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  1. I mean, have you not played this game before? If your not crashing then something is wrong...
  2. Is anyone else experiencing an insane amount of server crashes? Extinction730 has crashed 17 times in the last two days. I've also lost multiple top stat gigas and tames after taking them out of the cloud and then the server crashes. I know this is ARK and I should expect this, but I mean, come on, 17 crashes in 2 days! How have you not looked into this wildcard. I've submitted a report each time the server has gone down.
  3. Deinonychus hasn't even been in the game for three years...
  4. No, nothing in the tribelog. But it just happened to me again yesterday on ab. Made it even more of a nightmare to transfer off lol.
  5. Technically no, this is not against TOS. However, it IS against the TOS if you look at it here on the website, but apparently not as once I reported people vault blocking all the terminals on extinction, as the TOS says thats not allowed but got a response saying it is not against TOS.
  6. fire7634doggo


    If its for transferring, give up, except for if its for surface drops. One of the easiest spots is in the green region around 22.5 Lat and 77.7 Long. Bring climbing picks or a rock drake to get up. Don't touch the surface unless you are armed to the teeth. Tens of reapers and basilisks everywhere. Only option is either a rock drake or a few boss rexes or a lot of grappling hooks and wingsuits and a lot of good evasive maneuvers. I've found the best option for surface drops for me is a rock drake and a few boss rexes in a cryopod to kill reapers. Hope this helped. But if you are transferring,
  7. I literally spent the last three and a half hours grinding out blood packs for a max level bloodstalker and after I tamed it, I went around to get my last remaining glitches. I was in the volcano biome and I got off my bloodstalker to get a glitch, and as soon as I get off, it just teleported away. There was no predators around and it was on passive. I don't even have a key binding for move to set, meaning I couldn't have whistled that, and it wasn't on follow either. I had a ping of around 50 or so and was lagging a small bit, but it was practically unnoticiable at that moment. Is this a norm
  8. After doing a bit of testing in that area, I was able to destroy every tree in the area, including with fists, hatchets and tames including theri, trike and rex. I personally do not know why you are having this problem, and I am deeply sorry I am unable to resolve your problem.
  9. The gallimimus overlord is now on the front page. Good job. We did it.
  10. They most likely built on an older version of Crystal Isles where it was destroyable, try picking up your foundation (That you didn't rightfully earn and got through GCM lol) and breaking the tree. If you can give me the coordinates I can try and destroy it myself and see if it can be destroyed, but what youtuber was it that built here also?
  11. You care about the losses due to instable transferring and deeply apologize? I lost everything I had worked to because I transferred, my giga breeding line, my manas, my velonsaurs. Worst thing is, it just kicked me out of my tribe, and being a solo tribe, I can't get back in, I sent a support ticket and it's been a week, and still, not even an automated response.
  12. Recently, during the first day of the Love Evolved 2 event, I fought Rockwell for the XP since it was a 3x event. However, when I went into the fight (I'm also on official servers) each tentacle had multiplied by three, so there were three tentacles in each spot, and each one had to be taken out for Rockwell himself to take damage, but however, two of three tentacles in each spot were invincible to damage. And because of this, I couldn't damage Rockwell, meaning I had to die and lose everything. I've submitted a ticket to Wildcard, however just an automated response saying the ticket was close
  13. I agree that their needs to be an extension to Love Evolved as well. Not only have servers been almost unbearable with the amount of lag. (I hit 350 ping on my server with 300 MBp/s Wi-Fi speed any either game I do just fine, its not a super populated server either, only about 5 or 6 people on at a time) Transfers have been almost impossible during this event. As a player who mains on Genesis, almost every useful/utility tame, like Manas and Velonsaurs are either on Extinction or Aberration. I crashed trying to transfer my character four times, as well as losing the cryopods I brought with me,
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