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  1. Might as well make a couple new fresh cluster, everybody level one and poop a lot of people want to restart after getting crushed from all those rulebreakers or were just not able to compete I think one more cluster of each map but everybody level one seems to be deemed to be fair as I could see these servers maxed out, a lot of people have quit after being raided and have no chance of going back to the clusters atm, as these clusters which are currently set already have huge tribes that prey on these starters, so please wildcard make this happen!
  2. katheeri


    What about android phones some love?
  3. katheeri


    So I can't come back to Ragnarok for some time?
  4. katheeri


    Is there a time limit? and I can transfer from loot crates right?
  5. katheeri


    So I have just transferred from Rag ORP to Aberration ORP to learn few stuff, then I relog to Rag and I lost my level, is it all gone or? somebody please explain I'm new.