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  1. Please update electrophorus to allow shocking attack to work when tamed against other dinos and players. Would be a great tame to be able to use. Saddled would be nice but just just the ability to use the attack would be sufficient.
  2. The building around the artifacts up above the cave blocks the spawns from very far radius. I've had to clear it multiple times. There's also a small cave at the edge of the pond people like to build in wich will also block the artifact spawns. The only artifacts that are affected are the devious and massive.
  3. 30 % increase is definitely closer to what it should be. Good job.
  4. I've beatin gamma and beta on official pvp servers. Gamma with raised spinos but the water in the fight didn't give the buff so scratch those. Beat it again with raised theris. Fairly easy on both. This was several of the reasons I was requesting higher payout.
  5. Boss fight payouts are unbalanced compared to other maps and element farming on other maps. 320 for hard is too low considering the time it takes to farm the fights. The map will be obsolete at these rates for the majority of the community. Either change the requirements or change the payout. At the current payout the easy fight shouldn't require tributes. Please balance and update.
  6. If your referring to lost island check the river running through the southwest islands.
  7. Consider leaving transfers into lost island closed permanently and enabling lost island to lost island transfers after the 90 days. As a day one pvp official player I can tell you a fresh start for many is terrific, refreshing, and needed. As soon as transfers are open its back to the same old Same old. As long as those that want the new tames can transfer out then everyone wins. Xbox pvp official lost island. Thanks for your consideration.
  8. @Chris willoughby Very well put and understood. I'm glad someone has spoke about meshing. As a developer I understand the headache and time it takes to fix things like this. I also applaud your team for interacting/policing the new servers planned for xbox as this will help, but it is still a band aid. I have a few ideas that may steer players away from some of these tactics. Like we both know... it will never be 100 percent because of the nature of these types of games and the complexity behind them. Ive been playing since release as a top level tribe and know the ins and outs of the game. If you would be interested in hearing a few of the "better" band aids to complement the new dev presence on servers please send me a personal message. Thanks for the info and the attempt to enlighten others on the subject.
  9. Maybe consider how your going to deal with undermapping on alternate accounts. If the maps arnt fixed something to think about.
  10. I agree with the alliance issue. Alliances are cool so if you don't want to be completely rid of them add a cap so you can only be allianced with 1 tribe at any given time and add a day cool down. Can't wait for XBOX servers
  11. Make sure there are console dedicated servers and don't force platforms into crossplay. Although I like the idea and it will be useful for survivors, platforms competing against the pc setups isn't quite fair. Just the time it takes navigating the menus on console compared to pc is an unfair advantage.
  12. Well used to be she spawned bottom of green ob so set them up on the Ridge but Donno how it works now haven't messed with it since it's changed to arena
  13. @AlbanHand Back Before you transported to boss arena.. we spawned a brood mother and lost all tames etc.. ended up having to setup pill boxes and dumping tons of rounds to get her down.
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