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  1. I like the idea of a marketplace. Would be cool to have a server with shops etc where players can display items for sale with prices and buyers not need to be warry. PVE style for pvp shoppers.
  2. They should offer both, and I would be interested in seeing the pole.
  3. The teleporting after the fight definitely needs attention. Its hard to tell where you end up. I fell from the sky from above red on on the island but luckily landed in water beside the ob . Ill also add that After weeks of searching we've found 4 alpha squids on the center and only 1 regular tuso. We can't farm element like that. Please increase the spawns a bit.
  4. Make sure there are console dedicated servers and don't force platforms into crossplay. Although I like the idea and it will be useful for survivors, platforms competing against the pc setups isn't quite fair. Just the time it takes navigating the menus on console compared to pc is an unfair advantage.
  5. True that
  6. Just happy I'm not paying for it again. Thanks for the free dlc map.
  7. I've been hitting the swamp cave and haven't found anything particularly better. Spino saddle bp, fridge, silencer attachment etc. I haven't found any empty crates though but also haven't been checking them before eating cakes. I tried to upload a stack of cakes to the ob so I could pull them as needed and it deleted an entire 20 stack DO not put these in the ob. Also does anyone know if these expire after the event or can you stock up a bit ?
  8. Ark the taker of souls
  9. Are Thylacoleo saddles currently obtainable in drops or loot crates on xbox official servers ? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I feel your pain on a lot of the things you've mentioned. Although I still maintain my official servers, I've found the new pvp no tames quite refreshing. Maybe you should give them a shot I think you would enjoy it.
  11. Lol wow man.. you need some therapy. I'm sorry your mom lied to you. It's not your fault. You are very special. Haha
  12. I just stated my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. And.. I don't care what you did.
  13. With half a brain ? Lol your too serious man.. maybe you need a little break from ark. Some of us don't watch the forums all day long.. and I didn't see any warning in game. Maybe they should post it on the main menu ahead of time.