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  1. How do you guys fight against aimbotters. This is not asking for dev help. We have had a ticket up for 2 days, and the Chinese aimbotters are still getting to clear one tribe after the other on our cluster. How do you guys fight against aimbotters? Tips would be lovely. They are cowering in SE cave with a mesh biting Giga outside our view. And the entrance is too narrow for either Bronto or Paracer. So no box protection from aimbotters. Rocket running is stopped instantly either due to headshots or giga biting through the mountain.
  2. Just FYI, the title of this topic is incorrect. While trying to provoke spawns, we have seen plenty of leeds. And it would be nice if you isolated the names, that might be why i didn't find this post through forum search.
  3. Valguero - Mosasaurus / Plesiosaur / Tusoteuthis My first post ever, but i have been drawn to the extremes of making an actual forum post. So here goes. We have wanted to tame and breed Mosa and Tuso on the new Valguero map. However there seems to be something wrong with the spawn. Maybe we are missing something. Basically i have been killing everything i can find down there for hours and hours for the past week. And have yet to see a single dino of the "big three" mentioned in the post title. Been killing all, Leedsichthys, Ichthyosaurus, Megalodon, Basilosaurus, Dunkleosteus and Mantas. Am i doing something wrong? The only point i have seen any of the "big three", is after an update has gone through. Once those spawns have been killed off or tamed, no others are found till the next wild dino wipe. I apologize if this is raising a point that is already on the forums. I could not find any other posts talking about it.
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