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  1. The main issie for me (pve) is that the game lacks things to do once you've tamed your main dinos and are at the breeding stage. No quests, no interesting new content. There's simply nothing to do other than pray for your dino line to get a health/melee mutation.
  2. Are you trolling? They are constantly fixing bugs. Maybe not in the order or speed that you would want but they are honestly making their product better all the time.
  3. For me Center or SE don't bring anything new to the table. I'm waiting on Aberration, Valguero, Ragnarok and Fjordur.
  4. JJacky

    Dire bear TLC

    The dire bear is a very versatile dino, but unfortunately with the speed at which this game allows you to level up and progress, it falls out of fashion super quick. There are better boss dinos, better berry gatherers, berry fiber gatherers, better travel mounts. The only unique aspect of the bears is their ability to gather honey so why not capitalize this ability to make the bear even more unique? Also their AI is terrible and always uses their weaker attack. So here are my suggestions for a bear TLC: 1) AI should either use the strongest attack or cycle between the two attacks when unridden. 2) Allow bears to heal using veggie cakes or give them boosted healing when consuming honey. This would make them more viable for boss fights and tougher fights in general.
  5. I was happy without any cryopods thus far so this is an excellent addition. I can now cryo dinos that I dont need to free up tame limit and lower server lag as they were clearly intended for. Why are you all whining about that? Everyone got too cozy with ASE? Guys this is a new game and Wild Card said they would make adjustments. If you want easy mode, play single player with all the available babysitting mods. God you guys sure are spoiled.
  6. You obviously see what you want to see in my response, because you are upset about the nerf. They were not complaints, but reasoning to the nerfs. Taming difficulty has not reflected the usefulness of the tame before and should not now. Troodons are still ass to tame, but quite useless (yes even in pvp). The bug is now balanced. No more zipping around the map while carrying large dinos. Wanna farm? Use an argy.
  7. I am super happy that the bug was hit hard with the nerf bat. It was so riddiculously OP it's not even funny. Now let's see where do I start... Flies faster than a ptera. Carries bigger dinos than a quezt. Surpasses the argy as a farming utility dino Has riddiculous amounts of tankiness. Has high stats across the board. Has multiple different attacks. Walks on water. Swims like a dolphin. That's a pretty extensive list and I probably forgot something. The only complain I have is that the nerf should have been done way earlier, but hey better late than never.
  8. JJacky

    Ark 2 ideas

    Looks like most of your points are just trying to change a survival pvp game into an entirely different genre. I definitely want to keep the genre as it is; this is why I like Ark. What I do agree a lot on are the points related to added pve content. There should definitely be quests/npcs/tasks whatever and definitely some pve threat like raiding npcs or enraged dinos breaking through your base. Ark is currently in an interesting state. It was originally released as a pvp game, but perhaps due to popular demand, pve servers were opened. Right now I believe the balance between pvp and pve players is slightly in pve's favor (I've heard anywhere between 50-70%). However, I personally find pve to become boring really quickly. It's interesting and engaging until you have an impenetrable base. Then it turns into nothing but grinding and endless breeding for boring mass fight bosses.
  9. I would personally stay away from official servers because they are often laggy, filled with toxic players and you het zero support from Wildcard if something goes wrong. May I suggest trying unofficial? I play on Astral Ark (not my own server), which has a healthy population and excellent moderation.
  10. The same thing happened to me yesterday. These seem to happen everytime there's a patch. Still waiting for help. Did you already submit a ticket? Chances are you get the same xp for a NEW character, but wont get your old one (or its items) back
  11. Increasing rates means nothing if breeding stays the same. I quit playing official because breeding just about anything is a ridiculous joke. Watching dinos mature for days and filling their feeding troughs because they starve so easily is the least fun part of this game.
  12. I had my hardest taming experience ever this morning: dunkleosteus. I did all the research beforehand. Watched youtube videos claiming how easy it is and tested on single player using admin commands. Practised building the taming pen. Ok good to go. I grabbed 400 tranq arrow, 5 crossbows 20 Lazarus Chowder (Im mid level so no scuba gear) and went to look for mutton. Found some in the Highlands and put the meat in the fridge. Easy. Time spent: 30min I jumped on my Ichty and started looking for dunkies. After an hour of searching, I had located 5 dunkies, all below level 60. Then finally found a 145 male. Time spent: 1h30min I proceeded to build a taming pen using pillarsand a gate at the bottom of the ocean. Then I tried to get its attention. Shooting arrows didn't work. Biting its ass didn't work. Rare flowers didn't work. It just kept on swimming. There were some low level females that did aggro and pretty easily. I decided to ditch the taming pen and tranq it out in the open. Bad idea! Eels kept messing things up. All the megalodons in the ocean seemed to want to take a bite of me. Every time I ran out of oxygen, I had a hard time finding the dunky again. I almost died of hunger and hypothermia because the deep ocean is freezing and I consumed tons of food all the time. Then finally it falls! 380 tranq arrows spent 4 crossbows used 17 Lazarus Chowder used Sweat and tears. Time spent: 2h30min Total time overall: 4h30min to tame a simple pixel fish in a computer game. Was it worth it? It remains to be seen. I froze the dunky and hid it because I dont want some trigger happy griefer to kill it on the first day. What will happen most likely? Someone raids my base while I am at work and all this effort went to waste. Oh the joys of official pvp ark. But at least I did it.
  13. It was my own stupidity. I wasn't carrying anything extra so obviously the thieving aholes grab the essentials.
  14. Was planning on taming a 150 bear which I spotted on Ragnarok red woods by the red obelisk. Prepared a bunch of tranq darts, and gathered lots of honey. I flew over to the bear and landed. Then BAM an Ichthyornis swoops down and steals the stack of darts. Im about the switch bullets on my rifle to shoot down the thieving gull and BAM, a pegomastix snatches my rifle. I chase down the pego and BAM I get stunned by a microraptor. BAM the ichty returns and steals my honey. By the time I manage to kill the micro, all the stolen stuff are gone. I return to base empty-handed and pissed. Then I log off.
  15. Or maybe just fix prim+ so we sont have to wait 30min to load the game?
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