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  1. Custom Ini with fixed spawn rates and SE engrams coming this weekend!
  2. The FAQ has been updated Factions have also been included at the end of the FAQ
  3. Hey Gravy, best thing to do is follow the discord link provided in the FAQ at the front of this page. Clicking on this link should send you on the right path. If you’re still having issues message PSN: Hermes3339 and I’ll collaborate with you next time I’m near my console.
  4. @everyone Server will be going down 3:00 PM PST for weekly scheduled maintenance. At this time a lot of new changes inspired by recent feedback will take effect. While in keeping with the spirit of not divulging exact details for the sake of discovery - I will offer the following: *Tame rates will be drastically increased for the weekend event. *Dino spawns on beginning lands will be slightly more difficult *Maturation and breeding times will be slightly decreased *Platform building limits will be moderately increased *The PGArk which results in crashes will be regenerated, a theoretical fix on a possible bad seed Server down time is expected to last 10 mins
  5. The weekend is fast approaching which means tame event and story update! Best time for new players to check us out is on weekends.
  6. Recent activity is unprecedented. Very exciting times
  7. Our economy system is getting a beefy update this week!
  8. Main post has been updated now with an FAQ as the OP!
  9. Am currently logged on with 4 other players - be sure to switch to primitive + before searching unofficial PC servers for "Medi" Also, if you're having issues - our Discord server is the best way to contact our most active players @
  10. Many welcome server updates were made to make Rates more congenial as well as repurposing 3 servers to serve as the cluster’s end game content. This weekend will be a great time to check it out if you haven’t already.