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  1. I cant move off the gen2 smallTribes server i am on either. And multiple people are saying the same thing in global. Everyone is getting wiped by main cluster lines, and cant go anywhere to be safe.... And obviously Wildcard has said nothing about it, ive reported bug but heard nothing. Its just an echo chamber of nothingness.
  2. Well you seem almost angry for some reason. End game crisis, is actually doing efficient mutation breeding. And any tribe in any cave you find, will have hundreds upon hundreds of female breeders out, for every dino they are trying to mutate. Cryopods and cryofridges have no effect on this. Maewings have no effect on this. Incubators have not effect on this. Not really sure what your comment was supposed to point out? That you don't know what end game mutation breeding looks like? Good luck with mid-game breeding You will never keep up.
  3. I appreciate that we will not see breeding event, since I think most people already know that the servers can hardly handle it. But would be appreciated if we could get some kind of tek structure, where we can feed dinos into, and use for mutation breeding. This way all tribes don't need 500 dinos of one kind, out at the same time, just to mutation breed. Smaller locations would become viable for base spots as well.
  4. If anything, we will see this as an instigator to RMT. Where tribes will require payment for getting the notes within the alpha spots. Thats at least the preminition im getting from something like this. I completely agree with the original post and also believe that the requirement should be lowered a bit to counter bugged notes and unreasonably difficult to get notes on PVP.
  5. 8400 hours in the game, played since early access. Past 1½ year has been on smallTribes. Small tribes is a bit too demanding for the singular player, so had to call it for me on those servers for now. I am now looking to join a community on official pvp servers, to hopefully enjoy some Ark pvp action, without needing to personally keep a 24/7 online timer. The online timer hopefully comes with the territory of no tribe limit. I was the builder of my smallTribes tribe, but claim no perfection in building. I have extensive experience in breeding, but always room to learn. Specifi
  6. So when is this supposed to take effect? It certainly felt like the movement speed was boosted. If I'm not imagining it. But the weight reduction is not applied at all to my X-Dunk
  7. First seen posted 26th of December 2018. Today, 30th of June 2020... 1½ YEARS later, and it is happening to me. Fun. Wont even bother asking for help. Seems none will be given, nor issues addressed.
  8. On close inspection, you can see the fourth connection behind one of the three.
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