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  1. Can we please get Cedric to respond to what happened last night? Cedric, we are looking for you to respond. It feels like wildcard doesn't care about it's player base. I love this game and was excited about the quality of life updates. But it came with great cost, I logged out in my base only to find out that my character was dead, all of the items on his person deleted, and my giga that was in a cryopod on my person completely gone. I have opened a ticket with wildcard, but the last time a server reboot caused me to loose a dinosaur they did not offer any assistance in the matter. They gave their generic sorry response. I lost a giga at 70% in the breeding process during Thanksgiving as well. These are major time investments and shouldn't be taken lightly. I hate to say it in this way. But, as an IT professional, we would never respond to our end users in such a way. We would also do everything in our power to bring them back up to par and ensure they feel good about the situation. To me, it seems like it would be advantageous for Wild Card to develop a technology were they can restore your past dinosaurs within X amount of days. It really feels like our time is not valued as customers. There has to be a better way. These server errors are incredibly punishing on top of an already unforgiving game, there has to be a better way to protect the player base's investments.
  2. Giga that was in cryopod totally lost. Last time wild card said they couldn’t help me in this scenario. Going to put it in a ticket, but it really feels like they just don’t care about you. I love this game, but is it really worth hours and hours lost for this stuff? It happens to frequently.
  3. Character is back, but his gear is gone due to the random death. Dinosaurs that I had been using before update not around.
  4. Game locked up after patch, reloaded and character deleted. What is going on? Anyone else able to get in? Logged into extinction after patch. Base wouldn’t load, everything was glitchy. Exited the server and relogged back in and it said character was dead. It then wanted me to create a new character, I could not respawn back in.
  5. Xbox - can’t login into servers I am getting disconnected immediately upon trying to log into server after update. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  6. Looks like people are selling bases or land now though because all of their stuff died.
  7. Network Patch worked Looks like I am able to log in again. Lost giga baby at 70%, but at least I am able to log in now.
  8. I can’t log into Rag using xfinity internet service. I get the same problem as shown in the screenshot. But when I use my Verizon phone as hotspot and connect my Xbox to it, everything loads fine. Not sure what is going on.
  9. Invalid_Request when logging via Xbox Signin. I created this account because I am having trouble logging into survivetheark.com with the "Xbox Signin" option. I cleared my cache/browsing history as well. Tried multiple browsers. Anyone else receiving the following error:
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