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  1. I am afraid to think what was going on inside heads of people who voted for stupid monkey. Go and google baoons and take look at their ass pictures. This is exactly what are you going to see during 3rd person riding. Enjoy!
  2. My main concern is mostly for the looks. Baboons are disgusting creatures! Just look up the pictures on google. Ewwwww! Doesn't matter how good It will be I won't tolerate such a gross looking creature on my base. This creature should be out of voting list for sole reason It was originally upvoted.
  3. #NoMonkeyPlz I will be super disappointed If Tamriel map will end up with ugly baboon instead of actual dinosaur. Also I don't see an option to vote anymore.
  4. Wanted to share my idea how to make Woidwyrms fun to play for all game modes, and not PVP only. In PVE we only have a bite which is boring. Add breath mode switch option via advanced creature meny (hold E). EMP Burst - (default mode, normal voidwyrm breath that breaks structures (wild woidwyrms can only use EMP Burst mode, otherwise taming them will be a nightmare)) Shock - normal lightning wyvern breath. Add 1 hour cooldown in-between mode changes, so people don't exploit It. Timer resets If you uncryo the creature.
  5. Dolphin just dies to collision damage (which is impossible to avoid do to mechanics in this mission) after the last update. This angers me alot because I was able to do alpha before. This is exactly what everyone asked for mission with retarded controls and forced camera angles.
  6. It feels like devs slapped this arena together in the editor and never even bothered to test It even once.
  7. EndlessDuck

    Voidwyrm bugs

    Woidwyrm constantly gets mammoth roared while flying over Eden biome, even If I fly really high. Once mammoths appear within render distance my wywern gets a debuff. Same happens when I fly high over velonasaurs in Rockwells garden. No other flyer suffers from same problem.
  8. This explains why I am unable to find any mutagen for over a week while I play solo on my dedicated LAN server. And I see mutagen icon all the time in Rockwells butthole biome.
  9. I don't even know what lags that location so bad. It is smaller than rings and much less detailed than Rockwell's butthole biome itself. I blamed the grass in my first post, but nope... The same grass is all around Rockwells innards and the whole biome runs smooths as butter with lovely 60 fps. I did gamma together with 1 tribemate, 8 shadowkittens, 2 reapers and 2 stegos.
  10. I've got my ascendant 89 theri saddle BP from purple orbital drop on extinction map. Island underwater cave drops are so rare and tedious to farm I gave up on them. Honesty I won't even bother with theri army these days (even though murder chicken are my favorite creature in ARK) because shadowmanes are better.
  11. It's funny how author put a volcano on the actual volcanic island on the Tamriel map, and show biome located where Skyrim is. How original! Lol. Scrap this map untill It's too late! We don't want Wildcard to be squished by lawsuits.
  12. Due to small range tek pistol is not an option since Rockwell does scary purple cloud of poison around himself during this phase. Getting close (doesn't matter If you are mounted or not) is suicide.
  13. Pretty much what title says. Some pics: https://i.imgur.com/iOg7lJj.png https://i.imgur.com/UJw9qe7.png
  14. My PC isn't brand new but It is good enough to run Genesis 2 map on the mix of high\ultra settings with stable 50-60 fps. Went for Gamma boss today and the main enemy was FPS lag there. Horrid 30 fps! I even tried using potato setting but Id did'nt give me better result. The arena Itself is covered by weird grass which I cannot turn off using ground clutter settings, and this grass is a major sourse of lag for me. The boss fight could be fun Is It wasn't a 30 fps disaster. Managed to finish It though, so there is that. https://i.imgur.com/lYwVLGQ.png
  15. As TES series fan I can confirm the map is stolen from Elder Scrolls universe.
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