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  1. The patch generally release around noon PST. So in a couple hours still but wouldn't be first time releases were delayed.
  2. The original un-nerf turkeys that could kill gigas, regen health faster than surfaced basilosaurus being frozen by snow owl, spawn in bases and aggro from out of render turkeys.
  3. Be able to decide which alliances you enable on the teleporter would be nice as well.
  4. Nerfs are based on balancing the game. Mana became too op and the fact that PVE players are complaining so much that they want them back is enough that you too also thought they were Op. If they code the dinos differently for PVP verse PVE than that is doubling the work for when a dino getting updated and it doubles the chances for something to get coded incorrectly. Also without dino nerfs PVE would get destroyed by Ark Turkey Trials. OG Wild Turkeys were no joke.
  5. I guess PVE players want to have manas that takes them to sky kill barrier everytime the game lags.
  6. Structures free place mode When building could there be a way on console to hold down on a bumper or button that puts structures into a free place mode instead of trying to snap to a structure close by.
  7. Especially since scorched earth is only DLC that does not have an Ascension fight. I believe after extinction that there were changes needed for scorched earth but not much on a timeline when those changes were going to take place. I remember on legacy when they removed the first wave of servers it was all but 5 servers left on legacy for Scorched earth. So clearing there is a problem with the map.
  8. I think they have this on PC but it's not on console.
  9. I thought this was where they were heading when the gave us the phase 2 breeding which was water tames but they have not mentioned any further on the breeding phases. I was hoping for phase 3 to be invertebrates which would include, Dung beetles, Acthinas, Araneo, Athropluera, pulmonoscorpius, Lymantria, Mantis, Karkinos and lamprey. Phase 4 would be mystical breeding, griffins, phoniex, Wyverns, rock drakes, and rock golems.
  10. Weberm35

    Titans Saddles

    With Extinction, the 3 new tamable titans are tamed with the saddle already equipped. I am suggesting that in order to tame the titan it should be done just like the original Titan and in order to tame it, you would have to equip the saddle. This would mean that you have to come up with the logic for server transfer with the saddle equipped but this would increase the difficulty of dropping multiple titans on a base just to suicide them and take out as many defenses as you can. Also, make the Titanosaur transferable to be the same as the other 3 titans.
  11. I went back over the Code of conduct and closest HOD Gaming came to a bannable offense was Hack Related Chat. Hack related chat There should be no discussions in game or on our official sites regarding hacks, including access to cheats, where you can acquire them, or how they are utilized. Is Youtube.com an official Studio Wildcard site now?
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