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  1. I want an update to not break the game, like i think the intended latest update had good changes planned, but it makes no difference when it deletes characters and makes the game broken time and time again. Where is quality control? And the fact that they recognized it as a PS4 issue when Xbox and PC players are experiencing the same things, is frankly just comical. I do want to say i typically applaud effort, and realize that things may not be as intended right away, but you'd think that after multiple issues with the latest updates causing issues, you may have a keener eye to the same thing repeating itself, yet that doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. [EU] Apex Anonymous Boosted Cluster Hey guys, I've been playing on a cluster since Nov 2018 and felt like sharing with the owner's permission, we're a friendly PVE cluster with Valguero, Extinction, and Ragnarok as the decay maps and The Island and Aberration as no decay. I've seen no evidence in my time there of any kiting, or even any wars declared, we tend to help each other out within our means. The cluster owner is active on Discord and will answer questions asked of him within a timely manner. I personally am active almost any day, and while I am not an admin, I try and help within my own capabilities. It's a rather boosted server, and especially with two maps without decay, pretty laid back and more for fun than constant worry. [EU] APEX ANONYMOUS – Val, Ext, Abb, Island & Rag Maps - Val, Ext, Rag - Decay servers - The Island and Aberration - No decay servers - 140x Maturation - 5x Gathering - Starter Dino (Pt) - lvl 600 Wild Dinos - Player Lvl 450 - instant Level-Ups for Dinos & Players - Server Currency - Stacking Mod - Custom Loot Drops - Able to buy untameable/special/alpha dinos via in-server currency - Active Admin Team - Events weekly - In-Game rewards for donating to the servers via Nitrado - Discord and Facebook Community - Discord Code discord.gg/QHn4eja
  3. If it hadn't been for my horse, I would have never went to college.
  4. I guess there is ZERO chance of invalidating the purchase of Aberration if the entire area remains to be broken. It's hilarious to me, that they were so worried about making Ab not worthwhile, and subsequently just broke an entire aspect (two, ocean area as well) of an otherwise good map. WC fix yo crap.
  5. The reason I think this is a troll post is based on the comment about Loaded Crysis.... He fails to present any sort of real information, and it's all speculation and massive clickbait. Perhaps James Charles and PewDiePie should be forwarded all of the new Ark news while we're at it.
  6. The YouTubers I find myself watching are @Syntac, @nooblets, @AxeMan (a lot of SOTF which he plays with Syntac), CJthecheeseDJ for entertainment. Been binging the Ultimate Ark series from Syntac, Let's Play from Nooblets. Along with the cluster series from Syn, and any SOTF content since i play on console i have to live vicariously through the master race players. HOD and Apex 23 are entertaining to me, but I take those with some grains of salt. I'm extremely tired of LoadedCrysis, and unsubscribed from him, however his videos still are on my suggestions and that annoys me. It's just everything from him is a load of bullocks. "ARK's CRAZY new update!!!!!!" looks at changelog and it's minor optimization tweaks....
  7. I have 304 popping out, just started getting 306 with melee mutations, trying for 308 now.
  8. I lost my favorite snow owl because of Nitrado apparently messing up with something? I'm not too positive how only one map on a cluster was messed up due to an update, but i had it on The Island and that map disappeared from the cluster. It was more midnight purple than the images portray.
  9. oh yeah? The server I'm on has a boatload of them where I have my base. Unofficial and slightly boosted.
  10. Valguero is littered with them, like entire flocks of Rexes.
  11. You know the big cats in the redwood forrest? Thylacoleo is what they are called, I suggest the first thing that you do is run up to one and pet it, it's a passive tame and a level 150 should take about 1-2 pets until you are finished. Just kidding, mostly... YOU will be finished, AKA dead...But they are not a passive tame lol I'd say in the begginning stages, when you reach level 9, a Bola will be your greatest weapon on most small-medium creatures. You can use them to immobilize dinos to either, escape, tame, or kill. Make sure that you have at least 4 on your inventory (most raptors come in a pack of three or more), and I'd suggest putting them on your hot-bar for easy equipping in tight situations. EDIT: I just realized @Thyme mentioned this, but still worth seeing again.
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