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  1. Me and my SO have started up a server so we build the community area last night. Got a Dodo fighting ring, Taverns, Parking, Toilets, Auction House, Race Track, Sleeping area and Lockers. Not finished yet but should be fun when it's done.
  2. Bought the DLC, it's amazing! and hard... and a pain in the arse to join past 6:30pm GMT... but I was happy to pay for it and am happy with most things that have been done to the game. Keep up the good work Wildcard!! Also, doesn't it state on the Main Menu screen for Ark (xbox) that the game might not ever be finished/released... we have all known since the very beginning, this might be as much as we get...
  3. Arnia

    Plesiosaur and Quetzi

    Love this picture, it's now my screensaver!
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