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  1. Rex's don't damage stone, but all alphas do.
  2. I believe you do not get a feed prompt if the queen bee is aggro on you. Wearing Ghillie and bug repellent helps with that, but if you're already doing that then possibly a bug or intended. My base is by a few of the honey rocks so personally haven't tried to tame them.
  3. For ease, tek crop plots. Each one will hold 9 stacks of berries so put 10 outside and fill with snow owl pellets or whatever, and you'll be getting almost 9k berries a day if you only harvest them once, with very low effort or maintenance needed. Edit: Of course if you irrigate and put them in a greenhouse you will get much more, if 9k per day isn't enough for you.
  4. Cooked fish heals the same as cooked meat but fills the food bar up half as fast, so in theory it can heal you twice as much (if your food bar is already at 0).
  5. I didn't know that. Did they steal it or knock it out of your hotbar on to the ground like they would with tools and weapons?
  6. That is true, but as long as you're aware of that you can pick them up I think? That's personally never happened to me though.
  7. There's a several hour respawn time for them, and lots of people server hop to try and get them. I believe some people have the timer down for farming them on multiple servers. The reason the icon stays up is because another spawns. I think 3 will spawn in total.
  8. Supply crate loot quality will vary depending on if the world buff for higher quality loot is active or not. Edit: Consider PvE, PvP isn't really for casuals.
  9. I think 377 is still fine for most dino's. Unless you're running OSD's a lot, in which case it will usually be gigas, not many people are going to level a 362 tame to 450. That will take a lot of time and dedication that's really not worth the end result. I've never even reached 450 with my 377 boss rexes, just mid 440's.
  10. So you're level 20, with 1000hp? And killed a titanosaur, what, on foot with no other dino and no armor? Is that what you're trying to tell us?
  11. On official, people kill titanosaurs all the time.
  12. There's a 24 hour cooldown period with transferring a creature.
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