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  1. Thanks for the quote, whilst it is up for interpretation (correct me if I'm wrong) but I believe they mean for updates. I know for a fact that they will be providing legacy with updated content, as stated in other threads
  2. They said that they will continue to add and update the legacy servers earlier on in the thread
  3. Hey, this may jot be related to the story would you mind screenshotting and posting some pictures of your animals and the city? It all sounds rather exciting and I'd like to see it! Thanks LAD
  4. Because Mega is a terrible transport but the kaprosuchus is reasonably fast swimmer and mover (theory)
  5. Btw this thread is awesome! Soooo helpful, thank you....
  6. I definitely think that the thylacoleo would be put in the A tier for pvp, if it is in a corner in a tight spot (cliff) it can take down flyers... also a very versatile mount.
  7. No, they need to send the patch through console Q&A which takes longer thann just fdropping it on steam, sony's Q&A is far more rigourus than Xbox's so it generally goes PC, Xbox, PS4
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