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  1. I have no idea why they can’t just add both. If they don’t, I’m afraid it may cause a war.
  2. I am now regretting not doing Nigersaurus for the memes. If they do this again in ark 2 it should be added.
  3. Just sayin’ here, I have a topic for adding the two present leaders… just sayin’.
  4. This is a topic that, as the name suggests, supports the addition of both dinopithecus and the sharkadon thingy. Yeah just add both.
  5. Yes, we have enough carnivores, but dynamic creatures are in short supply. The carchara is the first, although kind of a baryonix clone, and the monkey (actually a baboon) is a dynamic gun wielding monkey, like the mantis but… a gun monkey. Let’s get both ark devs #both
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