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  1. Is anyone else experiencing an insane amount of server crashes? Extinction730 has crashed 17 times in the last two days. I've also lost multiple top stat gigas and tames after taking them out of the cloud and then the server crashes. I know this is ARK and I should expect this, but I mean, come on, 17 crashes in 2 days! How have you not looked into this wildcard. I've submitted a report each time the server has gone down.
  2. The gallimimus overlord is now on the front page. Good job. We did it.
  3. You care about the losses due to instable transferring and deeply apologize? I lost everything I had worked to because I transferred, my giga breeding line, my manas, my velonsaurs. Worst thing is, it just kicked me out of my tribe, and being a solo tribe, I can't get back in, I sent a support ticket and it's been a week, and still, not even an automated response.
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