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  1. I’d be submitting tickets guys. They helped me mature a giga I already had by placing it in a cryopod and giving EXACT gps coords, putting it either in a storage box or a cryo fridge, and they matured it for me because who I spoke with in the ticket said it’s NOT supposed to happen. Why they have yet to fix this is beyond me...
  2. I never mentioned work?.. and not everyone works Monday-Friday. But my point stands about the game , WC won’t reimburse for lost tames, raises etc... they’ll probably only Extend the time for the 2X or 3X to make up for everyone’s losses, they won’t take the time to give every single player back their stuff. It’s sad but that’s just how we get ARK-ed.. ?
  3. Probably won’t, it may be the same as when the Turkey Event crashed a lot of servers and people had to find ways to log in, they’ll probably just extend the 2X or something out and use that as a “sorry guys, we screwed up your hours of taming and breeding/raising, but here’s you 2X extended to make up for it!” Smh...
  4. So what servers are affected, and for how long with this “window”? Can’t get on 2 of my 4 servers I’ve tried so far. Says a list of servers will be pinned prior to enforcement window. Where is this list?
  5. Update: I Can finally get on the center 456 PvE on PS4, had to build a 1x1 butt hut with bed within running distance of base but out of render distance of my base and Dino’s, BUT, on Ext 994 I can’t get back on. WildCard, why can’t you at least put a freeze on the starve timers and on auto decay timers since this is all f*cked up right now, at least until this mess is fixed? Hell sake, I’m gonna lose alot of my gigas that took a month to raise even with cryopods where I work 2 jobs (to get perfect imprint) and all that is gonna go to poop soon if this isn’t fixed. A lot of peop
  6. The Center 456 PvE is still screwed. If I don’t get automatically booted from the load screen, my base half ass renders in then I get kicked. Would really like to NOT lose my 3 years of work on that map WC. don’t shoot yalls self in the foot and lose a wide range of your players over this. mph and here is what I’ve got from the support.. that the ticket was closed and is “Solved”.
  7. Yeah I’m not able to either. I was able to get on Ext. for appx. 30 mins then DCed and not able to get on any of my 4 servers since. (PvE). No issues until this update. Got on Ab for a little while last night but only was able to get on Ext for half an hour. No luck for hours now.
  8. Can’t stay on any servers I’m sure some of you are experiencing the same as I am. I cannot get onto any of my 4 servers, (Val, Ext, Ab, or the Center.) My friends also can’t get on today, I was however able to get on Ext. for appx. 30 mins before getting kicked off again. Took a thousand tries to log in, sometimes it automatically boots me back to the main screen, and other attempts I’m loading in and base is half gone and critters have no saddles, then booted again. My friends were able to get on Ab with me lass night but so far no luck today. Apparently we 3 have had this issue since t
  9. Seems like a lot of servers are still down. Me and a few of my friends can’t get on (different tribes on one of the servers) can’t get on The Center, Ext. or Val. Was able to finally get on Ab last night . Bummer cause I’m finally off for a few days and now no Ark ? ?
  10. Well guys it apparently wasn’t supposed to happen. I did submit a ticket and WC did mature and 100% imprint a baby giga I already had in a cryopod for me. Sorry took awhile to get back on forums to update y’all. Been busy working a lot but yes they matured a baby I had and imprinted it 100% because it was their mistake. I was super happy they did that for me
  11. Of course that would be MY luck you’d think it wouldn’t insta-kill an animal with higher hp.. take maybe half the hp in damage or something , not one-shot it and kill it instantly.. kinda crappy on their part.... maybe they will eventually fix this issue too (hopefully) thanks for the input
  12. I hope that’s not the case like I said in original post, I had read that it was an issue when it first came out (then was patched?) but again as they say, believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see ? Thank you for your input
  13. I submitted a ticket to the support center. I have screenshot the pic on the PS4 and took one with my phone of the drop above my gigas body (I can’t upload it on here, says too big of a file). Hopefully they can get me sorted. still don’t know if it’s a patch that glitches or if it’s still a thing that happens. Hopefully I’ll get some closure either way. Thank you
  14. Drop killed my Giga So I’ve been on an Extinction official server since it came out. Well today, going on a meat run for the baby Gigas (the usual), I took my 100% imprinted Giga, she had 34K Hp and 811 Md (with more xp to go still yet), and was wearing an ascendant saddle with 83 armor, out killing stuff just like normal, and out of literally nowhere, all of my armor breaks immediately, I suddenly die, and my Giga dies with me, all showed in red on the screen. I didn’t know what had happened at first, until I went back for my stuff, and saw a drop floating just above my dead Giga’s body
  15. Do you know how long Tek trough keeps food refrigerated for? That would be super useful! My schedules at both places are always different and it sucks being gone all day then having to worry about a baby Dino running out of food or it spoils before I can get back thank you for the input... and being nice about it
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