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  1. Genesis have red loot crates?
  2. I think so Not sure, but if u have collected all the island dinos dossier it will have a tick in the circle at the top right if u have tamed it alr. No need
  3. Only need to tame those thta can be found on the island
  4. To them it is allowed as it is not against the coc, the dinos u tamed and items u have belong to the tribe, even if u tamed them yourself. More like get reported and dinos deleted, maybe base wiped too.
  5. Third person view? I dont even see much of an issue though, i just change gamma as its easier to change and see than tek helmet.
  6. I meant u dont get the full imprint buff from 100% imprint if didnt finish the imprint, so if final imprint is at 50% the buff will be 15% bonus dmg and 15% dmg reduction.
  7. It does, u can cycle through 3 modes of the tek helmet, pulse mode, night vision mode ( which is the one u want), and a third mode that combines both.
  8. No, doesnt work like that, if the last imprint is missed u wont get it, same as other imprints from the start.
  9. With 19 rexes of those stats and a yuty u can do even alpha dragon on island easily. I beat it once before with 1/3 of that melee.
  10. Cant, each piece of fertilizer got its own nitrogen value.
  11. In that case u need to stay unmounted and they cant stun u, then whistle your mount neutral to fight them while u fight also on foot, or whistle passive and just run away on foot. Their stun only works when u are mounted.
  12. What do u mean by function? I got a tribe with 6 alt chars in it with others that i play with and help invite each alt to my tribe.
  13. It will still be 4x of the original rates back in 2015. After the major patch the new 1x will be the current 2x, which is 4x of old 1x as current 1x is double of old 1x.
  14. When the rates during early access were permanently doubled, they reduced number of stones u pick up per pebble from 2 to 1 as it doesn't make sense to get 2 each. Right now is still 2x harvest so u get 2 stone per pebble.
  15. The major update where the rates are permanently doubled isn't here yet, and dododex will update its own rate to 2x as well:
  16. Under the notes for wyvern egg on ark wiki: Wyvern Eggs spawned in with commands will disappear as soon as they are dropped, and thus cannot be hatched. This is due to the egg having little to no health on the command-spawned egg; if it is dropped in an area where it can incubate and the health does not deplete, it can hatch. A Wyvern hatched in this manner will always be level 1. I assume its the same for drake eggs.
  17. A forum moderator did the math for how long it takes to guess the pin while in a group in another thread, dunno where it is, maybe he can share the link here.
  18. This should be posted under ark mobile section.
  19. It is a poopty thing to do, but is still not against the coc, as the dino is still wild anyone can kill it.
  20. How long was your tribe offline? If the items were stolen by a group of players they could guess the pin with enough time.
  21. A basilo dont need to swim away. Even if it is stuck, its aoe allows it to hit enemies biting from its behind.
  22. Another way is to just use a argy with enough stamina to lure it to trap, and any small tamed dino that it can carry in its beak. This way u can stay high enough out of its bite range yet it will stay aggroed on u all the way to the trap, unless it gets distracted for a while by other prey in the area. Previously u can use wild dinos like kairukus or dodos to lure them but it has been fixed. Crossbows with tranq arrows are more cost effective, but that is usually for metal traps, since yours is built out of stone longneck might be better. If have access to a decent berry harvester, using
  23. Still call yourself a ark veteran of 5 years if u havent experienced the caverns of lost faith, which is the environment setting we are using to compare which one is stronger. Normal mantas in the wild poses no threat to either basilo or tuso even if u aggroed those surrounding a wild basilo, but the caverns of lost faith have more than just mantas, including salmons which can bleed, and alpha sharks to boost normal sharks tankiness while they surround the tuso head making escape impossible and killing u faster. Add in a few jellies that can slow the tuso attack speed down. Also the basilo spe
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