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  1. QoL Water Tames So it is a recurring thing with some servers and whatnot, the fish and water mammals are bugged to where they breach above the water level, they die instantly... If there is a way for oxygen to last longer for them due to this, or if there is a way to gravitate them back into the water after jumping up from the water... This issue has been a pain when taming dolphins, and sharks.
  2. Edit: okay I was informed by my tribemate it's not never but it's been an issue she breed 4 times and only got 1 from each island set and Val set Ovis. She has set a timer for when they popped and has had the parasaur on alert and nothing.
  3. Ovis Breeding Problems So we are having problems with some old event tamed Ovis from a different server... We have breed the Ovis in question from a Val server and brought it over on an island server and so far after gestation was done, *poof* no baby Ovis. Not only is it the issue of it being the off server Ovis we have been breeding an Ovis pair from island at the same time and only the island Ovis is coming out, never the Val. No the Ovis is not spayed, and no we have done the Ovis at least three times and in different locations.
  4. Xbox official rag server 917 is gone from listings, my main is on it right now as of 2 hrs ago...
  5. Also can we get a veriety for people with color blindness.
  6. Quality of life suggestions I feel like this is a huge thing in my opinion... The fact that in pve people pillar out as far as they can is sickening to say the least. I feel like the whole pillaring is out of hand on the fact that their base is one the other side of the map. I feel like there needs to be a radius on the main building and anything far away from the it either decays or cannot be placed down.
  7. I hear yeah on that my pvp and pve servers are not letting me in and they are low pop. I ended up crying most of the best tames and badgering the log in on my pve to do meat run and berry gather for the few left out. So far stuck on bed
  8. Oh and additional map layers for cave exploring and aberration map for the different levels
  9. I have some questions that maybe weird and kinda pointless... Will we get a jackhammer for personal stone gathering like the chainsaw, and will we get glow in the dark dyes
  10. soooo how about you fix the fact that our rock ele and bulb dog have just vanished without a trace
  11. my question is if the dev's are know they are slowly wiping legacy, why not let us move legacy to official and be done rather than beat around the bush
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