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  1. Griffin Balance

    been playing on Aberration. Will be going back to feed my ragnarok dinos today
  2. Griffin Balance

    Well I guess congratulations are due. Thanks to a few whiners here, we once again have a nerf that has effectively grounded another flyer. It really sucks that they brought out such a heavy handed nerf. With these new stats, my Griffin is basically useless now. It will barely have enough stamina to make it halfway from blue obi to Viking bay. One thing they could at least do with this nerf is remove the stamina loss while gliding, as that makes no sense. It sucks that because of the whining of a few pvp'ers, that griffins are effectively trashed for pve as well. As far as mods, it won't do any good when this hits consoles, as we have no access to mods. We are stuck with the bad decisions wildcard makes.
  3. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    Is that why you released the PC servers first? Because you messed up with delaying PC?
  4. Can't change tribe tame limit on Xbox?

    What was the solution?
  5. Griffin Balance

    There are two types of people in this world: 1 Those that can extrapolate based off incomplete data.
  6. You would think that they would have ten minutes to answer a few questions over a months span.
  7. It should be noted that cross play won't be enabled on the official network (although they did state they will be releasing some servers for crossplay) so even if you get cross play on pc, chances are you won't be able to play with your friends playing on Xbox official servers
  8. Will console be getting any updates prior to that? We still have bugs on console from the initial release. It would be nice to get the first part of the desert sometime soon as well.
  9. Is ark digest no longer a thing? Last one was in October.
  10. Xbox Play Anywhere and Steam

    I think it is on sale for Xbox right now (think I read that in the latest ark news, the same thread announcing that play anywhere is delayed)
  11. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    Once again. Play anywhere is delayed. Guess they just didn't have enough manpower to do this and aberration at the same time
  12. Raptor Claus this year?

    I'm on Xbox unofficial so unfortunately no mods here.
  13. It's cheaper than the other fed ex option but still 10 dollars more than the original shipping (the order that was cancelled)
  14. [Fixed in v275.4] The silent Giga nerf

    Is this only happening on pc? I play on Xbox, and the gigas seem to enrage less now than they used to. I remember when a giga would enrage if it so much as stubbed its toe. Now it seems to take a minor fall without enraging.