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  1. Only easy bosses. Nobody has ever done a successful Theri boss run above that (and video'd it).

    • I think nowdays people pump 21k hp and 600+ melee into theri's, several people from different servers use them for boss fights often and have been highly successful :)
  2. Escape the ARK? who said anything about escaping the ARK? Oh no, you're there forever. You're in an ARK right now. It may look different, with the lack of dinos and the progression of technology, but you're still in ARK. There's just no obelisks or drops here, so you can't transfer out. You can't leave. You're here forever.
  3. Thanks for featuring my Zygo dossier in the CC!
  4. Does Sheldor5 EVER post anything that isn't bad?

  5. Just so you all know, Tamed Allosaurs went from 100% MvSpd to 90% MvSpd, and Mosasaurs gained a slight nerf to HP and DMG (really negligible for high levels, 1% HP and 5% Melee). Most of the threads on these have been deleted, so yeah. More you know.

    1. AceAckbar


      Interesting to know :D


  6. 79.91% Approval rating!

  7. Woooo, big thanks to everyone who got me to 1,000 Reps. Glad my posts were agreeable and entertaining.

    1. AceAckbar


      Congratulations :D

  8. I remember a weird feminist girl who would write entire ranty paragraphs. She accused me of wanting to suck up to the staff to become a mod. She accused Casanova of being an orwellian admin and erasing anything. She made a thread in response to one of my threads "Should Griefers be Banned" being locked and soapboxed in the Off-Topic section around Jan 7th - 11th.

    I scanned my previous posts and she has completely ceased to exist, deleted off the face of the earth. Her threads, her replies to me, everything. I wonder what she did to get nuked off of this sight, well besides trying to turn this place into her soapbox.

  9. If you ever named your Megaloceros Bambi I'm going to stick berries in your butt

    1. bulldog1986


      What about Bullwinkle? lol

  10. I decided to vigorously pleasure myself while I was in selfie mode like some primal slack-jawed Conan player HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG Then I tried and failed to defeat a wild Giga because it kept eating and gaining 2,000 HP
  11. How do you submit things for the community crunch?
  12. Damn, these things are really amazing and deserving of appreciation! I swear to God if people come here to complain about the flyers...
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