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  1. Yup, absolute loser behaviour not allowing people to talk about their individual issues. To be expected, just abusing privileges at this point across all mediums.
  2. Lol to be fair some had also just lost stuff in the Tek Cave, friends were very supportive afterwards 😄, that's not really the point here tho, is it? As an aside, bit weird this got merged with a random different post, right? Almost like they're tryna hide what happens on here 🤔
  3. So after getting arked for what feels to be the millionth time, I regretfully decided to quit the Ark for good. Sadly the development team wish to focus on modding inclusion and shine things instead of providing us a stable platform to enjoy. Only a day after crafting 19 shiney maxed out saddles for my newly raised rexes, and another for my Yuti, the game decides to kick my whole server within minutes of starting a boss fight, causing lots of us to lose our stuff, my own of which took weeks of preparation. Ark was truly one of the most fun games I've played, unfortunately this is just a new coat of paint over some very old cracks. If anyone cares what my final minutes of this game looked like, here ya go: https://youtu.be/7ApYqUVLr0Y?si=X3e12FcPzHxGlikr
  4. Eh, realistically I'm glad that W.C is concerned with the quality of future releases, but 6 months on this map is way too long. Games getting stale as hell.
  5. Wow, a relatively wordey crunch but almost the whole thing about mods. Its almost like you're trying to push the players to make their own fun on private servers rather than face the glaring issues plaguing this pretty awesome game. It's shocking that the games in this state and you make absolutely no effort to communicate to the player base, instead preferring to push mods relentlessly while our servers go down for 6+ hours and we hear absolutely nothing. I'm pretty sick and tired of the servers going down and losing eggs etc or having to hope my base will be OK till I can get on. But yeah, we can get glass looking as glass should look without those horrid looking shutters ... That's nice.
  6. My favourite thing, waiting to see where I'm at when the server comes back online 😂
  7. On top of losing around 1/4 of our time to lag and the constant rollbacks I don't think the event really counted at all
  8. Had the raptor clause buff, got to super nice, server reset, lost buff. Got Super nice again, went to bed, waited as per usual and got nothing under the tree. Anyone else experiencing issues with the Christmas event due to constant rollbacks?
  9. Where you started talking about PVE players as if we all play private servers is where you started speaking utter nonsense. Official servers are full to the brim with new players, traps are literally everywhere, cryo/gen spam is getting out of control, not only around friends bases but rhynio traps and important resource locations. They really need to accept that whilst this might be good for PvP it's absolute idiocy in PvE.
  10. It's not just the rollback that's annoying, it's that this tells us a lot about how W.C will handle these issues going forward. If we're to expect punishment on behalf of those who exploit it's probably wise to refund and head to a game that respects the time of it's honest players. I know expecting them to go through so many players with a fine-toothed comb is asking way too much, but hitting everyone with such a rollback, unannounced, during the festive period seems in extremely poor taste.
  11. So, I've been pretty negative about some of the things that WC have done in the past so I thought I'd share my early thoughts on ASA. OH. MY. GOD. The game is beautiful! And the opening soundtrack is just incredible. Hopefully the quality runs through the entire experience but credit where credit is due, I've literally sat in the menu for a good 15 minutes appreciating the music and looking forward to catching up with old friends again. Hopefully this is the start of the redemption Ark deserves 🤞
  12. Not sure why anyone's surprised at another delay coming from WC. With how far ahead PCs will be, I can't see consoles being able to compete. Games gonna be one giant P2W fest yet again. Way to kill a good game before it even releases. If only a decent company could buy this up and turn it into the game it deserves to be.
  13. This.... was a very anaemic post considering the position you're in as a company.
  14. Honestly, you've lost the good will and trust of a lot of players. For me the issue is losing my stuff on official, that I can play with masses of people, I'm frankly not too keen on having to keep it as a save file like some kind of keepsake (much like my first ever moshchops Moshi who still lives in my base). The price is definitely more reasonable now but again, with some major (and not to be nasty but more trusted developers) releasing major games this year I just can't see myself restarting this journey. if you can screw us over this many times I have a hard job believing you won't do it again. Overall not too sure how to react. The backing down from the overzealous ideas you had is definitely welcome, and I guess short of blood we can't expect much more, but to have us all looking forward to seeing our stuff all pretty in UE5 then adding some crappy Overwolf bloatware (PS and PC user here, I know overwolf well), some QOL fixes and saying we gotta do the lot again still sits bad with me. Il probably just play Armored Core 6 instead to be fair. Atleast Fromsoft can be trusted.
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