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  1. I saw on the server list that there were several servers showing as being on day 9 and instead of the usual 56 or so servers it finds, it found 70 servers, so can anyone confirm if they've just today added these servers?
  2. From what I heard, there's a 3 month waiting period before you can transfer dinos from Gen 2 to any other map, you'll just have to wait to show off your fancy new dinos that only exist on Gen 2 lol.
  3. I have a question about the carnivorous plants (carniflora) that are found in the rockwell area of the map, are they immune to all forms of damage except a flamethrower and fire arrows? I fired several regular arrows from my crossbow at the plant all over it but it never registered a hit on it, it was like I was firing blanks.
  4. I just tamed a lvl 150 wild Megatherium so can anyone tell me a good spot where I can get a good amount of chitin from insects, though it has to be on the eden side as I don't have a cryopod to transport it to the rockwell side.
  5. I second this, since the supply drops have such good loot in them people always rush to get them. One time I was going for a supply drop I didn't notice that someone was already at it and I pretty much took his resources that he put in it to craft cryopods. Since I don't know what's possible loot in a supply drop on Gen 2 I thought the resources were just part of the drop, including the cryopod that was in it lol. The guy who had crafted the cryopod asked for it back and I gave him his cryopod back, but many people wouldn't do the same as me. I propose that Wildcard let us craft cryopods at th
  6. You might want to check the server list, last time I checked it yesterday there were only about 42 servers, now there are 55, they might've added new servers and it shows those new servers are on day 1 too. All servers are no longer full, most of these day 1 new servers only have like 20 people on them each right now.
  7. You can try beaver dams, they almost always have rare flowers in them.
  8. Wait really Sarah? Did they really implement all these nasty changes to beginner servers?
  9. Well it wasn't impossible to join a full server before but it is now lol, wildcard finally fixed the player cap. Earlier today I could easily join a gen 2 official server that had over 100 people in it, no queue, but now it looks to be patched as the server lists don't show a single server with more than 70 people in it. On a side note that maintence patch also fixed a space issue, you can now use the left control key while in the space area for the speed boost.
  10. No download on steam for pc has came for me yet, and I can't even find any gen 2 servers on the server list either.
  11. Lol Nate, Genesis part 2 will launch at 8 AM U.S. Eastern time tomorrow, which is about 11 hours from now.
  12. Usually it doesn't show the decay timer for a person's own structures but it could be different on console. Normally it's 4 days for thatch, 8 days for wood, 12 days for stone, 16 days for metal, and 35 days for tek. In order for your structures to decay completely though you would have to stop logging in for 12 full days (assuming your structures are stone). As long as you keep logging in on time your stuff will never disappear and the timer will keep pretty much at 12 days everytime you see it. Those are official server settings anyway, for singleplayer I don't think time actually passes in-
  13. As far as I know even with max difficulty checked and the bar set to 1 it will still spawn only up to lvl 120 on the island map in singleplayer. In order for you to get up to lvl 150 dinos you need to go into the game's steam file and add in something like "OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5" in a certain spot. Here's a youtube video showing exactly how to do it: (1) ARK | How to Raise Wild Dino Max Level Cap (PC/Steam) 2021 - YouTube
  14. Eh the servers still aren't wiped and it's 3 days late according to their own schedule, also on a side note the release of Genesis Part 2 has been pushed back yet again, to June 2nd lol so I gotta wait even longer for that too.
  15. You can get ascended pump action shotguns from the deep sea loot crates on the island map as that's how I got mine. Just search around the oceans for them on a dolphin (preferably one with points put into speed).
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