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  1. Anyone has any experience with breeding low level dinos? I did with several breeding and stuck on that health stats for quite a lot. LOL Now I have an army of raptors So far I only get stats mutation from the first (wild) parent.. their children is rarely giving me any stat mutations... Any tips?
  2. I see. That makes sense now. Thanks! Hey anyone here know how to set up the elevator stop points? Currently I don't have an access to S+ stuffs and though I've tried using cat walk or something else it keeps on elevating no matter what unless I do manually stop the elevator.. Hmmm
  3. Hey thanks for the info! Yeah I'm actually still can't decide on either they're going to be egg laying staff or sits in cryofridge LOL. Recently I found my Juvenile Argentavis, near feeding through full of meat, die. Just because I was on another base (forge base on mountain). I just notice it when I fast travel to my main base and saw it on log. Anyone have this same issue?
  4. Any tips to deal with Eurypterid? I need black pearls a lott... Can my Angler do them?
  5. But I want a yellowish pancake mountains at my base
  6. At this point I have tamed several basics like doedicurus, anky, ptera, barry, shark, angler, therry, trike, turtle, lystro, ichtyornus, dolphin, and carno LOL... I need REXXX hahahahhaa and Giant Honey Bee. YESS! How the best way to get rid of her minions guys??
  7. Rex nowadays are truly the same annoying as Yutys LOL... Can't get to close to their roar.. Is this applies only to flyers or land mount as well? Rex Roar definitely dismount me pretty bad... And yes, about med brews.. some of the youtube streamers says it is a lot better to make custom recipes... anyone wants to share theirs?? HEHE
  8. That is pretty much what I did until now, thanks for sharing. Well in my case I'm using vanilla or default settings without changing any parameters at all (like xp etc multipliers settings) which makes it kind of a long run to leveling up my dinos, especially herbivores and squishy flyer LOL. Any tips for solo besides explorer notes (they're like limited stuffs), and alpha hunting (they munch too much)? Hahahahaha XD. Also, do you guys max your dino's level before breeding? or vice versa?
  9. Which one you do first? Breeding, or Grinding Level? I mean you need high-stats Dino to fight bosses right?? And its a long... way to get there
  10. So, I'm kinda have played this game a long time ago like in 2016. Now it has so many updates including DLCs. I wonder is there anyone who still play on the island without any tames from other maps? Please share how you guys do your first 100th days LOL. I'm just recently playing this again and I wonder if the gameplay changes a lot these days.
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