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  1. Thanks for the gloves Yeah I would be up for attempting the desert titan if need be after work.
  2. Aberration Completed the reaper taming trap tonight. Finished up the holding pen, this just involved installing a few heavy turret beside the trap. I then loaded up the drake full of structures (took a few trips) and went down to the border between the purple and red zone and installed the trap there. There probably is better locations but I wanted a relatively safe place to teleport from. Shall see how this location goes for just now. Put down a pitfall trap and got the teleporter down, had part of the teleporter separated to allow safe use. Then of course I had to test the trap, decided to test the whole process actually. Went into the red zone and lured the first queen I could find, a lowly level 15 but'll do. Got it the short distance back to the trap and successfully into it. Cryoed the drake and hit teleport to the holding pen. Success ! Just like the simulations, the queen was inside the holding pen above the ceiling and I came out below the ceilings and didnt get stuck in any foundations. Next I trailed out the next stage. Used the heavy turrets to bring her health down as low as possible. It took a few attempts to get the impregnation right the first time, the door ways get in the way, you have to be inside the trap with her o . O . Again success, she impregnated me and the trap kept her from burrowing. Worked out that the maturation time is about 20 minutes so plenty of time to do a few things. Hatched up a few megalosaurus to kill off to gain experience for the king. 2 megas is enough to hit max experience. Let the king kill me when it hatched to load it up with food. I then reapated with another impregnation round before killing the queen, got a few glands too. As expected both kings came out with different stats, one had slightly higher melee and stamina yet both had the same health, a few other stats were different but not fussed about food and oxygen. Am just in the process to see roughly how they raise and what time they take, although I didnt keep a notice of time. So far all both have asked for were cuddles and a single walk. Annoyingly they seem to wander despite not on wander so I had to craft up a few dino leashes.
  3. Interesting how its been given a sub species classification, dont think I have seen that in a dossier before ? Its sounds just like a thylacoleo lol.
  4. How about a drake pumped purely into weight XD
  5. I beat you to the boss fight ? Aberration and Center Got a lot done today. Started of by laying down my reaper holding pen and also spent a bit of time grinding out enough mats for 2 tek gennys and 2 teleporters, thankfully d1nk had some stuff left over but my word I had the organic poly gacha working overtime for that and also did a few metal runs. Set up the just round the corner from our breeding base on the same level. Used the design I came up with in my testing phase. An 8x8 foundation with the teleporter and then a ceiling suspended ontop of that. Used a mix of large walls and double door frames for the walls of the pen. Got the teleporter down and put a geny close by. Ran a quick test with my rock drake by teleporting from our main pad. Drake ended up on the ceiling and in the trap as planned and I ended up on the foundations. Just got to pray to the Ark Gods that you dont get wedged between the teleporter and ceiling above. Finished off by building a small baby reaper hatching building, got 5 individual pens so that we can raise multiples at once. Then arranged to do a boss fight on the Center with our neighbour THC to replenish our element stores. We had precisely 7 element left in our stocks stock, must admit I too had been raiding the generators. I took the theri squad and THC brought a rex. We smashed the duo twice and got a whole load of element and more importantly some dermises of the bosses. Shared some element with THC but I still ended up coming out with 1800 element to put into our stocks, some of which went into the teleporters and gennys I crafted for the reaper trap. The order of the story is out of chronological order slightly, but saved splitting up the story about grinding the tek.
  6. Oh magical. Just need to sort out the element for the suits. Just had a thought. Would using the tek suit be viable to farming the surface drops ? Boost around, drop in and grab the loot before anythingbcan even get near you ? Basically mass crafted stone structures on the Island tonight, should be able to get some basic structures down in the next day or two and think about getting a couple of tek generators and teleporters crafted up. Just need to select the appropriate location for both ends of the teleporter.
  7. What? tek is immune to radiation? When did that happen? Tbh am still in the testing phase, checking the idea worked before commiting to the plan. Was planning on metal structures just in case but I think stone should be more than enough so could probably advance the plan.
  8. Just wish I could show you the video haha. Hhhhmm. Not sure reapers spawn close enough to the drake trench ? Also I think theres a limit on how far you can build down there. Basically you cant build in the trench ? My current thinking is building it in the purple/red transition zone and kiting the reapers the short distance. Forcing a high level to spawn is going to be a nightmare. Its just so dangerous in the red zone.
