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  1. Hello, I was referred to your page by a friend. I am new to ARK and would like to find a PVE world to play in. I was wondering if I could play in yours.



  2. Was a wondaful event! we raised so much money for the kids!
  3. Woo! Thank you Wildcard for posting the build contest on the Crunch!
  4. @invincibleqc Not ARKVideo.. Its all good dont mind remaking a shorter video for next one! ARKitect! Please note: Video submissions are preferred to be 5 minutes in length, if they exceed this, please provide a relevant timestamp in the video. Note that any entries which are longer, may not be entirely watched and we, therefore, recommend you fit into our recommendation, or provide photos as an alternative!
  5. That Pirate Galleon is Amazing!! also did not see videos need to be under 5min... rip... I will need to resubmit for next week..
  6. Happy you liked it. Everyone else did great!
  7. GG Fizz

    Redwood Forest Treehouse

    There are no mod with this except the map is a mod. this is just to show what you may be able to build in the the redwood forest! this is a WIP.
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