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  1. Do you plan in extending the easter event for the two weeks you have servers blocked on Epic? On Island 733 on Epic all epic users only got to play the first day of the event before the server was removed from the server list. We had to use our steam accounts to play on the island This is not the first time Wildcard removed our server from the list during events. We are wondering why you are targeting only our server? Do you have an issue with certain players on our server so you take it out on all of us or do you have and issue with epic yet you allow the other epic servers t
  2. new looking for a pve tribe on official servers US East coast preferred. I am looking for a tribe. Only played for a week got a lvl 64 on the official server. Playing through epic so cant play on moded servers on pc. Just a causal player a few times as week as I work 12 hours shifts at work so looking for some friends to have some fun with but a play for a good many hours when im off work. i am on the US east coast thanks
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