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  1. i write about balance this missions on every mission is a writed for 1-5 or 1-10 ppl. so your argument use giga or play with big tribe is is funny.
  2. and this is a genesis ark creator fail. gigantosaur and megalosaur no have spawn on this ark. so for servers withouth cross? army of good rexes? ha ha ha, this argument is bad. i have giga with 350 sadle this giga go normal 4500 dmg. on alpha misssion (alo reduction is amazing) giga do to allo 400 per bite. alo to giga 350... funny. in final you obtain percentual dot.i finish this mission in 4 ppl 4 gigas wth same stats one rex as dummy(rex die very fast). gigas have 20-30k hp down. many alpha missions is more and more hardcore than some ark bosses. and missions not designed for dinos on thi
  3. complete this mission on every dificulty 2 days back and no have problem with tracking. you must step on every dino footprint. if you miss one trail stop continue. dificulty this mission on alfa mod is hard. and miision is for 1- 10 ppl- i need see wo complete this mission on alfa mod in one ppl. on normal rate server. xd many missions is hardcore and here stop every fun. for alfa boss you need 161 missions complete and for small tribe = 2 ppl this is realy pain and no fun.
  4. hi repair please fu.... respawn magmasaurs in volcano cave . here is 3 lava lakes. i kill in one small alone lake all magmasaurs. in 2-4 seconds magmasaurs again here. in second = spawn and shot on target ingredible fast respawn. why. set respawn longer. if someone die in magmasaur lake is imposible take items from corpse. magmasaurs have 99% aim and his firebal folow me. i turn left bal turn left .DILO? next point is magmasaur charge for fire ball. wild magmasaur charge is 1 second. tamed magmasaur, near 5 second. this is so much unbalanced. so much fast respawn. navigated fire ball sma
  5. if you have wings on back, spider have problem pull you .this is a long time work bug if you have gliding wings.
  6. what is with this bug? stil no answer here? yesterday i have same problem and many ppl on server where i playing. mission progres randomly reset for some players. last week i have 70-80 mission complete and today only 2. no one need again and again going same missions. its not funny. only lost time. realy i no need more prime meats, snow owl pelets,bee honey, and wyvern milk from red lootboxes. So if any wildcard mod or someone competetive ppl read this post answer please how to fix this criticaly problem!! thank s
  7. why rexes? for final test is best dinos , speedy dinos. rexes is slow, big turn radius. for me best is ferox with good helm and one more in inventory, good shotguns,300+ ammo, group of therezinosaurs, whooly rhino and yutyranus for dmg buf. feroxes is fast good for avoid reaper and giga dots, good for smash down small helicopters, therizinosaurs= speedy herbivore, obtain healling from cakes and have very good dmg. gigas is kilable by shotgun easily. with this dinos i complete final test month after start genesis. for ppl stats hp near 500, stamina 200+ , speed 250, focal chili soup for
  8. This need repair i take golem out to 10 66 and golem no feeding. so playes must finding place where taming work? realy? i must knock him give him kibble and wait and if no feeding wait after torpor decrease to 0 move him on another place and trying again and again? realy? good job wildcard.
  9. non happy chrismas in ark. 50% argentavises lost his colors. Black and yelow argentavis now is white gray. and 25 another argentavises is afected this event. so devs dont testing events or what? this is event number 2 in this year where some animals pernamently lost his colors. thanks.
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