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  1. Aberration DC and Can't Reconnect - Mega Thread

    Anyone else randomly disconnecting ? Ive Been on 2 officials 826 and 774 and disconnected from the server. After disconnecting I cannot rejoin and recieve a lost/timeout connection error msg. I load in and hear the environment then dc. Edit: I can connect and create a new character on a fresh server that I've never joined but am soon plagued with the same issue as above.
  2. Around 800 or so 4 to 6 hundred rounds a piece with similar seed x count coupled with a position you don't need to defend 360 degrees and 5 people at any given time. Seed x must be included because turrets or seed x alone does not provide adequate defense other than in a few circumstances.
  3. Halloween Event?

    Nice. The highest quality item I pulled was a red drop 91 armor sarco saddle premade
  4. Halloween Event?

    So the drops are supposed to contain higher level items ? I've pulled 20 cave loot drops, around 15 water drops, and about 20 purple, gold, and red drops with rings. I even tamed a Liopleurodon and pulled underwater drops as well as 5 gold and blue cave drops. I have tons of skins and no bps worthy of mentioning. As a matter of fact because of the skins the drops have been worse. All pulled on ragnarok official. Any one having luck on the island, center, or scroched ?
  5. Halloween Event?

    Any new items other than the traditional skins that everyone has now? I've read all the posts and haven't found anything about it. Pumpkins, gravestones, masks... "Stated items"
  6. Xbox update?

    Any idea when this will pass and be deployed ? The invisible ice wyverns are becoming quite a problem.
  7. Ark: Ragnarok Update Speculation

    Forget further development at this point. Fix what's already broken... invisible wyverns killing everything and not being able to defend yourself..... And yes I believe it will be scorched style. A dense forest on a large scale would be cool. Something to prowl around in on pack tames like wolves etc.
  8. Ragnarok Update????

    Rag needs an update immediately. The abuse of invisible ice wyvern is real. You can't even go out on the map without being picked and killed. Absolutely rediculous. Ruining an exciting time on new servers. Not to mention all the tames being killed because you can't defend yourself.
  9. Ice worm not avaliable on console?

    Although I haven't personally seen one my tribe mate was apparently killed by an invisible ice worm. Hopefully they fix the worms and wyverns it's becoming an issue as tribes are abusing it pretty bad. Apparently a patch is in the cert process and out today ? -Xbox
  10. Three days

    Mmm let the blood bath begin.
  11. Hopefully there are non transferables. I'm open to both. I just want console vs console and not console vs pc play
  12. Please allow users to toggle open inventory slots to be on bottom or top. Other than 'just a change' I can't seem to understand the need for this. I've played with it for awhile now and just can't quite come to like it. I'd also like to add I appreciate the experimentation and hard work in the effort to make the ui the best you can. Being able to toggle this option would be great thanks! @Jen, @Jat
  13. @Jat Wait I mean friday.. actually saturday.. haha just messing... as a .net developer I understand how these things go. Don't worry about release time... just make sure it's right! Thanks