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  1. Haha I can see how that happened now. I can asure you I dont take drugs. Dont even drink. Just lots of chocolate, coffee and of course Ark.
  2. Started off tonight by scaling back the amount of thatch canopy my build have. Looks much better now. Added some details to the supports of the cannopy and added decorative railings. Finnaly moved the pteras to live in the tower which frees up room in the stables a bit. Then hoped on to the raft to go out and do a quick silica pearl run to make electronics. By run I mean doggy paddle in the northern shores as I haven't unlocked scuba yet. Was a case of move raft, spot pearls go for a swim to grab them get back to raft, then move the raft to the next silica pearl and go for a swim again while dodging any sharks. It was painful but worth it. Afterwards went on a quick crystal/metal run with the argy and anky halfway across the map. Got back and started crafting the electronics, cables, lights and the generator. Installed the electrics and finally I have electricity and lights in the main base. I can actually see in my base during the night of Ragnarok ! Started to install the electrics in the bird house which I had been dreading as I am running it all off one generator and getting the cable all the way up to the towers could have been a nightmare. Threaded the cables up the central collum without a hitch and with a little bit of tinkering got the wiring through the platforms without to much hassle either. Just need to get more silica pearls as I dont have enough electronics for the junction boxes so couldnt install the lights. Going to have the tower act like a bit of a lighthouse aswell, considering how close to the shore it is. But thats for another night.
  3. Server owner might complain if i did that lol
  4. Thanks i would love to build all the way to the skybox, but I think that would be a bit silly lol
  5. Combining last night with today. Its official. The bird tower build got out of control. Decided that it wasnt high enough so demod the two platforms and almost doubled the tower height before rebuilding the platforms. Then went beyond the orginal design and put a roof on the second platform and added some more decorative cover to the first. No idea how the tower stands up but I like the height It has now even if it looks silly. Its at this point it got a bit ridiculous. After that, completed the stables at the bottom of the tower. Which was fine. It was at this point I went over board a little bit. Decided to add some thatch canopys to the outside of the stables. Then decided that the canopy of the stables should connect to the house at which point I had to raise the entire roof of the building by one level. At this point I decided that the canopy should almost encircle the entirety of the house. Almost made it all the way to the main stables but managed to stop myself by just adding the canopy to the back of the house While I do like the canopy style I have gone with I think I may need to dial it back just a wee bit. Its almost going to become one massive building. Even contemplating rebuilding the bridge as part of the build. Someone please send help before I build a thatch canopy over the map !
  6. Happy Birthday Ark Looking forward to what the future brings ! Congrats to the team
  7. Managed to get on tonight for a bit, last couple of nights I flat out couldnt be bothered after work, just too tired even to play Ark lol. Made a start to the flyer platform. Its getting a bit crowded allready in the stables, so it would be good to move the argent and the pteras out of there. Got the foundations, central support and the two platforms down, although I cant keep but thinking maybe I should build the tower even higher, but I want it to be practical to climb up it alot and not to look too absurd. I now need to work on the 4 supporting outer pillars and fill out the platforms with railings and other decorations. Am basing the design on the bird platform I had at one point on official on top of my base, although this time its actually going to be structurally sound lol. At the bottom of the tower I am going to try and build some more stables to increase the stable capacity that I have. But all that is for another night.
  8. Just realised I quote the wrong post earlier. Whoooppss. Sorry my bad, long day....
  9. I play on an unofficial PvP server, not that PvP really happens on it. While you cant pick up dinos on official PvE you can set up pick up wild dinos on a unofficial PvE server though.
  10. Just a quick one today. Just a few tames today. Cooked up all the ingrediants for stego kibble and adapted the taming raft in order to trap an argent. Explored around the north eastern section of Ragnarok for a good level argent, would have settled for about 100 but held out long enough for a 130 male argent on the northern plateau. Kited it to the taming raft in the sea near by using the ptera as bait, trapped and downed it. Travelled back to base while it tamed up. Once the argent tamed up, decided to go looking for an anky. Again explored the northern spawn areas close by the base with my new argent but ended up in the snow biome where I found a female 135. Picked it up and carried it all the way back to the taming raft by the base and knocked it out. Unfortunately I dont have the kibble for it so I am having to berry tame it, but as it takes close to an hour I decided to log off and it should tame up itself. Dont want to be on all night and it should be safe in the raft just off shore so no need to baby sit it.
