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Amanda632's Feedback

  1. Valys left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, always very helpful, will continue to trade with again!

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  2. DragonEdge left Positive feedback   

    Kept me updated on progress on animal. Very nice and Friendly. Highly recommended

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  3. Razen left Positive feedback   

    Second trade made with Amanda. Allways friendly and trying to make the best even when doesnt have her computer fixed. Will trade every single time if possible. :) thank you

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  4. ruffy0313 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome person, friendly, and willing to work with the time zone difference. Will definitely trade again!

    Amanda632 was Trading

  5. Parooka left Positive feedback   

    Very Fast and quick trade, will trade in future too

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  6. Scotty8319 left Positive feedback   

    Got a gorgeous pair of unicorns and 2 spino eggs, met at the obelisk for the exchange. Have traded with Amanda in the past and will definitely do so in the future! Never a problem at all. :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  7. TurtleyTurtle left Positive feedback   

    She is super nice >u< i recommend.

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  8. aorticarch left Positive feedback   

    very good trader. would recomend

    Amanda632 was Trading

  9. bluexminder left Positive feedback   

    Patient and a quick trader. I was in a hurry and she was very accommodating =)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  10. EmoAngel21 left Positive feedback   

    was a great trade and will trade again

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  11. essential left Positive feedback   

    Rly Frjendly Guy And fast service ^^

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  12. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    our bear-bear trade was super fast and easy, thanks for that ;)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  13. pixelated13 left Positive feedback   

    Yet another great trade nice and quick and gorgeous dinos

    Amanda632 was Trading

  14. master33431 left Neutral feedback   

    Trade going since 7th April. She said she still had to get mutation to children, only 1 female to breed it with. Asked her multiple times about how its going, she said she is on it.40 days later i ask her about it again and she is confused about my impatience"I'm being dead serious I been breeding them every cd only getting stripes having same prob with my red belly  ". thats a possiblity of less than 1:1000000. At least be honest in the future when u let ppl wait for more than a full month, ty

    Amanda632 was The Buyer

  15. Valys left Positive feedback   

    Great to work with, super nice, would trade with again! Love my blue thyla boy!!

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  16. spangled left Positive feedback   

    Easy going trade. Trusted as always. Will continue to trade with.

    Amanda632 was Trading

  17. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Lovely trade! Always a pleasure dealing with Amanda, thanks so much for another great deal :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  18. Nina left Positive feedback   

    Lovely trading as always :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  19. GoodOmenz left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross Play
    Egg for ing thank you very much. Let me know if anything happens with the bronto. Happy to deal with you again.

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  20. Razen left Positive feedback   

    Nice and friendly trader. Came to pick me up and trade went fast .

    Amanda632 was Trading

  21. pixelated13 left Positive feedback   

    always a great trade nice and easy great trader

    Amanda632 was Trading

  22. Desilent left Positive feedback   

    Trustworthy.. Friendly and funny as well.. will trade again asap :)

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  23. thefusense left Positive feedback   

    very friendly buyer, and fast payment

    Amanda632 was Trading

  24. Kadjunga left Positive feedback   

    nice person to deal with. Would suggest ;)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  25. Nina left Positive feedback   

    Has the best stuff when it comes to trading, second time trading with her and I know I'll definitely trade again :D

    Amanda632 was The Seller

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