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  1. I’ve played ark mobile on off for a few years, but after fairly recently getting PC, I can see it needs something to Refresh gameplay. Thanks in advance.
  2. I meant, they voted for the one that, on the voting page, shows up first by default, if memory serves me right.
  3. No, he’s not. I fought on the frontlines to get this thing out for the first vote. And when I saw it again, I was pissed. The next time @StudioWildcard does a vote, semifinals shouldn’t show votes either.
  4. You could just do the first half and then make it spawn rarely at night…
  5. If you say “I’m going to out pizza the hut,” your character is deleted. This idea was made with balance in mind.
  6. I can’t say I don’t want incubators on mobile, as a huge dodo breeder.
  7. at least carchar isn't... what do you mean it's here again
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