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  1. fight mechanics under water is problematic. someone tel me why ichtiosaurs and mantas blocking tamed dinos aka tuso or plesio.... on gene 2 game start spawn tons ichtiosaursand some mantas. this dino block your dino create blocking ring around your dino. next game spawn alpha variants sharks and you tell, by your dino. 2-3 alpha sharks and tons of normal sharks attack your dino up to 450 dmg/s per dino in to 140 armor sadle. and because f....ing ichtiosaursand and mantas block(stuck) your dino,dino is in some seconds dead. this mechanic is super buged and need repair. for this time only s
  2. after you go any non world mission aka survive the ark,code red,....... skybox start flickering. go releg for repair this problem
  3. dedicate box now ignore stack overdrive server setings dedicate box now dont show how much stacks is inside storage 0/1800 show full dedicate box. if is problem with old dedicate boxes add abbility how much ammount matherial i take from dedi box. or add replicator ability take matherial directly from dedicate boxes. this is not good update.
  4. alpha dificulty is another level. more hard than beta. dinos destroy your dura caped equip on 3 -5 bites. in alpha mode you need by untouchable. youtube videos is good but many videos is a from singleplayer. or 2months+ old. month + back in one patch dinos obtain speed boost. so before this patch you with 200 speed = winner. now you need 280speed. this is big diference.
  5. alfa version is realy hardcore. dinos have big dmg biger speed than normal dinos (withouth reason). i complete this mission with 300hp 300weight and 278 speed. 2 stack heal potions 2sets flak armor +1set exotek(no heads i use exotek head) 35 focal chilli soups, 30 stimulants. you need many water. and food. in this mission you have infinite stamina but water fall rapidly. in mission you need run run run and be untouchable. take bow run and shot. in first round. we need one ppl and give him every small dinos. this man need collect 1500 ponts for collect cluster grenades.other ppl kill wyv
  6. yep not work and enduro stew not work to tested on maequin and wild dinos.
  7. this is not problem only on officials. many missions have many bugs and with microlags and small time for complete, on some alpha missions this is a problem. i have before gene2 starting complete all missions on gene1. i am old man with work and i no have time siting 18hour per day and training every bugy mission. this is a game. for now i have complete 45 missions on g2. for example survive the ark alpha. here is a low time and first round is a hardcore.dinos have 7500hp. bow give 450 dmg and you must kill 50 dinos in 6 minutes. dinos have megaspeed and big dmg. 3 -4 hits crash your ca
  8. every oficial paid map have good bosses, some special engrams specific and obtaiable on that maps and + levels. scorched earth and extintion ? nothing. after kill alpha king titan you obtain only implant. i absolve this boss only for fun..
  9. basilisk is a great creature and i need him breedable..
  10. if you have lucky you obtain blueprint and you have ability take binocular to other map. Next. binocular is a unfinished item in ark. nightmode not work, zomm is buged, (backroll for zoom frontroll for unzoom. is a unusable on mounts and skiff. binocular is a good item but need more develop and repairs. why this item not in tegrams? i dont know.
  11. i agree with conair311. race missions aka slice and glide, circuit chase, downriver run need more time for comlete. this is not fun. star dolphine, this mission hate many ppl on server where i play. toons of enemies and one dolphine with low damage and hi speed. xd downriver run , kanoe is so many glitchi and many times obtain full damage from nothing.
  12. Tamed Basilosaurus takes damage from deep water close to the surface and on the surface around the aquatic center. in this datadisk, the Basilosaurus with this bug is unusable. wild basilosaurs normal swiming near withouth any deep water damage.
  13. after killing a boss you have to get off the dinosaur.
  14. problem boss master conroler Alpha beta gama i go in arena with 18 therezinos 2 feroxes 2 therezinos die. after i defeat boss and game teleport me out of arena i have only 13 therezinos feroxes missing 3 therezinos missing. game erase my dinos. everytime this problem is with feroxes. 3 kills bosses everytime i ride ferox. Zero feroxes teleported out of arena . This is critical bug and need be fixed! same problem is, aliance dinos not be teleported inside arena. i must claim aliance dinos and in arena unclaim.
  15. every combat mission on genesis on bog lunar volcano and snow biom, have same rules. if you die inside buble you lost all items. mission clear all inside buble on start, and on start every wave. where is problem? is a Survival
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