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  1. Same here. Extinction 499 and 500, other servers are ok.
  2. I found you couldn't put cakes in new born babies inventories. Too heavy, I guess.
  3. Mine ate cakes from maewing
  4. Load them up with stone, they should not breed while encumbered.
  5. Right, not working on official EU servers either.
  6. 15,999,900 people probably didn't even know there was an exploit that needed fixing.
  7. Always wondered too, if griffins were breedable would they lay eggs or give live birth?
  8. I've bred hundreds over the summer bash and no twins/triplets. This includes live births, so cannot be limited to incubator only. PC / Steam
  9. It's a 48 minute imprint timer for every creature, and only imprinting at x1 rates. Edit; on PC official, genesis two.
  10. Depends what you want to use it for. Personally, I level only weight as nothing else makes much difference for me.
  11. Mine are all fine. Did you check nursing didn't get disabled?
  12. For me, they eat like crazy after taming, then I put a saddle on it, give it some element, fly around a bit, kill some dino's, get the power ups, do a few flying manoeuvres, cryo a couple of times, then the eating normalizes. I have no idea what calms it down, but one of those things seem to.
  13. It's not a smart business move, you can get deathworm horns on Ragnarok, a free dlc. The issue is that server transfers aren't open, which prevents getting deathworm horns from any source.
  14. You picked the wrong game then. It only gets worse from here.
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