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  1. Failed transfered charakter. Howdy, someone else is having trouble transferring characters to Ragnarok 15, always gets the following error message
  2. yes, it's possible, 1x Imprint for 100 % total maturation 13h 37min
  3. weird in the game is only 4x harvest at according to the forum here everything should be 4x rates somebody knows more
  4. WC what do you do i don't understand the confusion either, through the whole event on and off, a lot of raisings are f***d up. In addition to that, whenever you have eggs to hatch, the event is turned on and the dinos hatch and are dead when you get home. I'm not sitting at home, I have to work. In the evenings I relax with some building, farming and breeding. Plus, the servers can't handle it, but the WC is celebrating Please make clear announcements again, when which event (with duration) is running. Not like now, extend spontaneously without announcement. I as a worker, has so no chance to breed something with 100% imprint. Sorry, but I wanted to get rid of my displeasure. Greetings Tirelas
  5. It can be done solo, if you let the pig go always make the Brood solo too play also on an Offi Server
  6. is over, I've already rebuilt two out of three bosses
  7. Mindwipe Tonic does not work mindwipe tonic does not work, I have a cooldown of 12428 d 13h0.1 somehow the game is only being patched broken at the moment first I lose all my Tek Enagrams and now this it's no fun right now
  8. Lost Tek Enagrams did anyone else lose their Tek Enagrams when transferring between servers
  9. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully it won't be postponed again
  10. Thx at all for the coords
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