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  1. In this pass week I got up to 953 hours.
  2. Hehe it does fell like huh? I'm up to 953 now. You think that is rookie stage?
  3. A big part the game is taming so I would count that as in-game hours. If you don't agree then just gather or something as you are taming. That is moving.
  4. I lost a lot of my tamed dinos too. It is not too fun. I try now not to get close to them. All you need to plan proper. I lost enough dinos to know what they can take. So I don't loose my dinos now. I got 953 hours in the game now.
  5. Nice. Wow those are a lot of hours guys. I'm still adding to mine.
  6. I made this post to see how many hours different people has in the game. Thought it would be fun to see the different hours people played. I have over 750 hours. What do you have?
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