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  1. These stats are only good for gamma spider. Beta boss will probably be manageable (depends on saddles). Alpha spider? Big nope.
  2. Just imagine all these X-Megalodons with pack bonus and bleed on top of this idiotic X-creature resistance... I also don't get why devs didn't make make griffins breedable. I did an experiment : bred griffing with S+ tek mutator thingy. And guess what? Even bred and imprinted griffin is still a complete trash compared to wyverns, manas and owls.
  3. EndlessDuck

    Ice Titan

    Me and my friend used 10 rexes (60khp 1000+% dmg, 130% saddles) and 4 100% imprinted gigas. Just whistled "attack this target" and watched poor Icy melt. We also used a Magmasaur as a tank just for the fun of It. Killed Icy with this party 3 times already and none of the dinos died. These rexes may be overkill for an Ice titan Itself, but we plan to use them for Genesis alpha hunt missions.
  4. I'm curious how many chromosomes did It take to create this post?
  5. Amazing! 2 useless creatures get TLC while quetzal, bronto and a shark cry in the corner together. Can't wait!
  6. Its not only fog on CI but lighting setting overall. Everything is cringy bright, colorfull and ugly even I run ark on almost all ultra settings. Makes Island fog look like a paradise. CI visuals give me a headache so I gave up playing on that map.
  7. Sorry to disappoint you but trikes are worthless for any boss arena. For spider boss health pool is way too low. For Monkey boss they have poopty mobility and will be constantly knocked back by bosse's hits without any chance to strike back. I'm not mentioning Dragon boss, because It therizino/rex only thing.
  8. Not to mention they lag fps like hell.
  9. CI map creature population is way too scarce. Redwoods are empty, only north part of them have some mammoths/wolves/sabers etc. Halcyon planes are pretty much empty with 1-2 trikes every 100 sqare miles Ocean is 90% empty. I've only found water creatures around White Shoals, Eldritch Isle, Northland and Redwood area. Rest of the ocean is pretty much dead. The spot under the Apotheosis has no life whatsoever.
  10. admincheat destroyall BeeHive_C This command gets rid of the beehive structure. However BE CAREFUL and pick up your tamed beehives beforehand!
  11. Water taps stopped working I can no longer drink and my canteen looks broken whe I try to fill It up. Also crops aren't irrigated anymore. Island map dedicated private server.
  12. Just don't fetch your stuff! Prolem solved. Karens these days... jeez
  13. Same problem. It happens mostly around my base. Private dedicated server
  14. I've noticed the same here. However If you tame wyverns with crystals you can get better stats anyway. All my best stat breeders were tamed passively
  15. I'm sure nests supposed to disappear once one takes an egg from It.
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