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  1. Cryo pod sickness timer config For unofficial servers, there should be a config option to lower the timer for cryo sickness. I run an unofficial PvE server, and for the most part, people on my server use cryopods to save server space and reduce base lag. Since there is no PvP aspect causing a necessity for there to be a timer, I would like to lower this or remove it completely
  2. It has happened to me on Xbox unofficial servers. It seemed to happen after I changed tribes on the server I was on before transferring to another server. Since I am an admin I was able to put myself back into my tribe, but on official I hope you have tribe mates that can let you back in.
  3. I saw this happen to someone on the Xbox unoffficial servers I host. He had crashed and it somehow duplicated his character as he was on both ragnarok and aberration. When he used the aberration character, he was able to transfer in to ragnarok and overwrite his duplicated character. I had to put him back in his tribe though as it did kick him from that
  4. Same thing happens if you have scrap metal ingots and regular metal ingots in your inventory. When you go to place all in ingot storage the regular ingots will add, but the scrap ingots disappear
  5. On the center prior to the flyer nerf when I would be able to fly across the map in a matter of minutes with my super speed Quetz.
  6. I have learned the new triangle pieces in metal and greenhouse, as well as the large walls in metal and greenhouse. I use thorny Dragons for crafting but it doesn't allow me to craft those things in the thorny dragons. They will craft in my tek replicator as well as a beaver or smithy, but won't work in the thorny Dragon.
  7. I have a cluster of 4 servers. I modified a stack code that I found on here and using the item ids from ark.gamepedia I was able to modify the stack sizes I wanted to. What is weird though even though I copy and pasted the code to all the servers, certain settings don't change as they should. For instance the stack size for cooked meat doesn't work on ragnarok, but it works on aberration, and conversely, the stack change for cooked prime meat doesn't work on aberration but it works on ragnarok. I never checked all the stack changes, but these are the ones that were really noticeable. Would there be a different blueprint name for cooked meat between ragnarok and aberration? I'm baffled why it works on one server but not the other
  8. Still a problem on my nitrado rented server. Any word on if this is being fixed?
  9. The answer can sometimes be found with the arkdevtracker. In this case a single tweet from panda. https://mobile.twitter.com/thelilpanda/status/1062967850900615168/
  10. Good thing they took that extra week to make sure everything was working
  11. You and I both. When they announced we were getting s+ I was quite excited. Then they said not right away. We will look at it in the new year. Now we are almost a year later and all they will say is they will look at it after extinction is done. Why did they even bother announcing it last year when they had no plan on actually implementing it?
  12. I would say the complaints are from the people that already have had their money taken, with the expectation they would be receiving extinction Spring 2018 (that was what was on the info for the season pass when I bought the season pass at least) To go from spring to mid fall kinda sucks when you paid for something expecting you would have it well before then.
  13. Not really my point but whatever. In terms of Prim plus, it is an official mod released with the core game. For those of us that play on xbox and have no access to the mods that PC does, we can still play prim plus. As for this game. When I first started playing this game, it was a survival game with dinosaurs. Aside from the implants and arks, there was no heavy futuristic sci fi feel to the game. That was the game I actually enjoyed. As they continued to develop it and changed the core fundamentals of the game into the heavily futuristic sci fi game it has become was when I started to lose interest. I still played mind you, but the game isn't as enjoyable for me now as it was when I was first playing it in preview (pre flier nerf)
  14. Yet primitive plus is quite popular (a mod that removes most of the sci fi aspects of ark)
  15. I was hopeful the countdown would be the release of extinction, not the countdown to announcing the release. Still a far cry from the original spring 2018 initial release date. Colour me unimpressed.
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