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  1. Well guys it apparently wasn’t supposed to happen. I did submit a ticket and WC did mature and 100% imprint a baby giga I already had in a cryopod for me. Sorry took awhile to get back on forums to update y’all. Been busy working a lot but yes they matured a baby I had and imprinted it 100% because it was their mistake. I was super happy they did that for me
  2. Of course that would be MY luck you’d think it wouldn’t insta-kill an animal with higher hp.. take maybe half the hp in damage or something , not one-shot it and kill it instantly.. kinda crappy on their part.... maybe they will eventually fix this issue too (hopefully) thanks for the input
  3. I hope that’s not the case like I said in original post, I had read that it was an issue when it first came out (then was patched?) but again as they say, believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see Thank you for your input
  4. I submitted a ticket to the support center. I have screenshot the pic on the PS4 and took one with my phone of the drop above my gigas body (I can’t upload it on here, says too big of a file). Hopefully they can get me sorted. still don’t know if it’s a patch that glitches or if it’s still a thing that happens. Hopefully I’ll get some closure either way. Thank you
  5. Drop killed my Giga So I’ve been on an Extinction official server since it came out. Well today, going on a meat run for the baby Gigas (the usual), I took my 100% imprinted Giga, she had 34K Hp and 811 Md (with more xp to go still yet), and was wearing an ascendant saddle with 83 armor, out killing stuff just like normal, and out of literally nowhere, all of my armor breaks immediately, I suddenly die, and my Giga dies with me, all showed in red on the screen. I didn’t know what had happened at first, until I went back for my stuff, and saw a drop floating just above my dead Giga’s body The sad part is, I didn’t even hear the rumbling sound the drops make when they plummet down to the ground... there was no sound or anything! I thought this was patched for console? Is this supposed to still happen, or was this an unfortunate glitch? Very sad I lost my best Giga I had so far to something like this ( whether it was a glitch that wasn’t supposed to happen, or whether I just have very poopty luck being at the wrong place at the wrong time, idk. ) I’ve read up what little info I could find on this specific subject, and found it was “supposedly” patched on console not long after the map came out. But then I hear that it still does sometimes happen (usually when someone is collecting loot from an OSD they just finished and one spawns in right after completing it). But what little I did find on this was dated to Nov. and Dec. 2018 when the map came out.. so I’m unsure if this is still an existing issue for others or not. I’m so confused on this subject and not sure if this is still an issue with anyone else on console (PS4). If anyone has had any RECENT incidents like this happen, I’d like to know about it (and if you were able to get your dino(s) back from reporting it). Thanks in advanced guys. - One sad Giga Momma
  6. Do you know how long Tek trough keeps food refrigerated for? That would be super useful! My schedules at both places are always different and it sucks being gone all day then having to worry about a baby Dino running out of food or it spoils before I can get back thank you for the input... and being nice about it
  7. Lazy? When I work 2 jobs lol yup I’m lazy alright! ?
  8. The owl freeze trick was actually very helpful, coming from someone who works two jobs... was a lot easier to raise and didn’t have to stress losing babies while stuck at both jobs literally all day. Was actually more enjoyable!! ? WildCard, have you ever considered doing something similar to the owl freeze trick? After all, quite a bit of us can’t be on every couple hours due to work (a lot of adults play this I noticed). Just maybe an idea in the future to help those who can’t get on multiple times a day to check babies ? Happy Surviving!
  9. Time for bed, but here's a sneak peak just of few of my many Mute Allos on The Center- PVE. Goodnight survivors! 


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