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  1. Aberration 228 is down for 37 hours as of writing this. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1771062/downtime Outage reports have been filed. been like this since the event ended EDIT 12:35 UTC: it is resolved now
  2. Servers are still not fully recovered from yesterday's instability. Island 347 still not appearing for Steam players. Epic Games seems to log in just fine, albeit laggy.
  3. So the server isn't down. However.... WILCARD CHANGED THE ADDRESS OF THE SERVER. What does this mean? Well, for one Battlemetrics won't pick up on the change. But the worse consequence is that the server DOESN'T SHOW ON "MY SURVIVORS" SERVER LIST. I started to use that list as the main server where I play has changed IP without notice and warning after a crash. I started to use that list to try and catch these kinds of situations, to prevent having to be constantly forced to either scroll through the server list without end or constantly having to filter for the server that I want. That should be the point of the "My Survivors" or even the "Favorites" server list filter. I stopped favoriting server due to previous IP ADDRESS changes, because I thought "Ok, so I am favoriting addresses (ip+port) rather than the server instance". So I thought that "My survivors" would be a good compromise as my characters should be easily tracked. Apparently EVEN THAT IS WRONG. As a consequence, I lost all my inventory. This is because I was outside a safe area, the server crashed and then it wouldn't be up until I suddenly thought of trying to search the server on the "official server list". When I got back on, I had been killed and the death cache had despawned. If anyone on the team reads this: please improve this aspect, so we don't loose our stuff. I'm not saying that the addresses shouldn't change, because I know a couple of reasons why that might happen. I'm also not saying that you should warn users of address change, because that should be not relevant to the users. What I am saying is: make the server filters a bit more resilient to this event. If I have two possibilities of filters, I'd expect that they would be able to work regardless. That said, I concede that "Favorites" MIGHT be address based. The "My survivors" list however, does not in any stretch makes me think of an address filter, rather a "Servers where there's data associated with my online ID" filter. That, in and of itself is not related to address filters. EDIT: clarification
  4. And there goes gen2 server 926 again. for more than 8 hours already. this is not a good thing. 4 outage reports filed alerady
  5. 926 still offline. Outage report has filed since morning and still down.
  6. Hello. To whom it may concern: PC server 926 (Genesis 2) is down for over 4 hours at this point. Outage report has been filed
  7. This. I registered with steam so as to not have to remember another set of uname/pwd. Now I'm locked out of using the app. Thank god I have dual screens so I can have browser on the forums while I play. Might as well stick with that, since I don't see any comment on that particular issue
  8. So I just got notified that someone quoted me on this topic but no message around. I reckon it was either deleted or not entirely by the rules. Still having issues with logging on to the app. It will detect my account properly and block it though. So it is getting the account right, only not the password. Before anymore comments: I registered with steam, not email/password, so it is not a case of me not remembering the password.
  9. Can someone help me in logging in the app? can't seem to login either with email, or with username. I used steam to register back when I first joined the forum. Can it explain why I'm not able to log in?
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