  11. Combining last night with tonight. Continued building the stables which took up most of last night. Got most of the build done but called it a night when I hit a snag. Thought I discovered that you could place ceiling on top of foundations the other day there ( never really thought about it or tried it before, maybe I knew you couldnt but never mind). Was going to place thatch ceilings on top of stone foundations as bedding for the stables but despite showing green, no luck. Tonight I all but completed the stables, maybe some minor work still needed but its structurally complete now and all my dinos have been moved in. Really pleased with the build, so much more pleasing than the stone boxes I used to build. Cant wait to get some electricity though to light the stables up aswell as my house but need to work on getting electronics. Took the taming raft out and tamed a male stego on the western islands dodging any problematic sarcos in the swamp area. Now got a stego pair for egg production for kibble to tame argents. Before logging off suddenly realised that I would need prime meat jerky for the kibble so took out the allo and killed a few brontos for prime meat.
  12. After a better part of a week not being able to play because of work I got a day off and managed to get a bit done today. First off ,was off to the highlands with the taming raft to tame my self an allo so I had a carnivore better than a ptera. After a bit of bother pealing one allo ( a nice 130 female) off from its pack I managed to get it into the taming raft, down it, and tamed it using mutton which is thankfully common in the highlands and part of the reason I travelled to the highlands for the tame. After that it was back to base to deposit the allo back home, craft more narcotics and off again with the raft to tame a stego for kibble in order to make a future argent tame a bit easier. Managed to find a low level female and trap it and tame it. Now just need a male. Made a start and finished the bridge which connects the two hills comprising my base location together. Started marking out an area to build stables for all the dinos I have, which at the moment are just scattered about the base. Then off with the taming raft again, this time to the other end of the map to the desert to trap and tame a thorny dragon to make wood harvesting easier. After a scare with a bright magenta wild micro raptor, which I swear had developed powered flight when it kept up with my ptera half way out to sea during my escape, I trapped and tamed a nice level 95 male thorny. Then the long journey home and thankfully no rogue sarco this time when passing the swamp. After a bit of harvesting with the thorny and laying the stone foundations for the stables I decided to call it a night.
  13. Took the new taming raft for a spin. Finally found an ok doedic at the other end of the map in the desert, got it into the trap, knocked it out and started the journey back to base while it tamed up . Only a level 45, was hoping for higher but all the good ones were in areas too dangerous for me to kite to the trap. About half way back disaster nearly struck next to the swamp biome. Sarco agroed onto my raft and began to munch my pteranodon. Eventually managed to get the ptera hovering just out of reach of the sarco above the water while I moved the raft to a safe distance. A few more hits and I would have lost the ptera. Sarco eventually got bored and swum off allowing me to whistle the ptera back to the raft, at which point the doed tamed up. Before logging off just happened to notice a 150 wild ptera flying into my perimeter wall so I knocked it out and tamed it.
  14. Started and finished building a taming raft. Going to make taming so much easier and safer now. While building the raft tamed up two wild dilos that were hanging around. Pretty much took most of the night to build the raft. Cant wait to tame some harvesters up, doed is first on the list now I have the raft then probably a thorny dragon or beaver. Added some more decorations to my base before logging off.
  15. After much blood sweat and tears (mostly tears due to the building system) I have finally finished my starter house and have furnished it out. Just realised I havent installed the plumbing, but I'll make do just now. Again progress is slow lol Means I can finally move out the raft. Been trying for more asthetically pleasing builds recently rather than boring old stone boxes I usually end up building, mixing up the building peices. Built using stone foundations, mixture of wood/stone walls and thatch roofs. Even got a 'barbeque' on the front porch.
  16. Recently started on a new server on Ragnarok so been mostly leveling up and exploring. Got an equus, a pteranodon, 2 dodos and a raft to my name. Its a simple life being a sailor lol Explored most of the coastal areas before settling down in a safeish area. So todays task was continuing with a perimeter wall enclosing off a few hilly areas to build up a base. Want to get the raised areas blocked off first to prevent wild dinos wandering up to where I will build my base. Will worry later about the lower areas at a later time when I can expand once I have the resouces and means to do so. Tonight I only managed to get a behomoth gate and some walls down blocking of the largest raised area before calling it a night. Still living out of the raft. Progress is slow atm cause of being so busy with work.
  17. I didn't even log on to Ark. Couldnt bring myself to log on after the announcement. Probably log on tommorow to see what the tribe mates plans are after the announcement.
  18. Didnt take them long to change their mind. Why didnt they just start with the now set in stone option ?
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