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  1. Our server on gen2 1482 PvE ps4 has been down for what, a week and a half now if not more? Can we please be able to enjoy this map we paid $30 for? Hope they put a freeze on the timers and auto decay on dinos and structures until they fix this..
  2. So what servers are affected, and for how long with this “window”? Can’t get on 2 of my 4 servers I’ve tried so far. Says a list of servers will be pinned prior to enforcement window. Where is this list?
  3. Seems like a lot of servers are still down. Me and a few of my friends can’t get on (different tribes on one of the servers) can’t get on The Center, Ext. or Val. Was able to finally get on Ab last night . Bummer cause I’m finally off for a few days and now no Ark ? ?
  4. Do you know how long Tek trough keeps food refrigerated for? That would be super useful! My schedules at both places are always different and it sucks being gone all day then having to worry about a baby Dino running out of food or it spoils before I can get back thank you for the input... and being nice about it
  5. Lazy? When I work 2 jobs lol yup I’m lazy alright! ?
  6. The owl freeze trick was actually very helpful, coming from someone who works two jobs... was a lot easier to raise and didn’t have to stress losing babies while stuck at both jobs literally all day. Was actually more enjoyable!! ? WildCard, have you ever considered doing something similar to the owl freeze trick? After all, quite a bit of us can’t be on every couple hours due to work (a lot of adults play this I noticed). Just maybe an idea in the future to help those who can’t get on multiple times a day to check babies ? Happy Surviving!
  7. Time for bed, but here's a sneak peak just of few of my many Mute Allos on The Center- PVE. Goodnight survivors! 


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