahad

    Where are Jesse and Jeremy ??

    He was last on the forums March 15th. In his profile on here he is listed as "lead programmer". A position that is now taken by Chris Willoughby. ( at least according to the ark digest which Jeremy used to answer). So it looks like ark Jeremy was replaced by Chris.
  6. KingGalahad

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    I would say the complaints are from the people that already have had their money taken, with the expectation they would be receiving extinction Spring 2018 (that was what was on the info for the season pass when I bought the season pass at least) To go from spring to mid fall kinda sucks when you paid for something expecting you would have it well before then.
  7. KingGalahad

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Not really my point but whatever. In terms of Prim plus, it is an official mod released with the core game. For those of us that play on xbox and have no access to the mods that PC does, we can still play prim plus. As for this game. When I first started playing this game, it was a survival game with dinosaurs. Aside from the implants and arks, there was no heavy futuristic sci fi feel to the game. That was the game I actually enjoyed. As they continued to develop it and changed the core fundamentals of the game into the heavily futuristic sci fi game it has become was when I started to lose interest. I still played mind you, but the game isn't as enjoyable for me now as it was when I was first playing it in preview (pre flier nerf)
  8. KingGalahad

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Yet primitive plus is quite popular (a mod that removes most of the sci fi aspects of ark)
  9. KingGalahad

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    I was hopeful the countdown would be the release of extinction, not the countdown to announcing the release. Still a far cry from the original spring 2018 initial release date. Colour me unimpressed.
  10. KingGalahad

    Glider Suit Nerf

    Nope. Just stating that it is too bad we don't get mods on console.
  11. KingGalahad

    Glider Suit Nerf

    It's too bad they don't have mods like this on console.
  12. KingGalahad

    Glider Suit Nerf

    So once again, pve suffers due to a pvp nerf. Maybe it is time to actually treat each mode differently, rather than force all the pvp needed nerfs on pve
  13. KingGalahad

    1 more veteran quiting ARK

    I can understand the op quitting Ark. unlike him though, I play unofficial. The biggest problem for me is the fact I play on Xbox. Ever since release it has appeared that Xbox players get no love from wild card. Although they released ragnarok with the game, they never released any fixes for the map for the many issues that were reported (and fixed by the ragnarok devs, just not released) until this latest update where we finally got the desert expansion to the map. I can't count how many dinos got stuck in the hidden metal cave during that time. It seemed like wild card was just too pre occupied with making aberration to do anything else. Even that map is a major fail imho. Sure, the challenge of the new map and ways to get around was fun at first, but once you have gotten a rock drake, and became boring fast. All style but no real substance. So while I enjoyed Ark, pubg has taken over my latest gaming addiction. Getting those chicken dinners is mostly what I am up to nowadays. Wild card just delayed things too much and I lost interest.
  14. KingGalahad

    1 more veteran quiting ARK

    There are lots of legacy servers with next to no one in them. Wild card messed up when the decided to keep legacy, but remove support from it. They should have just ripped the band aid off and done a full wipe of all servers on release.
  15. KingGalahad


    It's too bad that the support ticket system is pretty much useless for most issues due to the backlog of tickets