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  1. Soon? Is that in real time or Wild Card time?
  2. I play on console player dedicated, and although it is better than official, it is still far from perfect! TBH, although this game is now officially released, it runs worse now than it did 6-8 months ago, before they started their "optimisations". I only hope some of their upcoming optimisations actually optimise the game!
  3. Player Dedicated Servers on XBOX, still crashing

    Do you run an external fan on the xbox running the ragnarok server? I have found that because ragnarok is much more intensive of a map for the xbox to handle that my server xbox and xbox I play on heat up much more with ragnarok!
  4. Broken Spawns and Respawns on Ragnarok

    To get the otters to respawn, you have to kill all the fish where they spawn (their spawns are tied in with the fish spawns) If you check the spawn map for ragnarok there are more than just the three areas, although some are in caves too. As for wyverns, unfortunately the only answer for that currently is a dino wipe, which I believe is done weekly on official servers, and up to the host on unofficial servers. The griffins do seem to respawn, but they spread out 2-3 griffins over a dozen or so spawn locations. Best bet to find griffins is to check the spawn map and then go from location to location. That was how I found my griffins. I find the spawn towards green obi tends to have the higher level griffins spawn there.
  5. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere

    Agreed! I'm curious if they will even have this out on the new announced day...
  6. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere

    Hit that one on the head!
  7. Player Dedicated Servers on XBOX, still crashing

    My server got hit with this yesterday. (It was an issue about a year ago that appeared to have been fixed) All Dinos gone, the buildings there but belong to no one (and aren't connected to themselves.) I did what I had to do last year, and wiped the map to start over. It would be nice if wild card could either fix these issues, or at least get the rentable servers out. Considering they were initially announced for august 8th, it would be nice if we could get those before xmas!
  8. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere

    Doesn't surprise me in the slightest that it is again delayed... Seems to be what WildCard is good at, delaying things (or promising things for certain dates and then not being able to deliver)
  9. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere

    and now Ark Jeremy has said on twitter that xbox rentable servers won't be out until october (Which from what they said earlier is tied to play anywhere)
  10. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    To get the ice worms visible on my player dedicated, all people have to do is log off and then log back in while they are in the safe part of the ice cave
  11. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    They do port the patch from xbox to ps4 (they have a third party company do it for them named Abstraction) but I do suspect they wanted to release the PS4 patch first to see if it had bugs that would cause it to fail xbox certification, and then submit the patch for certification if it was bug free on PS4
  12. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    From the devs twitter etc... The information is out there if a person takes the time to look.
  13. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere

    Aiming for the end of the month in wild card time means we might have it late October or early November. I remember when they announced it for mid september (which wasn't the initial ETA as that was August 8th) they said they had everything ready, they just had to have the manpower available to implement it and so they wouldn't be implementing it right after the retail launch. Now, with their latest delay it sounds like they don't have everything ready and instead have to still do the work to get it ready.
  14. Bonus Event

    The bonus events tend to coincide with when they have messed up something. Since they did mess up a few servers this past week, there will probably be another bonus event (not really much of a bonus when it is basically every weekend)
  15. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    Yes, I realize Sony certification is quicker than Microsofts. The problem here is that wildcard didn't even send the patch to Microsoft for certification at that time. They waited until a week later. Had they actually submitted it for certification when it went out for PS4 we would already have it (assuming that they didn't mess something up and it would have failed)