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  1. hi fellow survivors, i would like some people in my tribe it's called ¨Snakes¨ its kinda cool i guess so idk maybe take 2 seconds to look at it.
  2. i hope ark two doesn't cost like $200 to play. i literally just got ark like a year ago, and i really don't want the servers to shut down and ark one to be forgotten. Then i´ll have to pay more money to get the 2nd version and it to be full of bugs and glitches.
  3. I like to lead an alpha raptor into water then hop on a raft and while someone else is driving you can shoot it, and as long as the raptor is in the water it will be slower and you can kill it.
  4. I'm not very good at ark and everyone keeps killing me for no reason and i can never find a good base location and i would like a few tips on making a good base... and maybe some revenge ideas
  5. This isn't an ad i just personally like that server
  7. Whats your favorite ark server? Mine is 50X ARK BOOSTED on ragnarok. comment what your favorite server is!
  8. Super cool server plz join. And my tribe is called ¨tribe of banshee¨ plz comment if u want to join my tribe, we got a hidden metal base tek armor heavy autos and a giga and some wyverns.
  9. Rocket Launchers cant fire at turrets. I personally hate this, and it has ruined raiding, all because of the cry babies on reddit. I don't understand why these people start the game online, start crying because they lost, then start harassing people to remove stuff. I believe a simple solution to this would be to try to complete to game or at least get good before going online with other people who have been playing way longer than they have. I would like WildCard to remove this, or at least make it so rockets can't destroy auto turrets in one shot. Anyone agree?
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