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  1. Extinction servers

    B U M P
  2. Extinction servers

    BUMP please, also 5x on maturation?
  3. Extinction servers

    So some people say it's 5x for taming and some say it is not, can someone clarify it?
  4. Metal floor dissapeared

  5. Metal floor dissapeared

    Yeah it was, thanks! what do I do to prevent this?
  6. Metal floor dissapeared

    No reply to this?
  7. So as the title says my metal floor dissapeared which I had ontop of it an Industrial Forge on official ORP servers and now it's all gone my hard-work getting that Industrial forge can I possibly get compensation for it? I heard people saying GM's help people who lose items to bugs? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046669537/screenshot/922542191021571553 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046669537/screenshot/922542191021581433
  8. Transfer

    So I can't come back to Ragnarok for some time?
  9. Transfer

    Is there a time limit? and I can transfer from loot crates right?
  10. Transfer

    So I have just transferred from Rag ORP to Aberration ORP to learn few stuff, then I relog to Rag and I lost my level, is it all gone or? somebody please explain I'm new.