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  1. JJacky

    Ark 2 pve

    Id also be happy with attacks or events that take place once in a while. Just something that occasionally breaks the daily chores and reminds us that this is a survival game and not a dino breeding simulation. Human npcs would be awesome. Im hoping that the orc-like creatures from the trailer are npcs that occasionally try to break into your base or attack you while you are exploring.
  2. JJacky

    Ark 2 pve

    Pve becomes boring once you have an established base and are breeding boss dinos. Nothing ever attacks your base and the wilderness is no longer a challenge. What I would love to see are improvements to the pve part of the game to give the game more longevity. So here's a list of ideas that I had in mind to make pve much better: 1) Defence against wild dinos/cavemen/cannibals: there should be a constant external threat to your base. In order to fend off the carnivores trying to eat your tames or npc tribes stealing your stuff, you need some for of defence in the form of dinos, traps or defensive plants. The challenge should vary from time to time and mostly be relatively easy, but there should also be occasional attacks that need more attention. 2) Quests/adventures: there could be NPCs that give you quests to earn resources, items, blueprints. The quests should be interesting, engaging and varying. I would suggest different types/categories of quests that cycle on a daily basis (so that it's not like the genesis quests where you just rinse repeat the same one over and over. Let's say there's a quest category called "hunt down a dino" where you have to hunt down a certain type of dino. The type of dino changes each day and the only parameter you can change is difficulty. 3) Buyable skins: there should definitely be different skins for weapons, saddles, dinos that are attainable only by paying real money. I'd rather see some steady source of income in addition to DLCs so that Wildcard could actually afford to implement better customer service, server maintenance, bug fixes etc. Skins would be a good choice as they don't turn the game into a pay2win, but would still offer some income as people will buy stuff that make them look unique. 4) More decorative items: there are a ton of mods for Ark 1 that include these, but they never made it to the official game. If you wanted to build proper castles and keeps, you'd have to looks for an unofficial server that uses the castles and keeps mod or play single player game. I would love to see more variability for decorative items in the official game. 5) pvpve -mode: a pve server where you can't destroy enemy buildings, but you can attack enemy players and their dinos. That way, people could keep their precious stuff in their bases, but going outside would always be risky and dangerous (which it definitely isn't once you are established). 6) Unique and random environmental events: maybe a meteor hits the Ark once in a while, bringing with it some precious metal not available anywhere else, OR maybe a particularly strong titanic dino spawns on the map and carries some really rare loot, OR there is a freaky cold snap that causes the temperature to rapidly fall, killing everyone that is exposed (also works as a wild dino wipe). I know, this might kill the dino that you are currently taming, but this is "Ark" and not "Barbie World". 7) Hall of Fame: people love to polish their medals and stand on pedestals; this is apparent in many games. Every server or cluster could have a hall of fame or leader board that refreshes every month or so. It could show the number of wild dinos killed, strongest dino killed, most bosses killed or whatever that is easily measured. Thoughts?
  3. Unfortunately ORP gets abused so much on official pvp because Wildcard offers next to no support. There's a bunch of caves blocked off by behemoth gates. The timer is reset once in a while, but deeper inside the cave there's a secondary tribe that is actually very active and just uses the pin-locked gate to access their base. I've stormed a few of these bases by finding out the times at which they abusers play and then just rush in when they open the gate. 15 minute timer is also not enough. Lots of tribes log out whenever they are attacked and then you have 15 minutes to soak turrets, break in and steal their stuff, which is usually not going to happen if they've built enough defences.
  4. Doesn't this already exist in a way on official? You can store your precious stuff in drops for 24 hours. If the duration was increased, then maybe there's a partial solution? I don't quite like the idea of offmap bases. I like seeing buildings on the map (except for pillar spam, which unfortunately is too common)
  5. While I've read Maewing is rated pretty decent as a berry gatherer, its attack hitbox seems really off when collecting berries from bushes. Most of the time, it's just biting air. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. JJacky

