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  1. kolpo

    Human breeding?

    This could indeed disadvantage solo players, even if they have human NPC would players probably still have better min/maxed stats for breeding. Some tribes could use mutations to give every tribe member tribe colors: Like a Green+blue skin.
  2. kolpo

    Human breeding?

    Long ago did they plan to do something like that in Atlas: player can breed and play with offspring once it is adult. But haven't played Atlas since then(preferer Ark) not sure what happened with that idea.
  3. kolpo

    Human breeding?

    Does the inclusion of children in the trailer mean players can breed? Like could a high stamina player breed with a high Weight player and get children that are good in both? Protecting those children was a large part of the trailer.
  4. Can crystal wyverns enter manticore arena? This is on unofficial server were everything is transferable.
  5. On the creatures I tested it on is the info from awesome spyglass accurate(maybe does it pull data directly from game). We can us that until wiki is updated. I like the new kibble system, egg farms are now smaller. People are free to use whatever animal they prefere from each size class except special eggs. How about adding special eggs to the loot of female alpha creatures? Still a challenge and better gameplay than gigantic snake pits.
  6. When I fed a lvl 85 pteradon 2 simple kibble did it only gained 3.2% taming in single player(with default boosted single player settings). In the past would 2 dodo kibble be enough for at least 50% taming. Meat even gives more taming progress then kibble now, something is clearly bugged. EDIT: When I look with awesome spyglass mod at ptera does it shown that it needs REGULAR kibble, maybe is this a wiki rather than game error. Will try regular kibble later.
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