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  1. Lol wow man.. you need some therapy. I'm sorry your mom lied to you. It's not your fault. You are very special. Haha
  2. I just stated my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. And.. I don't care what you did.
  3. With half a brain ? Lol your too serious man.. maybe you need a little break from ark. Some of us don't watch the forums all day long.. and I didn't see any warning in game. Maybe they should post it on the main menu ahead of time.
  4. @BrickTamlandCh4 I feel for ya. I didn't even see the notice beforehand.
  5. I also don't really understand why the transfer is even froze up.. I mean.. the dupers keep the loot ? And how did disabling it really help ? Donno.. hope they get all the glitches fixed one day.
  6. Not really worried about it too much. Just think it's worth mentioning as I was technically robbed by... wildcard ? Hah At least give people a few minutes heads up so they can transfer back to proper servers.
  7. I know she said that on twitter but I really hope they reconsider. One of my servers our tribe got offline... wait we were online.. just stuck on scorched as our base was raided.. painful to just sit and have your hard work robbed by rookies... I know this is a double edged sword as I lost a good bit of time on last rollback.. but I think it's right. Specially with out warning
  8. I usually rock 20 to 30 fortitude. It's a little help against the elements. I've had a lot of situations where I got the loot because I got up faster also. Even with good riot helmet etc we have cubs that can 2 shot if the character has decent melee. I think it's worth investing a small amout in but I'm usually shooting for balanced characters.
  9. It's not just the rods etc.. and I understand am also a believer in I earned it and deserve it.. the only point I'm trying to convey is that it's rediculous that some can rise to the top off of the easy route and others have grinded to the top.
  10. So what about me ? I'm not threatened and i have it all... I vote for wipe because of the rediculous duping and because of items some players can no longer get. Does it not upset you that no matter how hard you work for something you simply can't obtain it anymore ? My fishing rods, my bps, etc etc Don't get me wrong your mostly correct on people complaining because they are more salty than a mortans salt factory... but there are some of us that would give it all up.
  11. In my case the grinder and chem bench were on the 2nd level. Can't access looking up no matter which way the trapdoor was opened.
  12. No I was playing on the no tame servers. I would send pictures but we were stuck on scorched earth and raided after the no transfer Started. @Jat rollback please ? Lol I think deleting the actual trap door may make items accessible again but havent tested. Windows still work fine.
  13. Xbox. Crop plot through Stone hatch frame. Grinder through metal hatch frame. Chem bench through metal hatchframe. Some ladders through all materials. Haven't been able to find a consistent replication. Some work some dont. Very annoying with the grinder and chem bench...
  14. After personally hachting a lot of eggs i'll tell you this.. poison has typically low end stats compared to fire and lightning. Overall lightnings have the strongest melee and health on a consistent basis. Each wyvern has its strong suits and you need to play to each ability. The highest end wyverns I've seen or raised have been fire and lightning. Occasionally you will find a freak poison That Is on par with the best of your fire and lightnings. My best poison a 185 egg has topped out around 22k health 550 melee. Also as you mentioned.. the melee scales differently. In all honesty the lightnings are the strongest. I prefer the poison though. The attack ignores all armor and damage scales to 125% of your melee stat on initial hit.