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  1. @invincibleqc Not ARKVideo.. Its all good dont mind remaking a shorter video for next one! ARKitect! Please note: Video submissions are preferred to be 5 minutes in length, if they exceed this, please provide a relevant timestamp in the video. Note that any entries which are longer, may not be entirely watched and we, therefore, recommend you fit into our recommendation, or provide photos as an alternative!
  2. That Pirate Galleon is Amazing!! also did not see videos need to be under 5min... rip... I will need to resubmit for next week..
  3. #ARKitect! Asian Style Wall Build (NO Build Mods) :: ARK: Building w/ Fizz Time at 17:00 #ARKitect! Small Cliffside House Build!! (NO Build Mods) Time at 11:50
  4. Wow Love that Underwater base from badassunicorn!
  5. #ARKitect I was asked by WildCard to build this friendly PvP Base build for peopleto play on at Gamescon and Pax West 2017. Thank you very much to WildCard for letting me build this for you, and I hope you enjoyed playing on this map at your booth. #ARKVideo This Video was made for my new season of Modded Ark. A few of my patreons wanted to do a story video for the season, so this features some of my patreons acting out the story we came up with for our season.
  6. Community Crunch 100!

    Happy you liked it. Everyone else did great!
  7. #ARKitect! ARK Glider (No Build Mods) :: ARK Ragnarok Viking Town
  8. #ARKitect I have 2 Video this week, first one is a Bar & Grill i made for my server. The other one is an norther Log Cabin Auction House for my server as well.
  9. #ARKitect Dwarven Mining Outpost (No Mods)!!
  10. #ARKitect Volcanic Tek Base (No Mods)!!
  11. A fun little video i made for the Megatherium!! #ARKVideo I absolutely cannot wait for him to come out, Its one of my favorite creature being added to ark so i had to make a video about it!!!
  12. Swamp Base Build (No Mods) #ARKITECT & #ARKVideo
  13. Finally made it to the Community Crunch!!! so happy!!!
  14. Redwood Forest Treehouse

    There are no mod with this except the map is a mod. this is just to show what you may be able to build in the the redwood forest! this is a WIP.
  15. GG Fizz

    Here's are some of the builds that i have made during that last couple of months. Feel free to remake anything that i have made, I have videos on most of the things that i have built. #ARKitect ((NO MODS NEEDED)) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPYcGcLRAT3uecu-GNdlRMQ Video shows all the builds and let me tell you there is a lot of building!!!