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  1. Well... I was expecting everything but this. Out of all the suggestions, you had to take this? Keep your votings, monkeys and shoulderpets. I really have no words for this. they´d be a waste anyways.
  2. So Monkey Fans got their poop-throwing "Monke" and still complain about the fact, that Theropod Fans could have a chance to finally get something they like, so both sides are happy.... yeah.. sure...
  3. I highly doubt that. First of all, you will very likely have to hit something with poop directly, if you can even reach it inside their base. then you have to consider, that larger tribes always have backup generators and Cryofrdiges can be powered by normal generators. Even if you disable the Generator and the fridge, a Cryopod still lasts a few Weeks. it´s not stated yet, that it would affect the cryopods itself but if it does, i guess, its just not working for a short time. I also highly doubt, that it´s disabling Tek forever but only for a short period of time.
  4. Moderator literally told you to stop this Kindergarden. But Mr. salty here just can´t stop and wants to proove his Point by any means. nobody cares
  5. Just my idea but if you´d give it kind of a rivalry buff or bleed immunity, it´d be a nice addition to fend off wild gigas or be used in Boss fights. but there´s a lot of possibilities if one has the goal to find something to make it unique or useful. Even if it had the habit to attack even other carnivores that would be something unique.
  6. I doubt that it was just because one person. The version i´ve heard was, that modders and some Youtubers startet pushing the Baboon (like one promising, that he would make a standalone Carcha mod, if people voted for the Baboon... which well ... he already announced 2019....) the charity thing... well good idea, nice marketing but terrible timing... Why not start that after the voting was over? like either "Thanks for voting the monke, now hear me out for a sec.." or "too bad, the Baboon did not survive against Carcha... now let´s try to help real apes to survive" But announcing that
  7. sure, because Mr. Oracle here knows exactly what abilities it would have and that they are same as the Gigas
  8. I bet all the people voting for it, because they thougt it would be able to use guns feel stupid right now. well.. it´s not that people told you that a 1000 times... Now you get a upscaled Mesopithecus that gets bombed down by Meks and Manas before it can even get a chance to use it´s main ability and has even less use in pve... EZ
  9. or other people did the same. but we already know, that influencers and modder had their turn on that again.
  10. Thanks for the info. I´ll be deinstalling some mods now. that´s just poop for the Consoleros out there, that wanted Carcha... ignorant of the fact, that there are players that cant´have mods... And just for info. Shadlos announced in december 2019 that he was going to make his Carcha a standalone mod. looks like somebody feared, his mod could become obsolete....
  11. A spanish user stated earlier, that he observed, that as soon the both tied, the monkey instantly got 30 more votes. Well ... no conspiracy-theories here. but from my view it´s strange how one was in the lead, then fell behind and kept falling behind but all of a sudden got the lead and since then keeps winning votes... But if there were really (what I kinda doubt) some people that are so energetic to create fake accounts to vote all the time, I´m sure Wildcard is aware of that. let´s be honest... team Carcha is getting pissed about the fact, that despite it´s performance in the votin
  12. You need to realise, that Wildcard chooses it´s abilities... the mentioned unes are still only suggestions and propably won´t make the cut.
  13. Immagine MonkeMemme-Voters mobilizing everyone to get that stupid Baboon and being disappointed afterwards, because it´s useless and boring, because Wildcard used none of their suggestions. #noMonkepls
  14. the fact, that there will be a third creature added, which hasn´t really been named till now, leaves room for speculation.
  15. Oh c´mon... there are some awesome Creatures in the voting and people still vote for a Baboon on steroids, because somebody on youtube told them to... ...just a matter of time till the spanish fans take their turn on the bat again....
  16. let them vote but only use the votes as indicator instead of a guaranteed adaptation of the #1 But as I recall it was stated, that the design team has the last word on the decision anyways.
  17. obviously i´m the only one who thinks, that Valguero is overrated....
  18. Due to the fact, that the Extinct animals on the Ark are labeled as extinct, i Think that "We" are in fact Humans... clones. Genetically recreated Humans. ANd i Think, that "She who waits" is the last homo deus... that Homo deus is a form of aetherical human being, made of manifested data. That´s why She is kind of linked to all arks. Also i think it´s pretty obvious, that she is Helena...
  19. So you want Suggestions for speciality Servers? Well.. you know.. this sound like a perfect way to bring back vanilla Primitive servers...
  20. So.. will there be a tlc phase 3 or got we just robbed of a higly necessary Carno remake?...
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