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  1. I would love a feature like this. I don't mind gigas, as I don't live out that way, but I would love to not have to worry about Titanos stomping my base in SP.
  2. "Dragon Shores".... Love that Spyro reference. ;P
  3. Just dropping a comment to say "Thanks" to those developers who are active in the community and can still maintain a level head. We, your audience, can be pretty demanding at times; as such, it's awesome that you guys can still be kind and polite to those who would dictate your creation.
  4. I would love some of those one-way windows. Structures Plus is definitely a mod I would use!
  5. This is so exciting! I generally prefer vanilla content for the games I play, but mods that add visual variety, or interesting mechanics, are always welcome. I enjoy anything that allows for additional exploration or some visual mix-it-up. Thank you for this. Mods should be treated so openly in more games.
  6. I live for the shoulder birb! I just wish the Archa were shoulder birb material, too. It's my favorite feather-friend!
  7. Oh, goodness. I saw the Leviathan dossier, and immediately thought of Disney's Atlantis for some reason. Could you imagine "wild" machines that prowl the island for you? O_O
  8. I always love watching the trailers and highlight reels. You guys definitely know how to advertise.
  9. Good gracious, it's like Halo, Iron Man, and Power Rangers all got together for a brainstorming session! I love it! Just goes to show, though, that I might need to wait a while before I continue my fan fiction. I wouldn't want to write a whole story with half the universe/lore/tech missing! O_O
  10. However, Scorched Earth does have cliffs, the other habitat location mentioned in the dossier. I'd bet these guys are native to SE as well.
  11. I'm a dragon fanatic. I love dragons. As a person who has very strong opinions on the differences in draconic species, I have to give loud a resounding round of applause to WildCard for simply making the distinction that the creatures in Scorched Earth are, in fact, ELEMENTAL WYVERNS. While wyverns don't traditionally have a "breath weapon", WC was very careful to specify that these creatures are using glands in their mouths to produce the breath effect that would normally be native to a dragon. This alone went a long way to convincing me to buy the DLC. I take my dragons (and dracon
  12. Scarcely have I seen such an eloquently-worded message on these forums. Not that I've been here all that long, myself. Still, you've made an excellent point, and even put some of my own thoughts into better words than I could. I, too, bought the DLC primarily because I suspected that WC might be in need of funds for continuing development. However, I will admit that despite my usual distaste for desert-themed maps and games (I prefer the lush green of a forest), this content has exceeded my expectations so far. The variety that WC has found for something so "lifeless" as a desert is impre
  13. Yes and no to that collar. Seems it's either temperamental, or you have to maintain it's loyalty somehow. Perhaps similarly to a Troodon?
  14. To those folks who like to complain every time a new creature/dossier is revealed or hinted: I understand that you want the bugs fixed. I understand there are issues with the game. I, too, have lost Quetzals to the "Disappearing Act of Doom" and have seen my creatures disappear at random. I've had game crashes, and disconnections, and I've been teleported above-ground from cave-systems because the game thought I was "stuck" underground. But you have to also understand that these reveals are just that: reveals. The devs "unveiling" this moth creature does not mean that they don't inte
  15. Well, I'm not sure I can, to be honest. I treat Ark like my own personal game of Pokemon and I collect all the dinos I really like. Ever since I was a kid, Allosaurus has been among my favorite dinos, and I love fliers, so Pelagornis is only another cherry on the cake for me. lol The one I'm *really* stoked for, though, is Baryonyx. That one has also been a favorite of mine for a long time. Just confused as to why it will be so small compared to Spinosaurus.
  16. Oh my goodness! Allosaurus and Pelagornis are among my most anticipated dinos! So glad they're upcoming!
  17. Love that the snow is getting some more space, but I'd love Hidden Lake to remain the lovely little oasis it is. Doesn't seem right that it should snow there.... (Still, thank you for giving us some warning!) Also, my friend is gonna be pretty ticked when his entire base on that Northern shore/plain ends up covered in fresh powder!
  18. Oreochema

    Swamp Cave

    Aha! So the air *is* poisonous! I wondered if that was really the case, but these folks wearing SCUBA tanks seem to answer that question!
  19. So excited for the Swamp and Snow caves! I hear the swamp caves are "poisonous", or somehow deal damage over time. Now a reason to carry those medical brews with me! (Time to start specing my carry weight again!)
  20. Or if you're like me (terrified of the ocean at any depth), and refuse to go into the water. I actually keep multiple Dung Beetles around for oil because as beautiful as it is, the ocean is horrifying.
  21. These were great questions, guys! Some of this stuff I didn't even think I'd be interested in until you asked! Thanks for the answers as well, WC!
  22. And now that I look again, the second group in the upper right corner is actually the same positions, just mirrored and then placed in the opposite order. So it may just be drawings on a wall. Still, I'm interested in seeing those characters when I get home. Maybe try my hand at translating them!
  23. I'm at work, and thus cannot see the characters in question (this browser doesn't render them), but those who are guessing that the survivors are spelling something may be right. Look in the upper right corner: The first four of those survivors are in the same poses as the four who are inside the fence. Only other explanation is a copy/paste.
  24. Eh, we probably will later on. It takes a lot of work to optimize everything for console, and I'm honestly impressed that we get the new creatures as often as the PC users do. We'll get there, just gotta be patient. (I'm super excited for SoTF gameplay, myself!)
  25. Me. The answer to your question is me.
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