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  1. I know right, god forbid we get 80 constant ping on an official server..... WildCards favorite number is 255. We all know this.
  2. I just throw them away, not even worth the vault space to keep. Not worth holding on to sell or trade either. I tried unlocking a vault and giving em away, that doesn't work either. I think it would be a cool idea to grind them and get prime meat or something. lol too dark?
  3. No one is going to pay a subscription for this game especially when the official servers are so poorly managed and not region locked.
  4. 9am, they got into the office. Thank you for fixing 602. you wont see me anymore. Really. Thank you!
  5. Go to steam, and at the top dropdown choose: View, and then Servers. go to history and find the server you played on and click join game. You'll get in for a brief period of time until battle eye kicks you for a false positive. but at least you'll be able to see the damage (and 40 ping)
  6. Go tame a level 5 rex and breed the oxygen and wasted points into it lowering its level. problem solved. Dont forget to punch it for 0% efficiency, you want the lowest stats possible. If the baby is over 450, its gonna auto delete.
  7. We can clearly see its not working...
  8. For example, a problem with 602 shouldn't just go into some random thread a guy made in december. You should have a sub forum just for server instability. and in there have threads for each server. This would help the WC team target specific servers and their induvidual problems. Would that be too much work for you guys? I dunno.
  9. My issue was specifically for an official server being switched to unofficial and some rando mod decided to put in it server instability. No, not true. Its a specific server with a specific problem and was swept under the rug. Merging topics is a sloppy way to put all of your problems into one basket. I think you guys have it way wrong. You should be splitting them up for specific reasons so you can target one by one. What i see now is a brazen attempt at copping out to the community. please dont be offended. it's just my opinion and mine alone.
  10. Im speaking to WildCard - you just happen to volunteer for them. Keep the #PositiveVibes as cedric says. But how can I when all you guys do is merge threads to hide up the vast majority of problems in the game. The players feel ignored, and rightfully so.
  11. Seems legit, like you have all your ducks in a row. I wish in my job I couldn't be held accountable. Have you even tried to wall climb with a ferox yet? I suggest you go try it out and undermesh yourself a few times. (but you have to have a few ferox to do that so spend some more time taming them)
  12. Because its the players fault, 100%. what else? should we punish em even more... What would you do?
  13. Please Answer: If i play with battle eye off and join my official server, will I be banned? I just want to play. See how is says its listed as unofficial. So who here knows what to do? NA-PVE-Official-GenOne602 - (v310.19) Connect Rank #59 Player count 5/70 Address (Game Port) (Query Port) Status online Distance 2030 km Country Uptime 7 Days: 96%, 30 Day
  14. I already decided Genesis part 2 is not going to be good. Genesis Part 1 is..... infected I guess. I told people before and I'll tell people again. WildCard contracting with Nitrado was the beginning of the end for multiplayer. Not only is it WildCards main loss of income, but they got what they paid for. Cheap hosting from a cheap provider. They won't ever invest a single dime more than what they have to.
  15. You can connect directly through steam "View, servers" and then join game directly from the list. But you will only have 3 minutes until battle eye kicks you. So let me ask again. If I play with no battle eye and join 602, will I be held liable for cheating or a ban?
  16. it wasnt a ddos, our server ip got changed. and now we have false positives from battle eye saying 602 is an unofficial server. We just need one tech to get to work, not the whole team. (I just hope they dont use these deaths as an excuse, that's just horrible)
  17. I am very sorry to hear the loss of employee's relatives. On the other hand.... Personal information like this should be private, especially when we cant get any communication or information on the servers we play. Please make smart decisions and care about everyone involved. Some players I can assure you have lost family members as well and use this game to get away from the depressing reality they now have. We just need to work together and not start getting pissed off at each other.
  18. Steam - View - Servers. Find your server and connect. *If i disable battle eye to log on, will I be liable for cheating just to stay online? In game you cant find the servers, period.
  19. If I turn battle eye off and join the server as it is now, will I be liable for cheating and a possible ban? I just want to play!
  20. You have to keep things like this separate in its own sub category so the devs can go down like a list for each server. Cramming everything into that one thread is very sloppy, unorganized, and unprofessional. Start going month to month like this: Server instability for the month of "___________" xx/xx/2020 - xx/xx/2020 Keep it organized. Keep it professional. God, show us you want to get things done!
  21. They can forward this attention to their superiors. Sadly no one cares, its been so bunched up with general stuff the devs wont ever read this. Think of it as mods trying to cover up problems for the development team. Where is the communication? And this thread was started in December..... How weak. You guys should start a new thread and start sticking poop in categories month to month, not year to year. You'll never get anything done at this rate.
  22. Why are mods putting cramming posts in here like something is going to get done? We have official servers labeled as false, unofficial. Is this a hack or a mistake? Please get with the program..... if you can move all these posts into one thread, then surely you can turn the official servers back to "True, Official" Battle eye keeps kicking us every 2 minutes... PLEASE RAISE THIS ATTENTION TO YOUR BOSS!!!!!!!
  23. NA-PVE-Official-GenOne602 - Official Server False, Unofficial https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5753904 Please do not move this post into the server instability post. This is completly different. Can someone explain to me how an official server gets switched to unofficial (For over 8 hours) Did someone hack the server? I keep getting kicked every 2 minutes with a false positive from battle eye. Help? I sent both a problem ticket and an outage report 9 hours ago.
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