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  1. I'm going to throw in my 2 cents... as a veteran ark pilot.. quetz is currently op.. I didn't welcome the saddle nerf but it was needed. Speed of ballista bola needs to be increased so that a 200 plus movement speed quetz isn't so hard to lead in the air.. that or the sway needs to be decreased somewhat. Pteras shouldn't be touched. A 125 movement speed ptera is slower than the sap coming out of the taps. Make good use of the whip/bola if you don't like getting picked and learn how to saddle your bird from a parachute. Nerfing pteras ability to pick riders will only promote mass use of quetz and tapes. To have a truly fast ptera you must sacrifice a lot of health and other stats to achieve it... unless you have a very high bloodline with significant base stats.. in which case.. you deserve to have a fast bird and some health to match... The tapes are a nice addition but need a little bit of speed boost. Until your hatching 250 plus tapes you can't hardly upgrade anything but speed struggling to keep them viable in combat situations. Just some thoughts - BK
  2. Have bread around 100 times or so... 2 chocolates....
  3. Coming from an alpha on multiple servers that has personally farmed millions of ingots, and spent tons of hours on bloodlines etc.... my vote is wipe... a lot of people have abused the dupe... it really grinds my gears when i work extremely hard for my status in ark and some kid is over there duping metal gates and rare items getting rich on little investment...and the fact that there are items in the game floating around that can no longer be acquired upsets me even though I own some of them. Fix the glitches.. wipe the servers... fix the center.. come out with a new map for release... I'd be willing to throw it all away for a fresh day 1 blood bath and even playing field for all. And to get back on the original topic.. I read an official post stating that the low pop servers would be repurposed as fresh servers and an official copy of the servers game file would be available for download so you could continue your progress on a private server.
  4. Well used to be she spawned bottom of green ob so set them up on the Ridge but Donno how it works now haven't messed with it since it's changed to arena
  5. I'm on xbox so
  6. Awesome looking !. Would be cool if we could upload different skins of our own.
  7. @AlbanHand Back Before you transported to boss arena.. we spawned a brood mother and lost all tames etc.. ended up having to setup pill boxes and dumping tons of rounds to get her down.
  8. Server transfers have brought a lot to ark. If your server is doing it right then you should be banding together and preparing for war.
  9. Agreed. But I'd be happy with any new terrain. Even a procedural map of the month or something.. just a place for people to pvp. Or just SOTF ..plz..
  10. Yea tree/rock climbing would be pretty cool. I've worked in trees before and the setup I used slipped over your boots and you tighten them down. Maybe a skin you could craft to cover boots and gauntlets that allowed climbing instead of specific set of gear. Either would be cool.
  11. Cool idea. I like to see suggestions and brainstorming. We already try to be a peaceful server and work together against other servers but this would definitely spice things up a bit. Would need some clear cut boundaries drawn for balance issues but it could work. The more I think about this... maybe a specific server or battleground everyone could meet at to fight would be even better. Scheduled matches where servers/tribes fight war for relics on a different type of battleground maybe random generated maps so it's always fresh always new terrain.
  12. You would be amazed at some of the bases you can get into on foot.
  13. +1 Especially with the weight patch.