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  1. We've got some blueprints, even for some max level saddles (124 armor). And yes we only buy 35k crates I like that there is a small chance of getting bp's, since we can get so many hexagons so fast, as you mention. We can farm 30k hexagon in 5-6 minutes.
  2. Not everyone has time to be online 24/7 or have enough friends to form a 20+ player tribe, to compete with the chinese mega tribes. From my experience of playing on official PVE for years, it's really not a big problem with pillar spamming anymore, the majority of players are super friendly and are willing to remove some pillars if they are blocking something you want. If they are blocking valuable ressources and the players refuse to remove them, making a ticket is actually quite helpfull in this case. I would never waste my time playing PVP in ARK, I can't think of another game that
  3. Don't worry... Wildcard will most likely boost the rates to insane amounts (like they do with every new map release), so that the server will get spammed with pillars immidiately anyway. But no, with every new map release, there is 3 months of no incoming transfer.
  4. There is about 5-10 other posts about this recently. Nobody knows yet.... Hopefully they don't boost the rates since their cheap servers can't handle it.. 5x would be a disaster. Here is a screenshot of the latest news on the birthday event:
  5. Betas are done quite easy with a team of 4-5 players. Alpha requires almost 10 players, because you need a higher damage output. Use high flak armor (500+) with high durability (800+). It's adviced to bring several sets of flak armors, the lower durability, the more sets. Drink more or less every soup you have, focals and enduro stew being the most important. Use medicals and costum recipees for extra healing. Bring stimulant or stimberries, in case your torpor rises. Get atleast 500 hp, 150-200 stamina and 130+ movement speed. Minimum. Points in melee are okay aswell, but you
  6. They stated themselves on twitter that increased rates affects server performance a lot. I don't know what server you were playing on last time there was 4x rates during all this Covid-19... But it was literally unplayable on nearly all servers. The forum + twitter was glowing red from posts about nearly every server being capped at 255 ping and crashing several times daily..... If they boost rates to 5x it will be a disaster... Also it forces people to tame, breed and harvest more which generates timers that are affecting the server performance... Increased population is obviously a
  7. I play on Official, so atm. it's only 2x rates. I honestly don't think I will gain that much XP, but I give it a test tomorrow! We have a ton of rexes, so we should be able to produce a lot of eggs each day if this is a good method. According to an xp calculator, a lvl 372 baby rex will give roughly 5k xp. That's not much to be honest, then I need to kill 2.000 to reach next level
  8. Genesis missions are not good, tried them all, doesn't come close to a purple drop xp. Also gamma and alpha difficulty gives the same amount of xp ? But 105 doesn't require much experience, I can get to 105 in 2 hours of doing a purple drop, the problem is that when you hit 131, the amount of xp you need to reach level 132, goes up by 10 million. To reach level 105 from level 104, is only an increase of 500k xp.
  9. We have rexes at 372 base level. But I highly doubt they can beat a purple drop. How much xp do you assume 1 baby rex gives? Anything less than 10k is not worth it compared to a drop, but it's some nice bonus xp. I give it a test tomorrow, thanks for the input.
  10. I've been in the sleeping pod for 14-16 hours each day for 5 days.. I think i've gained 10-15% of a level.... I have unlocked to level 150, so I have a long way to go in a sleeping pod. ?
  11. Thanks for the input. I don't think crafting and killing babies is my style, sounds a bit unrewarding. I'm pretty sure I can use grinders to get more than that Babies sounds like a descent option to be honest, except that giga eggs takes 2 days to hatch and I don't have any spinos
  12. Sure, but at the rate i'm gaining XP in a sleeping pod, it will literally take me a month or more to gain ONE level. ?
  13. Sounds like you are trying to screw over another player, possibly found a screenshot on his steam and then trying to locate him... Who would search for stuff like this....
  14. - Saddles on Theris? - Daedon with 48k food is empty in 5 seconds, better bring an extra theri instead and fill them with veggie cakes. If you have descent saddles like 70+, I think you can easily do it.
  15. Hello ARK players So with the delay of Crystal Isles, I figured that I might aswell spend some time trying to grind out those ascension levels. At the moment i'm level 131, but after hitting this level there's a massive jump to every next level (Roughly 10 mil. xp per level, increasing even higher later). Obviously i'm using a sleeping pod everytime I log off, which gives minor XP per day. So far I found that farming purple drops on extinction with my giga is by far what gives the most experience. I've also made about 12 grinders, which gives descent amount of xp if you have easy acce
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