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  1. Still tons of raptors, but I'm seeing deinonychus' today. Single player on Xbox One if it helps at all.
  2. Achievements not unlocking I've collected the artifacts on The Island and The Center. Why isn't the "Artifact Archaeologist" achievement unlocking on X Box one? I know maximum survivor is locked behind Aberration now, but I was level 120 and Ascended before it came out. I'm just coming back to playing as Valagero (sp?) has come out. Anyone else having this issue on consoles?
  3. I would love to see a stack increase on consoles. Maybe bigger capacity on workbenches, fabricators, etc. Getting a great blueprint that just isn't craft-able due to the requirements makes it worthless. I play single and love the game.
  4. Do you know if my ascendant dinos will die after this limited time? I don't want a "lose your character" repeat. I still love this game, but have decided to play single player because there are less bugs and I can really enjoy the survival against nature feel.
  5. I doubt they had more than a bird today does. I'm not saying eliminate them (the feathers). Just reduce the ridiculous amount that this new dinosaur has been given.
  6. Deinonychus too birdlike Please please please add a skin to make the deinonychus less of an over-sized turkey (yes borrowed from Jurassic Park) and more dinosaur like. You guys are getting a little carried away with feathers. If you could have a craftable skin even. I bought ARK for the dinosaur aspect.
  7. I would love to see boosted rates for higher level dinos. Maybe an added 10 percent rate to find a max level dino for a week or two. Keep the festive colors for holidays. It's a fun way for single players to boost their breeding pools stagnant colors. Another Extinction type event. Where new notes appear, I'm sure dozens of survivors haven't made it. Increase player level cap for each beaten boss by 1 or 2 during the event.
  8. This may be an older suggestion. A disc (Xbox One for me), for each major DLC. My internet is slow, and I usually play single player anyways. I would LOVE to have one character be able to transfer from ark to ark. Telling the whole story with one character from Island to Extinction. $60 for each DLC (on console) is what a game that gives me this many hours of enjoyment that Ark has wouldn't bother me. Colors and mutations unique to each map would allow the ability to give more personality to bred dinosaurs from parents caught on different maps. It's a grind anyways to prepare for a boss. I hate having to start over each time. A disc would really shorten the download time and allow for a backup should my X box die. Don't fall into the pay to win or the pre-order trap Wildcard. Please don't. Customers who have lost much time due to the "bad apples" is why I play solo. Thank you!
  9. I'm having the same issue on Xbox SP. I went to the locations where you find them and they are found. The jars for Nerva are open, etc.
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