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  1. They release update.... Then we wait for Patch notes.... Don't you think that they release update and only then check what it does to write patch notes?
  2. If you need Hexs clear Mound Over Matter. You can do it alpha without any dino (just with tek suit). And about rewards... Yeah - they are too low. Even not hexagon rewards for any alpha mission are just trash.No use in clearing them several times. Waste of time... They couldn't even voice them over differently, add some storylines... Did nothing to make them interesting.
  3. - If HLNA wats to say HI - you won't be able to pick the glitch - Picked-up glitches don't appear in the journal. Only those that were picked up before GEN2 are present..... - 32.2/48.4 and 29.1/48.0 in water biom are those I couldn't pick up (or may be these are old and I just can't check whether I picked them up before or not.... because of p.2 )
  4. I found 1 thing for myself - I can't pick the glitch up if HLNA wants to say Hi... But still there are some glitches (like 32.2/48.4 and 29.1/48.0) which I can't pick up. May be I have already done this and they just reappeared (do they even do this?)? But how should I know this if they don't appear in the journal.....
  5. Yeah? I mean I can pick them up but not every time and not all of them. I start game, see glitch - I pick it up and think - Oh! they fixed it. This continues for 1-2 glitches and that's all. I can't pick them up anymore... I start nearby mission and mirracle happens - I can pick some glitches up, those that I couldn't a minute ago. But there are still those that show no sign of interaction possibility (and they weren't picked up before). And even if I pick a glitch up - there is no information in my journal. The only ones present there - those I picked up before Gen2.
  6. - Missions with playing ball and finding glowing spots are not trackable anymore in any biom (before last update it was only about finding things - great work with breaking more instead of fixing) - Most glitches are non-interactable. You can pick them up only during missions or can't pick up at all. It looks like it starts the moment you start any mission 1 time in biom. Because I could pick some of them up. But after clearing the first mission in moon-biom - I couldn't find any pickable glitch - Achatinas still don't produce anything in their inventory (since gen2 release) - M
  7. You can collect glitches? I can collect only some of them during mission time, some just like that and most I can't. And Even if I collect them they are not in the journal of collected glitches...
  8. We can't track hunting missions (collecting glowing spots) now too.... And what about mission progress that was reset? Will we get them back?
  9. This is not only on XBOX - it's everywhere. And again we don't have it fixed.....
  10. No answer? Should we wait and you will return the progress back? Or should we start from the very beginning waiting for next possible reset? Oh! And glitches ARE broken again! ANd Achatinas don't produce paste! And I can continue... But what's the point if we never get the answer... ANd when we ask to answer you just delete the posts....
  11. But they broke other things....
  12. Now you can't even pick the glitches up! Are they fixing or breaking the game further!?
  13. The same on Gen1 STILL. Are you going to fix this, WC?
  14. Me too. I hope they will return all the progress back? Or Are they going to through months of players work to trash bin and say: "We are sorry that this happened... But we can't fix it or compensate for your loss... This is our politics... Enjoy Genesis 2!"
  15. Ice Fishing mission on Geneses 1 isn't working for 2 months!!!!!! Fix it!
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