  9. The fact its a dromaeosaurid is pretty much a given. Dromaeosaurid ( Dromaeosauridae) is the family level. I take it you ment Dromaeosaurus ?
  10. Didnt go on the server today, did think about it for the evening but the update put pay to that idea. I did muck around on singleplayer for a bit earlier today to test out my plans for reaper taming, in otherwords checking if I can get a reaper queen to teleport safely up into the fallen nexus and out of the red zone. Started off by testing out what I could and could not do with a teleporter. Had visions of having the reaper and teleporter separated by a ceiling but nothing would teleport with that technique. I could however teleport a creature into a suspened ceiling with the teleporter below it. This way it keeps the teleporter (not that I think reapers can damage teleporters) safe and prevent the queen from burrowing. Once I was happy with the setup I went down to the edge of the red zone and layed down a pitfall trap over half a teleporter on the floor, with the other half being separate so that I could use it safely. Using a rock drake I kited a reaper up from the red zone and into the trap successfully. Cryoed the drake, jumpted on the teleporter and activated the teleporter. The jump was successful and the reaper was into the holding pen I had created way up in the Fallen Nexus. Used heavy turrets to bring down its health and tested impregnation. The reaper got me and the important bit was that it didnt burrow after so my plan should work. Am definitely going to employ a few safety features and double up on the security of the holding pen on our cluster server. I dont want a reaper queen of any level never mind a high level one getting loose near our or others base. I can just imagine d1nk waking up to find our base wiped by a loose reaper or even our friends next door.
  11. Congratulations on the 4 years. Looking forward to whats in store for the future !
  12. Apparantly I didnt have the right to pick it up either. Dammit Ark I am tribe leader ! Had to demolish it and build it again a bit annoying. Love the base btw. Functional as always Aberration Today consisted of getting the megalo and spino breeding up and running. Uncryoed all the aberant spinos to find out they were all male, must have lost females somewhere down the line, so I had to go on the hunt for a wild female to tame. Cleared the river to force a high level to spawn. Settled on a 125 female. Rushed back to base and got a temporary trap down in one of the valleys next to the base. Rushed back to the spino and noticed it acting all weird, almost like it was torpored, but spino AI and dino AI in general is a bit weird at times. At which point the shout went out on chat 'dont kill it' as I attacked it to aggro it. Our neighbour had also spotted the 125 and was trying to tame it but he was having problems, it didnt stay in his trap. He lost sight of it but I spotted where it went and downed it in two darts before it did something stupid, like run off the cliff into the blue zone. Tamed it up and the pact was to share the spoils of the tame. So I mated it with my good male spino and shared out the eggs. Everyone was happy. Hatched a female spino with the good male stats and we have a breeding pair of aberrant spinos again. Stock pilled a bunch of ab spino and ab megalos eggs and put a selection into both my and d1nks personal fridges for rasing. Hatched up 2 spinos and 5 megalos to raise and imprint. 1 off the spinos will be a general use spino and the other will be the lead dino for the megalo squad. Finished up with a bit of featherlight breeding too. Want to get the blue colour I have from a wild tame into my current line to go with my gold and red birds, so I have a selection of 3 different colours.
  13. Aberration As has already been mentioned, the server rotation on our cluster did not go to plan but at least now we have a full cluster to play with. Instead of going to Scorched as I was planning I just had to go to Aberration instead, definitely my favourite DLC. Sucks to have to reestablish though. I transfered in a bunch of stuff and got my main base down in my old build location in the fallen nexus. Fitted it out with the essentials plus hooked up a tek transmitter and teleporter. Met up with d1nk and merged tribes. Farmed up a teleporter and tek genny for his base too so we can link our bases. Still not decided what to use my build for. Maybe we could use d1nks base a breeding center and mine for storage. Once I get fully set up my plan is to build up another trench team consisting of a spino and squad of megalosaurus and get them into the trench for drake egg farming. But my ultimate goal for the msp at the moment is to tame reapers, never done that before and I have a few ideas on that. I want to set up some sort of reaper raising facility maybe nearby our bases in the fertile zone and have it linked to a trap in the red zone by teleporter. Aim for high level reapers and get multiple kings. Might take a bit of testing and trial and error but it should be fun.
