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  1. You know the big cats in the redwood forrest? Thylacoleo is what they are called, I suggest the first thing that you do is run up to one and pet it, it's a passive tame and a level 150 should take about 1-2 pets until you are finished. Just kidding, mostly... YOU will be finished, AKA dead...But they are not a passive tame lol I'd say in the begginning stages, when you reach level 9, a Bola will be your greatest weapon on most small-medium creatures. You can use them to immobilize dinos to either, escape, tame, or kill. Make sure that you have at least 4 on your inventory (most raptors come in a pack of three or more), and I'd suggest putting them on your hot-bar for easy equipping in tight situations. EDIT: I just realized @Thyme mentioned this, but still worth seeing again.
  2. Absolutely TOO many people share the mindset that they are entitled to free repair on their cars, free content, free this because they exist. I one hundred and seventy six (and a half) percent agree, and I don't understand the "everything needs to be handed to me" sense of entitlement that folks have these days. Well said @ishootpaint (coming from a small business owner and dealing with that on a daily basis)
  3. Mine hatched from a wild egg. I haven't bred them YET. It's funny because out of four eggs, I got six Deinonychus. 1x 140 Male 1x 55 Female 1x 95 Male 3x 55 Male It's a sausage fest and really would have liked a breeding pair with similar levels etc I have two yellow, one standard orange black brown, and three light blue.
  4. Just got Deinonychus triplets last night as well, beautiful light blue. Unfortunately all male though, can't win everything.
  5. If you can transfer with a good chainsaw, you get loads more from enforcers and tek dinos if you use the chainsaw.
  6. @JustACommunist be careful of the placement of the apostrophe and quotation marks, since the very end of that command looks like it can be apostrophe and then quotation, quotation and then apostrophe, or three apostrophes in a row in this case, it is apostrophe followed by quotation. and if im not mistaken, there is a space after the quotation mark before the 255
  7. When you get to chainsaw level, definitely use that.
  8. The other day I tamed a quetz while standing on my Tek quetz. Found out what Zomdodos are... frightening. Got a second Tek quetz and two max level Rexes. Our server has higher levels (600 max level for regular creatures, 740 max level for Tek, wyvern, drake)
  9. I really like using the Baryonyx in caves, jumps very well, can squeeze through a lot of gaps, harvests as soon as it kills etc. Any caves like the one near the volcano that have water, their stun spin comes in handy with the sarco and piranha. If you're underwater and hop off to get a loot drop, it doesn't float to the surface.
  10. here we go It's darker and more midnight purple than my phone is making it seem. Also have a white chested variation, with everything else being the same.
  11. I really like the new map as well, I also think it's pretty well balanced environmentally and dino wise, you aren't running into a bazillion rex's all the time. It's kinda nice to see a bunch of smaller dinos like the Equuis, dodos, raptors etc like you mentioned and it makes it feel better when you've been searching and finally find the perfect tame rex and such. A bunch of Allos I've noticed though.
  12. I'll try and get a good picture today and I'll post it up.
  13. I have a midnight purple owl with a black chest and black stripes that i hold dear to me. I love owls
  14. You also cannot use figures of connected survivors if you play PS4, Sony is such an a** that cross play is not allowed between PS4-PC and PS4-XB.
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