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  1. Love the bat! And cannot wait for charcharo! Lost island creatures were such a disappointment I forgot about ARK for more than 2 months. But these new upcoming creatures are amazing!
  2. Lost Islands ocean is as empty as my social life. No deep water spawns at all, and 1 shark per 10 square kilometers on the shallows
  3. Update: I was in Tumash Bay gathering bushes and sticks for over 15 mins yeasterday and It ws fine. Either devs fixed this or I was super lucky.
  4. Yeah me and my friend getting kicked in the starter zone (top first in the spawn list) This isn't related to gathering, because we are getting kicked even when walking around or doing nothing.
  5. I play on my own dedicated LAN server with my friend. Ever since we started playing on Lost Island both of us simultaneously disconnect every 2 mins. This never happens on any other map. Uninstalling the mods yielded no better results. Any ideas? Server version 342.13 Client 342.2
  6. Is there a way to enable snowfall and snowy shader on the ground for private server? I miss when devs enabled this event feature for Island map.
  7. In that case I would prefer to have an actual saddle instead of passive armor. Bareback riding a creature with poisonous skin is stupid to begin with. Besides material farm runs became trivial with Gen2. I don't see any problem getting mats for the saddes.
  8. Pretty much as title says. With 80 armor instead of 124 shadowmanes are out of boss fighters category. Back to theris and rexes... Again Up their armor to 100 and It will be fine.
  9. This thing looks like a crossbreed between human infant and a dinosaur. No thx.
  10. Don't bother playing on non-dedicated server. Run dedicated only even for solo play (preferably using Steam CMD, because It is easier to update and maintain manually). Learned this the hard way when trying to play on non-dedi server with a friend. As for "1 hostile remaining" thing - just ise dino wipe It It takes too long, there is no other way to fix that. Most of the time however stuck dinos despawn after 1-3 mins.
  11. Be aware that Gen 1 main boss is almost impossible solo even on gamma, and 100% inpossible on beta and alpha. I would go for Gen 2. Probably easiest ascention.
  12. We are currently working on some additional QOL changes, which will enable players to pull out 1,5, or 10 items at a time if an entire stack isn't needed (You can press/click these buttons multiple times to get your desired quantity). Switch Items to stacks and this disaster of a change will be somewhat bareable. Better idea - roll back this bullpoop. Noone asked fot this anyway.
  13. I've been searching Rockwells innards for almost 2 weeks nd haven't seen a single mutagen bulb. Even checked under the mesh - nothing. However I see mutagen presence icon all the time. I play solo on dedicated private server so there is noone to gather these things. Is there a command to wipe mutagen bulbs similar to wyvern egg wipe command?
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