    Ark 2 ideas

    Looks like most of your points are just trying to change a survival pvp game into an entirely different genre. I definitely want to keep the genre as it is; this is why I like Ark. What I do agree a lot on are the points related to added pve content. There should definitely be quests/npcs/tasks whatever and definitely some pve threat like raiding npcs or enraged dinos breaking through your base. Ark is currently in an interesting state. It was originally released as a pvp game, but perhaps due to popular demand, pve servers were opened. Right now I believe the balance between pvp and pve players is slightly in pve's favor (I've heard anywhere between 50-70%). However, I personally find pve to become boring really quickly. It's interesting and engaging until you have an impenetrable base. Then it turns into nothing but grinding and endless breeding for boring mass fight bosses.
  7. None or no one knows? Resourcemaps have always been outdated in terms of underwater resources (look at CI, it's full of underwater metal, but the map shows practically nothing)
  8. I'd like to start on Lost Island on official, but I can't find any underwater metal nodes like on Ragnarok and Crystal Isles. I love the sea and if there's nothing to farm, then I wont bother with the map. I know there are some near the surface deposits near the SW islands, but is that it?
  9. Ark 1 pve becomes trivial after: 1. you have metal walls, or your base location is difficult for dinos to enter 2. you have a high level dino tamed, imprinted and saddled After this point, pve becomes really boring and repetitive. You're mostly just sitting in your base, breeding for dinos for boss fights or grinding for materials in an environment that offers zero challenge because no wild dino can touch a proper high level imprinted dino. My suggestions to improve playability from a pve perspective: 1. better AI would solve a lot of problems when encountering wild dinos. My usual taming method in the early game is to sit on a high enough ledge and shoot tranq arrows into a dino below. The AI is just too stupid to go around or flee once it realizes that it can't get to me. 2. More dino groups and group behaviour. Many carnivores, like raptors, hunt in packs. Maybe increase the pack sizes and/or give a significant buff to the dinos that hunt in packs. 3. Bases should always be under some degree of threat. Maybe there could be some random events on each server where carnivores or cave men or cannibals whatever, become more aggressive, receive a buff, and start hunting for players and tames. The enemy would actually try to break in to your base to get to your food supplies and tames. You would actually have to think about base defences (turrets/defensive dinos) and not just surround everything with metal walls. There shouldn't be any material that is completely indestructible by wild dinos. 4. More utility for dinos. Right now, all you need is a bunch of rexes, a yuti and a few gigas and you're all set. Everything else is fluff. What would really improve the gaming experience for pve players is that you actually need to vary what dinos you use. 5. Don't allow tames to become too powerful vs. wild dinos. Change the way taming levels are gained. A kibble tamed dino would get 100% of its original level, so a level 150 kibble tamed dino would become a level 150 tamed dino. If you use weaker food to tame, the dino would actually lose levels. Also mutations should be looked at particularly in terms of health and melee. No more stupid 1000%+ melee dinos or super soaker stegos.
  10. On a sidenote, there are really good orp mods that could be implemented into ark2. One of my favorites is that you can only orp a spherical area of up to X foundations diameter per map instead of everything on the map.
  11. I am mostly a solo player with work/family/hobbies. If ORP doesnt offer total immunity for a significant amount of time, then there's no sense playing the game. Full protection and not "reduced damage" or big tribes will wipe you regardless of whether you are orped or not. Gotta look at the bigger picture.
  12. Orp that isnt an orp? As a solo player that would be a big turn-off. Cheaters will always find a way. If the first 5 days is standard orp then theyd have bots logging in and out every 5 days.
  13. I for one will openly welcome a more primitive Ark 2. Tek, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and c4 ruined pvp for me. If someone wants a fps game with guns and rocket launchers, there's plenty of games to pick from. Cant wait for ark2! Bring it on!
  14. Agree with much of what the OP said. What really picked my interest where the trailers for different maps. Awesome atmosphere and people pvp:ing using a large variety of dinos and weapons. When I started playing, I was rather disappointed by the monoculture that pvp has become. Gigas and manas mostly and way too much advanced tech. At the end of the day, none of the trailers were really honest about the real nature of game play. I have my hopes up that Ark 2 will be different.
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