  14. Cool Ill be on tonight. I scouted your base out earlier ?I have just about finished my main build. Got a tek genny down and need to stick the teleporter down, thinking of linking the two bases by teleporter. You got any idea what to do ? Like make one of them the breeding center or something ?
  15. Just double check in case As d1nk says it might not be the case.
  16. Ah sorry i was meaning stick all the stuff in a vault so that I would know what to transfer. Hhmmm not sure about that one.
  17. Yep. Just load up your inventory and transfer your character I cant stand sitting there uploading items one by one. Might be worth double checking on respective clusters to make sure it does work, various settings might not allow it.
  18. The Center Tbh honest I wasnt going to play tonight, was going to play more Halo and wait for the scorched server to rotate in but some of the other guys were thinking of boss fighting at somepoint so I decided to raise some theris to replace the ones we lost in the tek cave to bulk the team back up again. Hatched up and raised 6 new theris and fully imprinted all 6 of them. The imprinting timers on the server have been adjusted slightly and so its much easier to imprint longer raises and so I had 5 minutes to spare on my theris. Also finished my otter breeding project. Got a cyan and blue breeding pair with the best stats and also raised up 3 more for use. Spotted a 145 cyan and green doed left over from the event on a metal run so I tamed that up. Finished up by helping out one of our new neighbours. He had been trying to tame some anglers but kept getting killed by mosas and what not so I had my breeding pair of anglers drop a few eggs to help him out. Also @d1nk, I had a look at the new Rag breeding base in the desert and I think I am in love with it. Looks awesome.
  19. Basically instead of sitting there inserting the items you want to move server one by one, you just load up your inventory and transfer your character to another server. Saves alot of time. D1nk has different characters per server I just have the one so I can hop between servers.
  20. If your needing large amounts of items transfered, stick it all in a vault or something and I can transfer all via character transfer?
  21. Only popped on for a like 10 minutes tonight to do a bit more Island base evacuation. Also switched Ark on the X onto HDR output for the giggles, usually run in low detail for preformance. Just wow. The Center looks amazing in that mode. @d1nk you finished moving everything you want off the Island yet ? I know we have a few days left ? You seen the rex and theri saddle bps ? Dont want to leave them on the Island lol.
  22. As Salty has already said we attempted the tek cave at Alpha level (Go big or go home right ?) last night. It went not too badly all things considered. Myself, d1nk and Salty formed the core of the army with Salty bringing his rexes and me and d1nk bringing in our boss theri squad with a mated pair of rexes each, I went in on yuty. A few other people joined to reinforce the ridden ranks. I really should have worked out the fear roar sooner but probably wouldn't have made much difference. Our biggest problem was losing tames into the lava, one of my rexes pretty much went straight in there without seeing any combat. That turning circle... You really need to keep a tight leash on the tames as they either fall into the lava with the pathing or tames chase wild dinos into the lava. Thankfully I managed to keep a hold of 4 or 5 of my theris till the overseer. The Overseer went not too badly considering our loses in the tek cave. We made it to the second version of the dragon before we were all wiped. The theri line did themselves proud I have to say. For me my yuty eventually succumed to the first dragon I think at which point I hoped onto a surviving theri and continued on with that and three theris on follow. I went down when all the surviving theris died to the second dragon. For next time I would maybe bring more theris each with more veggies cakes and try to save the unridden dinos for the overseer, its to risky to let them loose in the tek cave, have ridden dinos try to do most of the munching in the cave. Tbh we probably dont even need extra theris just make sure more survive to make it to the overseer arena. What can I say it was a great laugh and loads of fun, a great way to send of the Island server with a bang as it switches to Scorched at the end of the month. Would do it again definitely, Alpha wasnt nearly as bad as I thought. Saying that me and d1nk losing 15 or so imprinted theris between us each with ascendant saddles worth 150k worth of hide and goodness knows hiw much metal intotal is a but of a bummer but hey, good fun. Also RIP Yutyrannitar (my yuty) my main mount for all of our boss fights until now.
  23. Well aren't you just a bundle of joy. Why even bother commenting lol.
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