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  1. So will xbox one be getting the tether slider back or a longer leash?
  2. @Jat in the past I thought you guys said that cosmetic skins wood be available to everyone. So are the abberations skins going to be a timed exclusive or o lay for season pass holders
  3. So hyped for dragonpunk....I really hope it comes to consoles.
  4. Yep and. Not to mention that all the other maps in the sponsored mods program are going to be treated the same way...so unless they make ascension worth going through or revert their decision I don't see many single player users being able to do jack-diddly squat without using a cheat.
  5. So basically they get us hyped about a new map and then tell us we have to cheat or go through a unfinished "end game" process to play on a mod....a mod thay pc players and multiplayer has full access to....I would love to hear their reasoning behind it but I'm not going to hold my breath
  6. Honestly @Shrekasaurus I would love for a reason/motivation to do bosses and such on single player but I don't think locking a previously free map that everyone has been able to play since the game came out on their respective consoles. In my opinion beating the ascension should yield some reward like a new map or if not a new map some kind of craft able engram that say, "hey look at me I am the Scion of all that is top of the food chain". But if they wanted to go the unlock able map way I don't think they should use a map that is made by a moder for the simple reason that it creates a disparity between pc and consoles for no reason seeing as on pc they couldn't really stop anyone from using a mod.
  7. @Shrekasaurus If they want players to have a goal/drive for progression then they need to give people a reason to want to. It does not seem (to me at least and alas I am but one voice) that progression from bosses to ascension is worth it a the moment given that ascension is not completed yet and you lose more than you gain from doing it. Also doing the bosses by your self or even with a (tethered) friend is not the most fun thing in the world to do. I think if they would have wanted singleplayer fans to want to progress they would have at least waited for a time when boss balancing and ascension were in a finished and polished state.
  8. @Cloud24 Plenty of people care about singleplayer and use it when they don't feel like being on a server with other random players or they might use it to play ark with their child,husband/wife, or a friend. And some of us like to play the game without using cheats like God mode. If you don't care about single player then that's your business. but that doesn't mean that it should neglected. I don't see why you even bothered to post here.
  9. @FiSh250505 Wildcard is plenty capable of developing their game. But in my opinion this was a very poor thing they did. I'm sure they have a plan as to why but it doesn't seem fair or right to lock us out now. There is no need to go for a low blow against the studio. We need constructive criticism and ideas not a flame war of " how terrible we think they are" contest.
  10. To play on the center map you are now required to ascend to gamma level. There is a cheat you can do in single player to unlock it without ascending but it appears to be not working. So the long and short of it is that if you wanted to play on the center you either have to ascend, use a cheat ( which may or may not work), or you have to hope that wildcard reverses this questionable decision.
  11. So as many of you have noticed the center is now locked behind the shiny metal and glowing light wall that is tek and ascension...my question is why. Why do we have to ascend to play on a map that for a year or so xbox users and for almost half a year ps4 players could play on. Then as it turns out you can just use a cheat anyway to unlock it so what is the purpose of having to ascend? Will ragnorak be like this? And if so I ask again why? Because to me this seems like a very poor decision on wildcard's part. I wonder to what end they hoped to achieve with locking the center down behind their unfinished,unbalanced ascension. What are your thoughts fellow survivors?
  12. Since the game is close to going full release will there be any more digests or is it just going to be only community crunches from here on out?
  13. Lots of great content this time around and totally loving the newest addition to the sponsored mods program. Is there any news on the next digest? There are a lot of questions
  14. Hmmm I wonder if we will actually see the "extra long whip and lasso".
  15. twitchy1992

    Mysterious Mysteries

    Seeing as prehistoric means the time before recorded history these new creatures in mysterious mysteries and the ice age beasts are still prehistoric creatures. Plus there were a plethora of prehistoric bugs
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